11 Nights – 3 Locations: Cairo, Luxor, Aswan incl. 4 Nights Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan

24 March – 4 April 2024 (arrival in Cairo 24 March and departure from Cairo 4 April 2024)

26 May – 6 June 2024 (arrival in Cairo 26 May and departure from Cairo 6 June 2024)

Picture this: an unforgettable journey encompassing Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and a luxurious Nile Cruise.  The intricacies involved are enough to make your head spin – a logistical puzzle that could easily become a nightmare.  Can you fathom piecing together every minute detail yourself?

Why not entrust us with the reins instead? I assure you of an extraordinary adventure where you won’t need to concern yourself with organizing a single thing.  We’ve got it all covered for you.

Your only task? Relax and savor the experience.  We’ll be by your side every step of the way, attending to your comfort, handling your luggage, and gently reminding you of the next delightful stop on your journey.  Some comments shared on Facebook by group guests here

The Historic Sites You Will Visit:

CAIRO – Capital of Egypt

  • Giza Plateau
  • Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Solar Boat (if open)
  • Panorama of Giza
  • Valley Temple at the Sphinx
  • The Sphinx Enclosure
  • Saqqara 7 step Pyramid complex
  • Antiquities Museum at Tahrir Square
  • In Medieval Cairo you will visit the following:
    • Bab Al Futuh (Gate of Conquests) & the Northern Walls
    • Muezz St.
    • Mosque of Al-Hakim
    • Sabile-Kuttab of Sulayman Agha al-Silahdar
    • Hanging Mosque of Sulayman Agha al-Silahdar
    • Street of Coppersmiths & Antiques Area
    • Bayt al-Sihaymi
    • Hammam of Sultan Inal
    • Mausoleum & Madrasa of Sultan Qalawun
    • Mausoleum of As-Salih Nagm Al-din Ayyub
    • Street of the Gold & Silversmiths
  • Gayer Anderson House
  • Ibn Tulun Mosque
  • Khan El Khalili – biggest bazaar in the world
  • Abdeen Palace
  • The Islamic Museum
  • Citadel of Saladin
  • Muhammad Ali Mosque at the Citadel – read the story of his first love Emina Hanim
  • Islamic Cairo (mosques of Sultans Hassan and Rifai)
  • Coptic Cairo:
    • Babylon Fortress
    • Hanging Church
    • Underground crypt where Jesus and his family lived when they escaped into Egypt
    • Monastery & Church of St. George
    • Church of St. Sergius
    • Ben Ezra Synagogue
  • Temple of Horus at Edfu,
  • Temple at Kom Ombo
  • Temple of Isis at Philae
  • Elephantine Island
  • Optional extra – Abu Simbel Temples
  • Optional extra – Nubian Village upriver from Aswan.

As you examine the jam-packed itinerary brimming with captivating sites to explore, you might wonder if it’s a tad too overwhelming, even bordering on busyness.  However, let me assure you, I’ve poured my heart and soul into crafting an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and eagerly anticipating each new day.

Our journey will unfold with a remarkable fluidity, seamlessly transitioning from one awe-inspiring site to the next.  The changes in accommodations and flights will be so discreetly managed that you’ll hardly notice them, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the wonder of each moment.

But don’t just take my word for it—take a moment to explore the reviews from our past group participants at the bottom of this page, and browse through the heartfelt entries in our Guest Book from our cherished regular guests. Their experiences will provide you with firsthand accounts of the joy they found in journeying with us

IMPORTANT NOTE: To secure your spot on our exceptional journey, we highly recommend booking early.  Limited availability, increasing costs, and a scarcity of quality boats make early reservations absolutely imperative

Start preparing for our group tours by reading my stories in the category “Stories of Monuments in Egypt” and “Royal Egypt – Muhammad Ali Dynasty”

For full detailed itinerary, availability and pricing please email Mara here

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  1. Couldn’t recommend Mara’s tours highly enough. From ancient temples to the streets of modern day Cairo, Mara’s team of expeirnced guides gave us an incredible expirence that fee could match. As a solo female traveler, I felt safe, included, and engaged throughout the entire trip-a quality which speaks both about Egypt as a country and the wonderful people I was allowed to meet along the way. Truly, I don’t believe there’s another, or better, way to experience Egypt!

