If I wanted to take growth hormones I would go to the doctor not the supermarket!  Exploding watermelons in China – poetic justice from Mother Earth towards greedy farmers as far as I am concerned.  They injected too much growth hormones into the melons – read the story here http://shanghaiist.com/2011/05/18/exploding_watermelons.php  And what the hell are they doing feeding the exploded melons to the fish?  When was the last time you heard of a fish eating a watermelon?  Did we not learn from mad cow disease?  We end up eating what we feed to our animals.People are freaking out all over the place (or so it seems from the TV!) about obesity but I am wondering how much of our overweight (incl.me) problems are due to hidden ingredients in our foods?  Wouldn’t  you have thought that you were eating something non-fattening and healthy in a watermelon?  You definitely would not think you were in for a feed of growth hormone!

Since I am on the subject…. here is an article on genetically modified foods (soya bean, corn, POTATOES?) we are eating without knowing it http://bit.ly/mrIYoG

Toxin from GM crops found in human and fetal blood in Canada http://bit.ly/lht8wl

I didn’t start out to rant about food this morning so if you want any more info on genetically modified food you can find lots on google news – not that many seem to be taking any notice of it.  There are scientists out there inventing more and more sh** to add to every kind of food we grow and only for one reason……MONEY.  They are putting it in what we eat without our knowledge just to invent something new to sell the farmers and food industry.  They try to tell us it is to feed the hungry world – what hungry world?  They want to help people?  Go to Africa etc. and buy them tools to farm the land, give them healthy un-modified seeds, drill wells for water for them.  Stop trying to tell us you are working for our good – Best thing I can wish for you is that you inject yourselves by accident with your own poisons!

My final words on the subject…….I just want healthy, good tasting natural food just like my grandmother had and I don’t want to spend hours in supermarkets reading labels to check my food!  I definitely don’t need to eat growth hormones!

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