Going to Egypt and worried about getting the Egyptian Tummy Bug?  Forget about bringing medicine from home.  If you feel you are starting an upset tummy…a product called “Antinal” is available from all pharmacies in Egypt without prescription; and is the best cure for Egyptian Tummy Bug.  One or two Antinal tablets should set you right within a couple of hours if you take them as soon as you realise you have tummy bug.


I know I need Antinal when I get a combination of some or all of the following and the symptoms gradually worsen (but I don’t wait too long….usually about 3 hours is enough for me to tell)

  • I get a general feeling of not feeling well
  • bloated, squish feeling in my stomach/bowel area
  • feeling of nausea
  • stomach cramps,
  • hot or cold sweats
  • feel like I have a virus
  • no energy
  • want to sleep
  • diarrohea
  • vomiting


  1. TOUCHING ANYTHING ANYWHERE INDOORS (most structures such as hand rails that are in the sun are unlikely to have surface bacteria on them)
  2. Money
  3. Toilet flushers
  4. Door handles
  5. Hand-shakes! Everyone in Egypt wants to shake your hand!
  6. Wiping the sweat from your face with hands that have picked up something such as money then maybe licking your lips!
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We are all individual and different so here are some of the things that CAN give SOME people upset tummy as opposed to food poisoning:

  • Too much carbonated drinks such as coca-cola, pepsi, fanta drunk in the sun/heat.
  • Taking iced drinks in the sun and/or too soon after coming in from the sun/heat. Internal body temp. will be hotter than you are used to and suddenly drinking in iced cold water or other beverages puts it into shock, resulting in tummy upset. Wait at least 30 mins. Drinking tepid water (from the bottle you have carried all day in the heat!) will quench your thirst and rehydrate you which is very important!
  • Cold showers after coming in from the sun also shocks your system. It is cooling down the body exterior while the core temp remains hot. Wait at least 30 mins or take a warm shower.
  • Drinking too much alcohol in the heat/sun – cold beer doesn’t seem to have as bad an effect as drinking spirits in the sun.
  • Many tourists push themselves too hard in high temperatures they are not used to – travelling from one place to another and attempting to see and experience everything in a short time can result in the body crashing and demanding rest…sometimes the first symptom is an unwell feeling in the stomach…..listen to your “gut feeling”.
  • Eating food you are not used to eating.

The sad thing about the 100 British tourists falling ill after sickness bug sweeps through Egyptian resort leaving some on drips debacle is that none of these people read my blog 🙁 because if they had they need not have gone through this idiocy!  And what they don’t say in the story is that the most likely culprit was money – the fastest way to spread a bacteria bug!  Also I am really sick of reading (especially in British newspapers) about people getting seriously ill in four and five star hotels in Egypt!

It is common senses to take the appropriate medicine for a stomach complaint BEFORE it reaches your gut.  After all, if you had heartburn wouldn’t you reach immediately for an antacid tablet?  You should tell your hotel or cruise boat reception staff if you are feeling unwell.  They will have Antinal on hand if you don’t have your own.


The big mistake that most people make is thinking it will pass…..it probably won’t because it will become your main focus of attention along with the fear of not being able to get to a toilet in time if you leave the hotel etc!  All the hotels and cruise ships’ reception areas will be happy to supply you free of charge……..I repeat……the secret to a quick recovery is acting in time.  If you have ingested a bad bacteria you will have to take a specific type of antibiotic.  Drinking lots of water will not wash it out!   “Antinal” is specific for bacteria problems in Egypt etc.

WARNING:  Now that you have read my glowing review about Antinal for the tummy bug – please, please don’t be tempted to take it a preventative measure, it is an antibiotic and should only be taken in the event of you actually being ill.


Some healthy people believe they can just “wash” the bacteria out by drinking lots or water etc. and don’t like taking medicines.  I rarely take medicine but I always take Antinal when I recognise tummy bug symptoms.

The following is an excerpt from an email I received from a guest after they left Mara House.  He had not been feeling well for a couple of days before arrival but was not bad enough to require staying in bed etc.  He tried to battle through without medicine “By the way the stomach bug I got turned into full blown Colitis and acute Gastroenteritis.  Had to get a Doctor to come to the Hotel as I lost 5kgs in a day.  My blood presure dropped and I was on the verge of collapse.  They put me on a series of drips over the next 24 hrs and today I feel a lot better.  On a strict diet for the next 3 days (toast, rice, clear soup).  Should be right to travel to London tomorrow.”

Get the Antinal as soon as you arrive in Egypt (around 8 LE for a packet) and take anti-bacterial wipes or little bottles of anti-bacterial hand wash with you – THEN relax and enjoy the good food available – happy in the knowledge that you have the remedy in your bag should you BEGIN to experience tummy discomfort.

It would be a shame to miss out on sampling Egyptian food because you are afraid of something that MIGHT happen.

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