    10/10 stars. Travelled with Mara’s May Group Tour 2018. Reviewed on TripAdvisor. Deleted by TripAdvisor 25.10.2018

  2. Mara and her guides provided a terrific, once in a life-time, experience of ancient Egypt and so much more insight into the country and it’s people past and present.

    Good hotels, transport (our trip included buses, horse & carriage, luxury Nike cruise, small Nile water taxis), security, and shopping. Exceeded my expectations.

    Travelled with Mara’s May Group Tour 2018. Reviewed on TripAdvisor. Deleted by TripAdvisor 25.10.2018

  3. Could not recommend Mara’s tour highly enough.
    Loved all aspects, especially the friendly and knowledgeable guides: Ahmed, Haider and Mo.
    We considered making our own itinerary, but when we saw Mara’s, it was a no-brainer to choose hers. There is no way we could have covered the ground we did on our own.
    Mara has an affinity with Egypt that is contagious, if you are thinking of going to Egypt, look no further! Thanks for a brilliant experience Mara

    Travelled with Mara’s May Group Tour 2018. Reviewed on TripAdvisor. Deleted by TripAdvisor 25.10.2018

  4. Mara is the Best You Can Do in Egypt!
    Mara House in Luxor (do a Google search to book direct on her website) is scrumptiously decorated in traditional style and features huge suites with kitchenettes. It really feels more like a comfortable home than a hotel. The delicious “Salahadeen Feast” there was the best and most authentic food I had in my entire time in Egypt – homemade by her chef!

    For anyone wanting to fulfill their dream of visiting Egypt, I highly recommend Mara’s Group Tours for a safe and hassle-free experience. The tour went above and beyond my expectations!

    During the 11-day group tour we visited several cities in Egypt (Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, etc) and it was smooth-running and thrilling from start to finish! The Itinerary covered all the highlights of Egypt and more, from the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings to lesser known wonders such as the Christian and Medieval Cairo communities. It was an unexpected bonus to be so completely awed and impressed by the amazing architecture and history from different eras!

    Mara made sure everyone’s preferences were heard and the Itinerary was graciously adjusted according to need and group consensus. I loved and really benefited from this perk!

    Mara’s attentive presence and the knowledge of her outstanding and personable manager Ahmed Hasanein let me be fully immersed in Egypt without juggling any tedious logistics. It really made a difference that we stuck with the same Egyptologists every day: Mohamed Haider (in Cairo) and Mohamed Ahmed (in Luxor), both were enthusiastic and eager to explain the history of places we were visiting, and answer all the questions we had.

    It totally makes a difference seeing everything in person vs just reading about Egypt from afar. Everything was taken care of and ran smoothly, and the Itinerary covered all the highlights of Egypt and more, from the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings to lesser known wonders such as the Christian and Medieval Cairo communities.

    NOW is the time to visit Egypt and booking through Mara is the best you can do!

    Travelled with Mara’s May Group Tour 2018. Reviewed on TripAdvisor. Deleted by TripAdvisor 25.10.2018

  5. We will never forget this tour of Egypt, and thank you, so much, Mara and Ahmed, for putting this all together and making it so easy for us to see and do it all. Despite being seasoned travellers, we felt beforehand that seeing Egypt via a small group tour with informed Egyptologists was really the best way to do it…. and now at the end, we are really glad we did it this way!

    The ancient sites were sublime and important to us both, aesthetically and spiritually and visually. That is really why we came. We loved the Pyramids, and for Wendy we had a special time re-enacting a much valued family photo of her grandfather in World War 2, riding camels in front of the Pyramids. At Luxor, both Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple were amazing to experience. A special dinner at Mara House was a real treat.

