Many countries around the world have stories of water wells in which believers can see the face of their true love.  Cairo also has such a well and it is at Beit Al-Kreitlia – the Gayer Anderson House.  This famous well is also home to the Sultan Al-Watawit, the immortal King of the Djinns.

Well of the King of the Djinns
Well of the King of the Djinns

In ancient times the well was used by girls and boys wishing to see their true love’s face – they had to be virgins of pure heart.  These are the ancient instruction to follow if you want to try it for yourself:

“If thou be maiden without stain, or lad ’til now unversed in love, that yet no knife has cut or fire has burned, nor dog has bit, then not in vain to this old well – head turn and look within. Down a little pebble throw at the night’s noon, that milk-white hour when the moon full grown, doth ride through the heaven like a houri fair in full loveliness.  And when the troubled circles cease, if in that mirror thou shalt see, the face of one look up to thee, as thou at it look’st down. Then know for sure thy true love’s face, this magic well reveals to thee.

But before you try it – take care it is not the face of the King of the Djinns you find looking up at you!
Other Legends of Beit Al-Kreitlia: