Giza, Great Pyramid, Sphinx:  Tour Highlight

Where to start?  What an eventful and fun day, but you would probably have to have been here to appreciate the fun, laughter, synchronicity and miraculous day we had (well, at least I did and I think the group appreciated the entertainment my predicaments and the day provided also).  I am so lucky with the lovely people that get inspired to come and join my trips through Egypt. 

Our day started at 7.15am with hotel check out and boarding our coach to the Giza Plateau (after a lovely breakfast at the Steigenberger of course).  We always seem to be lucky in our arrival times at Giza – very few tourists on the plateau before us early birds and (as in the old days) tour companies let it up to individuals whether or not to buy their tickets to the Gt. Pyramid so many are not aware what they are missing.  I don’t.  I include the entry ticket in the tour.  After all, why go to Giza or even Egypt, if you don’t go inside the fabled Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid and see what all the fuss is about?  (Unless, of course, you physically can’t make the climb)

So, Gt. Pyramid visited, Solar Boat inspected, camels ridden and homage paid to the enigmatic Sphinx – it was time for lunch.  We had intended to do lunch at Pizza Hut at Tahrir Sq., because most people eat pizza and the service is quick there.  Also it’s near the antiquities museum and we have to do our best with time.  BUT, on my way to the public toilet, I discovered that food was once again being served in tents in front of the Sphinx.  This is a much more interesting place to eat than Tahrir Square and so that was lunch taken care of.


Forgetting my PASSPORT: Personal Story

Back in the coach, having a joke and listening to our guide…that is until Ahmed mentioned “passports” – oops!  Where was Mara’s passport?   Totally forgotten back in the hotel safe with my money, keys and bank card readers!  Hmmm maybe I was a bit too relaxed this morning.  Ahmed called the hotel, told them we would be there shortly and we all had a little laugh at my organising everyone except myself.

At the hotel all was well, they had my precious belongings.  Ahmed headed back to the museum and I sat down to answer some emails, intending to follow him shortly.  Laptop out of the bag, turned on, ready to start…where was my iphone?  Quick seach turned into frantick search.  Lost?  Yes!  Gone.  Disappeared into thin air.

An hour later there was still no sign of it,  Having emptied the contents of my suitcase on the floor of the hotel reception twice, paced around retracing my footsteps, no it hadn’t fallen down the toilet either!  Nor was it showing up on the “find my phone” app – well it was, but last registered yesterday morning.  I have no idea how that happened because the photos I took at Giza had backed up onto icloud.

Fine – there was a problem, next best thing to do was focus on the solution.  The only positive thing to do was mentally let the phone go.  I sat down and spent the rest of the afternoon changing emails and facebook passwords along with those for every other app on the phone as well as suspending the SIM in the phone.

The others finished their tour of the museum and arrived back to the hotel, freshened up and our bags were loaded onto the coach for the trip to the airport.  It seemed once I left the hotel my phone was well and truly gone.  But, I still believed in miracles, didn’t I?  And I never mind looking a bit ditsy if, in the end I get my miracle.

One of the guys joked that I needed a ‘handler’ to keep track of my stuff and I in turn joked with Ahmed that he was supposed to be my “handler” but wasn’t doing such a good job of it.  Next minute Ahmed says “Shhhh there’s a phone ringing, some of us, including me started pulling back the floor carpet – maybe my phone was under there – nope.

Now we’re all straining to hear the phone!  It seems to be coming from Baldwin’s bag next to me!  Both him and me grab the bag but before we open it – Ahmed says “and here is the phone YOU left in MY jacket that you borrowed from me this morning at Giza!  So your “handler” is still looking after you, one way or another!”  Now was that a miracle or what?!  I had totally forgotten I borrowed his jacket earlier in the day!

BTW, Balwin’s phone actually was ringing in his bag – the alarm was going off and that sound was what prompted Ahmed to start searching for the phone and brought our attention to the sound too.

Looking forward to tomorrow – a lie in, late breakfast and off to Karnak & Luxor Temples.

Diary of a Group Tour with Mara House Luxor.


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  1. Mara definitely said it perfect, this day was definitely MIRACULOUS!! One of the main highlights of Egypt for us was the pyramids and sphinx, and we got to see this on our first day!! I loved the flexibility to change plans as lunch in front of the sphinx was so nicer than pizza hut. Loved the camel ride with pics in front of the pyramids. Also enjoyed the museum and highly recommend the photo ticket for inside the museum.

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