    We had a very long bus drive day from Luxor to enjoy visits to Dendera, and especially Abydos Temples, another favourite …. but the ride was a fantastic way to observe the daily life of rural Egypt….. ever revealing new surprises. We liked our visit to the Luxor West Bank Valley of the Kings tombs, though it happened on a very hot day that got up to 46 degrees C… even hot for us Australians! However for most of the tour we managed the dry heat with just a special soaked neck wrap… though Chip also sometimes used a soaked Hyper Cool vest.

    Life on the criuse boat was easy.. though we are not ‘cruise boat’ people, and we soon tired of the buffet food and poor coffee …. Loved the caleche ride to Edfu Temple, and were fascinated by the Kom Ombo Temple duality and the mummified crocodiles … though horrified at the huge congestion of diesel-belching cruise boats that all seemed to arrive there at the same time.

    At Aswan, Wendy found the Nubian Village a valuable and interesting remnant of a now destroyed culture, almost entirely flooded by the High Dam, but was sad to see it now just a tourist shopping trap. Though the retailers there, better than elsewhere, had got the message that not hassling visitors could get them better results. In fact, overall in Egypt, we did not find the sellers hassling of us too bad most of the time. At Aswan, Philae was our final temple, on its pretty little island. Then back to Cairo.

    Throughout, it was remarkable to experiece the excellent condition of these remaining Pharaonic temples and tombs. We had tried to get flights to Abu Simbal, but could not, and were not willing to do a six hour drive for a short visit. But on reflection, we were not disappointed with our substitute activities in Aswan.

    We were disgusted by Cairo’s filth and congestion on the roads, and the lack of pedestrian safety for those needing to cross the major streets. We understand there are ‘plans’ to re-create the ‘Parisian’ central Cairo of old. We hope that this work happens…. but first just fix the footpaths and add in more traffic lights for pedestrians!

    We were initially daunted by the high level of security, which presumably was needed. We felt safe but protected throughout. And gradually we got up our confidence up to wander out alone…. and were amazed by the warm and friendly welcome of many Egyptians… including the children smiling and saying ‘Welcome to Egypt!’ to us. We saw relatively few other Westerners in Egypt … most tourists seemed to be from Asia and other Middle Eastern countries.

    Chip did not enjoy anywhere near as much the tours of sites around Cairo itself, including the (too) many mosques and churches. And the long stints stuck in Cairo traffic. But the visit to Cairo’s Garbage City/Mountain was fascinating… both very impressive and horrifying at the same time!

    The interpretations of the ancient sites were very good (especially Mohammed’s in Luxor and beyond). We learnt so much. The logistics management on occasions was not as good in our view, but perhaps that is attributable in part to Egypt itself! Certainly things could go off schedule. But we did see everything in our program.

    Altogether, an amazing experience with a great group of compatible and friendly people…. it will take some time to digest!

    Travelled with Mara’s May Group Tour 2018. Reviewed on TripAdvisor. Deleted by TripAdvisor 25.10.2018

  6. We just wanted to let everyone know about our amazing trip with Mara and Ahmed. We still can’t believe how much we saw of Egypt, and how wonderful the other people on our tour were. We travel a lot and have been to many phenomenal places, but Egypt really stands out for us. Mara and Ahmed have really come up with an incredible itinerary, a nice pace and first class accommodations everywhere we went. If there is something special that you want to do, or see, they will make it happen. The sites are unbelievable, and it was unimaginable that the next site was better than the previous one. The history is overwhelming, the treasures are staggering, the people are delightful and Mara and Ahmed are the perfect hosts for this marvelous adventure! Thank you both for our magnificent trip to Egypt!!

  7. We had a trip of our life to Egypt from 2/13/18 -2/25/18. Mara and Ahmed are our tour leaders. They are superb, sweet and kind and organized. My husband just had a quadruple bypass and everyone take such a good care of him . We had a awesome,memorable trip.Both of our Egyptologist guides are so knowledgeable. It make our trip more fun and educational. Thank you very ….. much for our international ground members. You guys are the “Best”. You are sweet , thoughtful , kind and helpful. We sincerely appreciate it.
    Hopefully in the future, we will have a reunion.
    Missed you!! Take care!

