Are you an active participant or a passive observer in the grand arena of life?   Personally, I find myself oscillating between both roles, but as the promise of spring lingers in the air, I’ve realized that the winter has cast me into spectator mode for too long—it’s high time to rise and shine!  But before I share one of my plans for the coming year, let me share my morning’s musings on spectators and players.

Do you think there is any real difference between participants and observers in both a football match and the broader game of life?  I think there is a great deal of similarity between them.  For example, football players accrue substantial earnings through various channels, funds made possible solely by the presence and engagement of spectators and consumers associated with the sport.  Isn’t it the same in life?

Leaving football aside and looking at other areas of life, we could say that a “player” embodies the spirit of an entrepreneur—initiating ventures, crafting innovations, engaging in the art of selling, and, most surely, amassing wealth.  Conversely, a spectator plays the role of the consumer, purchasing the offerings of the player.

Or we can imagine a player as a prolific author, crafting books, articles, and blogs and sharing their perspectives across social media platforms.  Meanwhile, a spectator’s involvement is confined to reading, sharing, liking, following, and consuming the creative output of such players.

A player will also likely assume such roles as organizer, leader, and globetrotter, regularly exploring the world beyond their familiar boundaries.  On the other hand, a chronic spectator merely observes these players, daydreaming about embarking on similar journeys but never taking the plunge.  Their world is confined to the cozy space of their homes, where they watch the exploits of players unfold on TV or through their phones.

Players actively live and engage in meaningful pursuits, while spectators cling to the monotony of their daily routines—the predictable cycle of bed, work, and bed again.  Players are full of energy, while spectators feel exhausted from what they perceive as the daily grind of life, seeking solace in hibernation and distractions on the TVs, consuming products, and often not-so-interesting ordinary events spewed out on social media by the players.

Sadly, (for me), I woke up this morning to the realization that, much of the time (way too much!) since COVID upset our lives, I have lapsed into the habits of a spectator—probably accelerated by the fact that I am at an age where many begin sliding into “old age” anyway without thinking, and we know what comes after that!

And so – it’s time for me to throw off my own spectator habits and see about getting back into the game as a player.  To that end, starting today, I will be diverting more serious effort into getting back to leading groups through Egypt again myself.  Keep an eye on my group trips page for further details.  For whatever reason, Egypt has decided to allow us to show our guests most of the hitherto closed spaces at the monuments—at a price.  I doubt this will last, so I do advise taking advantage of the offers now while the situation lasts.  I have written a post explaining the difference between private tours and private visits hereI am including private visits in some of my group trips.

The cost of opening those locked doors is quite prohibitive for many people, but going as part of a group greatly reduces the cost.  My group tours won’t involve my opening portals to other dimensions for you or “initiating” you into the secrets of the Egyptian mystery schools.  Quite honestly, I have neither the knowledge nor the power to do that.  However, I can promise an enriching journey through Egypt, where I’ll share the wealth of knowledge accumulated from over two decades of living here.  Your experience will be personalized beyond your wildest expectations.

So, whether you identify as a chronic spectator, a player, or, like me, a “sleeping player” temporarily influenced by world events, I extend an invitation for you to become a player and join me on one of my personal adventures through Egypt in 2024.  Seize the moment now and secure your spot on one of my tours by emailing me at    Let’s make this year one of active participation and unforgettable experiences!