This is the response I have been giving to emails coming in today from people wondering if they should go to Egypt or cancel their holiday.

I don't believe there is any danger in Luxor, Aswan or even Cairo.  Security is particularly tight in the tourist zones - and you should take the advice of your guides and hotel providers and stay inside those zones.  There is nothing to see outside them anyway of any interest.

The security people are efficient, friendly, nice and not all as intimidating as their counterparts in our airports and cities in the Western World.  All Egyptian men serve some time in some branch of the security forces at one time or another unless they have exemptions for various reasons.  So, for Egyptians the security forces are part of their family and highly respected.
Personally I feel safer in Egypt than anywhere else.
The Egyptians for the most part are a lovely, friendly and caring nation of people and everybody wants to keep both themselves and the visitors safe.
Like everywhere else you will have some mad people - what can one do?  Hibernating in our houses is not a way to live, neither is living in fear an option as far as I am concerned.
Finally - did anyone reconsider their holiday to London in the aftermath of the attack on the Houses of Parliament?  Or Paris? Or anywhere else there has been a terrorist attack?
Go to Egypt and when you go back home tell everyone you meet to get over their media-driven fear about Africa and Egypt.
Have a wonderful time in Egypt and stay happy - focus on life and the good stuff.  When enough of us do that the nasty stuff diminishes and will eventually be no more.  That is my personal experience.

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