  8. We are a retired professor and a retired elementary school teacher, who were on the November, 2017 tour. This trip was everything we had hoped it would be, and then some. We are experienced travelers, but we chose to go on a guided tour in Egypt rather than on our own, and we are glad that we did. Our tour had 12 tourists, so we fit into a van, which was our typical mode of local transport. A tremendous amount of planning and local arrangements went into the “infrastructure” of this tour; I believe that Mara planned the overall structure of the trip, so that we saw absolutely as much of Egypt as possible in 10 days; but her right-hand-man Ahmed probably handled the details, of which there were MANY. Everything was flawlessly handled. Vans appeared out of nowhere when they were needed. Tickets were purchased. We were, for example, let into a theater a little early so we could all be seated together for a fabulous Sufi Dance exhibition in Cairo. Lunch appeared when required. Airport transfers went flawlessly; our luggage moved magically from airport to hotel, hotel to boat, etc. You could never in a million years plan your own Egypt trip so well. Don’t even think about trying.

    Mara is a native of Ireland, who fell in love with Egypt. In conducting this tour business, she wants to share her Egypt with others. She is not in this primarily for the money, as her prices should make absolutely clear. I don’t believe you would be able to see half of what she showed us, on your own, for the same price. Moreover, what we paid was just what she said we would pay. You can trust Mara.

    As for what she showed us, there was a tremendous variety, more than we would have known to arrange for ourselves. Our primary interest was the antiquities of the Pharaonic period (pyramids, tombs, temples). We were unaware of the Islamic, Graeco-Roman, and Coptic periods of Eqyptian history, and the resulting melting-pot nature of contemporary Egyptian society, but Mara and Ahmed made sure we saw everything.
    Nor was the focus always on history: we visited a kindergarten in the Nubian Village, and learned how garbage is collected in Cairo.

    I must also praise the talents and learning of the two Egyptologist guides that Mara and Ahmed hired to explain everything to us. (One in Cairo and another in Luxor and Aswan.) These two have many years of experience as tour guides and the erudition and knowledge you would expect from a professor. They answered every question (and without needing Google),
    and were absolutely helpful. We did see a lot of temples and as a result, at some point it came to life for me: I saw in my imagination what it was like thousands of years ago on one of their festival days, when the god of the temple would be taken out in his boat by the priests and carried across the Nile to visit the god of the temple over there, in the middle of a celebrating throng of the whole local population, with music, dancing, eating, and drinking. The oracle would speak from the back of the temple to answer the people’s questions.

    Finally I note that our group had one thing in common: each of us had been told by some friends and relatives, “You’re crazy to go to Egypt”,
    and had concluded “Let’s go anyway!” Well, we are glad that we did.
    If you’re worried about it, take up your concerns by email with Mara.

  9. We are a retired couple who like to travel. After reading the intinaries and reviews of a variety of Egyptian tours we decided on Mara’s November 2017, and are extreamly happy we did. We were on the same tour as Weldon, whose comments will be below. We whole heartedly agree with all his comments. The tour was fantastic!

    Along with the great selection of sites we visited – with excellent guides – we wish to emphasize how well organized the tour was. Transportation and rooms just happened with little or no wait for us. Lunch was organized so as to minimize wasted time. (Be it back to the boat, to a restaurant or great Egyptian fast food on the bus.) Breakfast and dinner was (usually) back at the accomodation. Cairo’s streets are packed and slow moving (although often interesting). A well thought out plan for the day was essential.

    One highlight for us was the bus drive from Luxor to Abydos, and back. For a while we travelled along an irrigation canal. There were lots of people to watch. as they started their day. People were heading to school and work. Some had already loaded there vehicle (small truck or donkey cart) with agriculture products (sugar cane, corn, etc). They were dressed in a variety of ways, from western type clothes to traditional Egyptian. Later we drove through desert where we could see modern irrigation projects and new cities. VERY interesting.

    Other highlights we had not anticipated: two exceptional Egyptian meals, and an amazing Sufi drum and dance performance.

    If you are considering a trip to Egypt, then we strongly recommend a tour with Mara!

  10. Our family’s November 2017 Group tour with Mara just ended, and here I sit at the classy piano bar at the Ramses Hilton in Cairo reflecting on one of the most extraordinary adventures our family has taken… the full Egypt tour with Mara House.

    I would highly recommend this trip to anyone that wants a meaningful and comprehensive experience of this diverse and amazing country!

    From an historical perspective, we delved into ancient, Pharonic Egypt in unexpected ways… visits to the ‘mainstream’ sites like Giza were complemented with visits to lessor known and often even more extraordinary sites like Abydos, Dendara, and sites of nobles tombs and workers tombs that provided a spectrum of insight into ancient Egyptian civilization from the mundane and essential to the mysterious and divine. On many occasions our small group had sites entirely to ourselves… that’s due entirely to Mara House planning using their knowledge of local environments from Cairo all the way to Aswan.

    This tour also included historical views of the Greek/Roman period in Egypt as well as ‘Coptic Egypt’ and the impact of 1400 years of Islamic evolution, all the while giving us an experiential grounding in contemporary Egyptian life today. It is impossible to imagine a better way to experience… in a single trip… the enormity of Egyptian history and culture than the experience Mara House provided.

    The guides and Egyptologists that accompanied us brought it all to life with astounding depth and clarity. Our tour guide general manager, Ahmed, managed the complex logistics of this nearly two-week trip with precision that left our group with little to do but be educated, be mystified, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    A word about Egypt: not once on this entire trip did we ever feel ‘not safe.’ The Egyptian people are brilliant… cheerful, friendly and positive… and uniformly welcoming and warm and eager to share a hello… it is really a joy to meet and interact in Egypt. The street hawkers can be a little annoying at times, but that goes with the territory in most heavily touristed sites around the world. Egypt has been through a lot in the last decade and is really receptive and accessible to tourists and cross-cultural exchange… if you’re thinking of coming to Egypt this is a great time… and if you want a fabulous tour, Mara House has it all.

    Thank you Mara, Ahmed and team for sharing your love of Egypt with us… it was a trip of a lifetime and sincerely: may we meet again!

  11. I took the Mara House Luxor group tour in November 2016. Over five months later, I am still in awe of the experience. If you are looking for a trip that is forgettable the next month, you don’t want to use Mara House. However, if you are looking for a trip that you will fondly remember long after the journey has ended, Mara’s House is such a destination.

    As a single female traveler, I was hesitant about safety. Prior to the trip, Mara quickly got back to me on every question that I emailed her. I wondered if she ever slept since I never had to wait long for her replies. Booking that trip was one of the best things I have ever done. Our small group was a joy to travel with on the daily adventures Mara planned out for us. On the first night meetup, she had us go around the group to not only introduce ourselves but ask what we wanted to accomplish for this trip. I was impressed that over the next 10 days, she worked to make each of our dreams a reality.

    There were opportunities some of us took such as a side trip to Abu Simbel and touring the recently opened tombs such as Sety I. For the extra money and the expectation that this would be a once in a lifetime trip, I did it all and have no regrets. The days were busy but not hectic.

    Mara is passionate about what she does and it shows in the exceptional staff that she has assembled to make your stay a pleasurable one. It was also educational not only learning about Egypt’s past but the present hopes and future dreams of its people. I cannot sing enough praises for the staff. They were remarkable! After all, that is what travel should include in being able to get a taste of the culture of the country that you visit.

    Speaking of taste, you will not get any better food than what is prepared at Mara House. The stairs to the various room levels may be a little challenging for some, but I found it not an issue. The room was clean and I had fun using the shower in the bathroom. After all, travel is about new experiences. It is located on a side street and if you are lucky you might get to see the camel right down the road.

    If you are thinking about visiting Egypt, don’t let this opportunity pass to experience the hospitality at Mara House Luxor. You won’t forget it (in a good way)!

  12. If Egypt is on your bucket list, as it was on ours, then hesitate no longer because Mara and her wonderful crew are here to make your visit to the Land of the Pharaohs all that you dreamed of and more. All the glowing accolades you’ve read about “Egypt with Mara” are true. We’ll give you a few highlights.

    – Pre-trip communication: Before our trip, Mara answered each and every question we had, no matter how niggly, via email promptly and in great detail. We were as prepared as we could be having taken Mara’s advice on what to bring and what to expect. (And for those who wonder “Is Egypt safe?”, the answer is yes. Never once did we feel otherwise. And just to make sure, there was an armed security guard on our van,as well as a military escort.)

    -Welcome to Egypt: Mara’s right-hand woman is Fatma,a lovely young Egyptian whose smile brightened our time in Cairo. She greeted us at the airport, escorted us to the hotel and made sure we felt like part of the family. Fatma is a gifted multi-media artist, intelligent and insightful, and it was delight to learn about the life of contemporary Egyptian Muslims through her.

    -Hit the ground running: From the moment we arrived, our days were packed from morning to night with visits to the major sites up and down the Nile. Mara’s guides were knowledgeable, friendly and patient. We had a succession of Mohammeds, but the one we spent the most time with was with us from Luxor to Aswan. He looked remarkably like Barack Obama and good-naturedly crammed as much information as would fit into our whirling heads. He rounded up the stragglers, kept things moving and made sure all questions were answered.

    -Go with the flow: While we did everything that Mara promised we would do, the sequence of events sometimes had to be rearranged because Egyptian schedules can be somewhat vague.
    She advised early on that we’d have a much better time if we simply went with the flow, and that occasionally things worked out even better than planned. That being said, if someone in the group had something special in mind to do, Mara was delighted to make every effort to see that it was done.

    -Shopping: Mara is strictly about making you happy.. We were there to see the wonders of ancient and modern Egypt, not to spend time in souvenir shops or alabaster and papyrus factories. However, Mara understood that most visitors like to bring something home with them, and there is an afternoon devoted to the market Khan Al-Khalili, where guests are not directed to any shop in particular for the commission, but pointed toward the section of the market where you’ll find what you want.

    -Conclusion: Of course, a written description can never convey the experience of actually being there, but you can expect a well-organized, thoughtful, fun, and memorable experience if you throw in your lot with Mara. Her delightful Irish wit kept things light and enjoyable. She also has a deep grasp of the esoteric side of the temples, tombs and monuments of ancient Egypt and understood when I unexpectedly had what she called “a moment” in the Temple at Abydos.
    We recommend without reservation “Egypt with Mara” for your visit to the land of the Pharaohs
    Fiona and Kevin Gordon

  13. LITERALLY AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!!! I honestly cant wait to go back and intend to see Mara and her wonderful staff again. She covered all the basis and made she everyone got to see everything they wished during our stay whether it was on the itinerary or not. her tour opens you up to other parts of Egypt you wouldnt get on a large tour group package. You really get to know the people and the culture and visit some less obvious places that are equally important. I cant say enough about her staff as well. Her guides are incredibly knowledgeable about anything and everything you could imagine making the experience that much greater. Also very attentive to your needs and comforts. Love love loved Maras house in Luxor. It was located locally, so you really experienced the “everyday life” aspect of the people. The interior was beautiful and the food, incredible every night. I wanted to explore the town and go to local spots so her staff offered to take me around, which was a real added treat that i truly appreciated. would recommended this trip for anyone. I also traveled solo as a female and had no concerns what so ever.

  14. OH MY! Where to start!!!!
    I joined the Mara House 11 day tour back in November 2016. It was THE.BEST. DECISION. EVER!!!
    To start off with, I had originally contacted Mara to do a solo tour for a few days (4-5) and then return home but after speaking to her and finding out more details and her honest opinion about a solo trip there, I weighed my options and decided it would be best to join in on her 11 day tour (and for the price-how could I turn it down). She was ALWAYS super fast on responding to my emails and very professional.
    As time got closer to the trip, she kept me in the loop about new sites that were open to tourism and offered the opportunity to be able to go see them, if I wanted to, along with estimate prices.
    Now, a few days before I took off, my flights had shifted (by a day!) and I would then be arriving the day that everyone else was having their first day of sight-seeing. I was so disappointed. However, keeping in touch with Mara she assured me that I would still be able to see what I had missed on the first day (Giza Plateau) and that we would talk about it when I landed.
    When I landed I had a driver waiting for me outside, he did not speak much English but he was very polite and professional. He drove me to the restaurant where the group was headed to eat and spoke to the “reception” desk, so they knew who I was waiting on.
    Once everyone arrived, I felt so welcomed!
    Everyday I was blown away by the knowledge that was passed to us by her tour guides, they were all so very knowledgeable and friendly. We got to see so many things! I didn’t even realize how much we saw until I got home and sorted through all of my tickets. We were on the go everyday but it didn’t feel like too much.
    The stay at Mara’s House Luxor was by far the best experience of Egypt! You can tell her and her employees have great relationships. The food at the Mara house was phenomenal!!!! Her cook takes great pride in his skill. The rooms were beautiful and comfortable. It felt like a home and not just another room to sleep in. Mara and her team made sure to accommodate everyone, even with the smallest requests. Everyone knows that in groups it’s hard to please everyone but I think Mara and her team did a superb job in fulfilling people’s requests.
    I was able to get to the Giza Plateau on the last day of my trip, and for me that really pulled the entire trip together.
    Mara really goes above and beyond what is expected from a tour experience. I felt completely safe the entire trip and I am looking forward to going back, hopefully with my son!

  15. Having just finished a tour, here are some thoughts on why you should choose to travel in Egypt with Mara on one of her small group tours.
    Firstly, her hand-picked local staff and guides are exceptional, both in their abilities and consideration of the needs of each group member.
    Things like airport departures & arrivals, luggage handling, transport, hotel check-in, etc. are all simplified.
    Airline boarding passes and entry tickets to the various Houses, Tombs, Museums, Pyramids, Monuments, Mosques, Churches, etc. all seem to appear as if by magic.
    Mara’s people also seem to make buses and small boats appear at will.
    Because it is a small group, you easily get to know each member of the group. The inevitable question “where is Jack/Jill” is usually answered quickly.
    Some of the areas in the places you visit are small in size and can only comfortably accommodate a small group plus a guide.
    You may get access to some normally closed areas (like our group did).
    You can help to shape the tour in terms of what to see or do and how long to spend at a site.
    You will get to see Mara House in Luxor – a wonderful oasis in the rustic streets of an ancient city.
    Mara herself has a great understanding of old and recent Egyptian history and culture – most importantly she is willing to share her thoughts and knowledge.
    You might wonder how you get to see so much in a relatively short time. Part of the answer is that you don’t spend any group time in places like perfume houses or fabric shops. That’s where the big tour companies will probably want to take you.
    You will get time to shop in a big market and also at places where there is no bargaining or pressure.
    If you would like to improve your bargaining skills then the Egyptians are ready to teach you a few things.
    You will get to see what Mara promises and probably more.
    Finally, please don’t even think of coming to Egypt, renting a car and driving yourself to see the sights. The traffic in Cairo is crazy – I imagine you would not last 5 minutes before becoming lost, mentally unhinged or both.

  16. My husband and I were with Marie in November, 2016. We had been to Egypt several times before but hesitated to go back alone as we had in the past. We decided to try to see how Egypt was now and I came across Marie’s site, Mara House. Marie organizes small groups so everyone has an opportunity to see what they came to Egypt for. She is the only person I have met that although there was an itinerary, she wanted to know personally was there something you wanted to see in particular. She made every effort to accommodate your wishes. At Mara House, the food was the best and her staff seemed to love all of us personally. That is the Egyptians for you. All of the sites were fantastic, but Mohamed and Marie knew additional facts that made it all the more interesting. We are planning to go back soon and plan to stay in Luxor more, as we have stayed all over Egypt but very little in this area. I cannot say enough about how hard Fatma and Marie works to make sure you do not feel unsafe. I never had one concern and we went off on our own several times after our tours. Thanks so much Fatma and Marie and Amir, we will be back. Mohamed, stay on top of the Egyptology, things are being discovered every day.

  17. WOW…Just WOW!

    First, I want to say that Mara is a very professional woman and is super expedient on her responses to any and all questions I had for her. I often wondered if she ever slept, that’s how quick she responded!

    I had decided to join her 11 day tour of Egypt, November 2016, and I am SO SO HAPPY I did! All of her employees are super friendly, professional, knowledgeable and were just all around great people to enjoy the experience with! I’m not sure I would have had such a great time if I had scheduled the trip by myself. I’m very blessed to have come across her Hotel site when I did!

    The Mara House Luxor was a beautiful stay. The rooms were spacious and cleaned daily. The food was DELICIOUS! It was the best food I had my entire trip in Egypt. The cook definitely took a lot of pride in his skill- just mouth watering good!  Her employees made sure to accommodate us on even the smallest requests.

    As she says on her page, the hotel is set up as a local home would be, so you can experience true Egypt; honestly, I felt like I was home there. I was really amazed and so thankful for the whole experience. I will be back again, hopefully next time with my son!

    Reviewed on TripAdvisor Dec 2016.  Traveled with friend with Mara House Group Tours package

  18. This was awesome

    We have been to Egypt many times but hesitated after the Revolution. We were extremely safe at all times and Mara and her staff only wanted we had the best experience possible. Each day, she asked to be sure she had accomplished our dreams. Fatma met us at the airport, all of our transfers were handled, everything was adjusted to make sure she gave you everything promise us plus anything that could be arranged. We will be back to Luxor and stay as home base with Mara and her most wonderful people.

    Reviewed on TripAdvisor Dec 2016.  Traveled as couple with Mara House Group Tours package

  19. Ok so am not really much of a writer but I wanted to review an incredible trip I just took with Mara House. I have never travelled overseas before and had always dreamed of going to Egypt and was fortunate enough to find Mara’s Egyptian adventure online which was a 10 day journey including Cairo and Luxor as well as a cruise to Aswan.

    From the beginning Mara was absolutely super speedy getting back to e with details about the trip. The itinerary was well packaged with many sightseeng advetures. On this trip I made some incredible new friends and got to explore many destinations that Mara organised. In addition, we also got to spend a few nights at Mara House in Luxor which was a splendid cozy and decorative bed and breakfast where we were treated to several authentic Egyptian Feasts.

    The 10 days I spent with Mara and our group were so wonderful and I really appreciate all of the great details she added to the trip which truly made it a great adventure. I am more of a photographer than a writer but in closing I want to say that if you’re considering coming to Egypt please give Mara House a shout, you won’t be disappointed.

  20. Best Egyptian Experience

    I was in Egypt for 12 days, visited in November 2016 as a solo female traveler! A place I’ve always wanted to visit and it surpassed all expectations especially with the help and guidance from Mara House and her staff. She helps plan tours all throughout Egypt, giving you far more than the “tourist experience”. All her staff were really dedicated to their work, making sure you got the most out of your stay and were SO knowledgable about their craft, anywhere from the egyptologist to the chef!

    I initially had my concerns about traveling there (as most do) especially being female and going by myself. But i think its more so how the media portrays Egypt. It is a very safe and welcoming country to travel to and anything that you are feeling unsure about, mara house staff was always there to lend a helping hand and offer guidance.

    The location of Mara House is very central in Luxor, the downtown is within walking distance but the hotel is on a quite side street so your away from all the noise (Egyptians seem to start another day after 10pm lol). The place is very clean, well decorated (that sort of thing matters to me *shrug*), and affordable. Really would recommend to anyone, great for all ages and kids. I will be back! 🙂

    Reviewed on TripAdvisor Dec 2016. Traveled solo with Mara House Group Tours