Mara’s Group Tours are packed with interest, excitement and awesome experiences from beginning to end. 

Where Will You Visit?

  • Cairo
    • Giza Plateau, Great Pyramid of Giza, Solar Boat, Sphinx, Panorama.
    • Antiquities Museum, Tutankhamun’s Treasure Room, Mummy Room
    • Gayer Anderson House – a truly magical house
    • Ibn Tulun Mosque
    • Abdeen Palace
    • Islamic Museum
    • Citadel of Saladin, Mosque of Mohamed Ali
    • Mosque of Sultan Hassan and Rifai Mosque
    • Sufi Dance Show
    • Coptic Cairo
    • Medieval Cairo – Bab Al Futuh (Gate of Conquests) & the Northern Walls, Muezz St., Mosque of Al-Hakim, Sabile-Kuttab of Sulayman Agha al-Silahdar, Street of Coppersmiths & Antiques Area, Hammam of Sultan Inal, Mausoleum & Madrasa of Sultan Qalawun, Mausoleum of As-Salih Nagm Al-din Ayyub, Street of the Gold & Silversmiths, Khan Al Khalili
  • Luxor
    • Temples of Karnak and Luxor
    • West Bank – Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Nobles Tombs, Workers Village and Tombs, Temple of Medinet Habu and Colossi of Memnon
    • Abydos and Dendera – best in all of Egypt
  • Aswan -Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan, 4 nights

    • Temple at Edfu
    • Temple at Kom Ombo
    • Temple of Isis, goddess of love, at Philae
    • Nubian Village
    • Options extra visit to temples at Abu Simbel.

How Will You Travel?

  • Plane
  • Mini-bus or Coach
  • Boat – Nile Cruise
  • Horse Drawn Carriage
  • Shuttle Train

What Periods of Egyptian History Will You Hear About?

  • Pharaonic
  • Abbasid
  • Fatimid
  • Ayyubid
  • Ottoman
  • Mamluk
  • 20th Century Royal Egypt

What will we talk to you about?

We will tell you about people and places of historic and modern day interest.  Places, buildings and objects mean nothing to me without the stories behind their builders, owners or users.  We continually strive to research and incorporate more and more human stories about the people who lived in our historic places into our tours.

What will we NOT do?

Our tours are not “boot camps” where you are bored to death with dates and uninteresting historic facts for a couple hours and then spend the rest of the day in a factory shop.  We will NOT take you shopping during designated tour time.  But, don’t worry – you will have plenty time for shopping outside tour times if you want.

If Egypt is your dream trip or on your “bucket list” I advise early booking as the number of places on each trip is limited to 15.  Ask for full details

All the trips and packages I offer are based on my own personal experience – not because I believe I know what is best for everyone else, but because I do believe everyone deserves a quality and hassle free holiday.  So, while I don’t personally know you, I do presume you would like a trip where

  • you know the full cost of what you are buying
  • that has no hidden extras
  • gives you a real feel for the country and customs
  • helps you avoid the tourist traps.
  • is hassle free
  • eliminates the need for decision making on subjects you have little or no knowledge what your choices may entail.

How many in a group?

Some groups are maximum 8 persons and some are maximum 15 persons

2020 Group Tour Dates:

We are scheduling no group tours at the moment.  However, this itinerary and package is available to anyone who organises their own group of at least 8 persons.

For full itinerary, cost, options and to check availability on the above group tour dates please contact Mara

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  1. Kevin and Fiona Gordon 05/04/2017 at 6:29 pm

    If Egypt is on your bucket list, as it was on ours, then hesitate no longer because Mara and her wonderful crew are here to make your visit to the Land of the Pharaohs all that you dreamed of and more. All the glowing accolades you’ve read about “Egypt with Mara” are true. We’ll give you a few highlights.

    – Pre-trip communication: Before our trip, Mara answered each and every question we had, no matter how niggly, via email promptly and in great detail. We were as prepared as we could be having taken Mara’s advice on what to bring and what to expect. (And for those who wonder “Is Egypt safe?”, the answer is yes. Never once did we feel otherwise. And just to make sure, there was an armed security guard on our van,as well as a military escort.)

    -Welcome to Egypt: Mara’s right-hand woman is Fatma,a lovely young Egyptian whose smile brightened our time in Cairo. She greeted us at the airport, escorted us to the hotel and made sure we felt like part of the family. Fatma is a gifted multi-media artist, intelligent and insightful, and it was delight to learn about the life of contemporary Egyptian Muslims through her.

    -Hit the ground running: From the moment we arrived, our days were packed from morning to night with visits to the major sites up and down the Nile. Mara’s guides were knowledgeable, friendly and patient. We had a succession of Mohammeds, but the one we spent the most time with was with us from Luxor to Aswan. He looked remarkably like Barack Obama and good-naturedly crammed as much information as would fit into our whirling heads. He rounded up the stragglers, kept things moving and made sure all questions were answered.

    -Go with the flow: While we did everything that Mara promised we would do, the sequence of events sometimes had to be rearranged because Egyptian schedules can be somewhat vague.
    She advised early on that we’d have a much better time if we simply went with the flow, and that occasionally things worked out even better than planned. That being said, if someone in the group had something special in mind to do, Mara was delighted to make every effort to see that it was done.

    -Shopping: Mara is strictly about making you happy.. We were there to see the wonders of ancient and modern Egypt, not to spend time in souvenir shops or alabaster and papyrus factories. However, Mara understood that most visitors like to bring something home with them, and there is an afternoon devoted to the market Khan Al-Khalili, where guests are not directed to any shop in particular for the commission, but pointed toward the section of the market where you’ll find what you want.

    -Conclusion: Of course, a written description can never convey the experience of actually being there, but you can expect a well-organized, thoughtful, fun, and memorable experience if you throw in your lot with Mara. Her delightful Irish wit kept things light and enjoyable. She also has a deep grasp of the esoteric side of the temples, tombs and monuments of ancient Egypt and understood when I unexpectedly had what she called “a moment” in the Temple at Abydos.
    We recommend without reservation “Egypt with Mara” for your visit to the land of the Pharaohs
    Fiona and Kevin Gordon

  2. stephanie 03/04/2017 at 10:35 pm

    LITERALLY AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!!! I honestly cant wait to go back and intend to see Mara and her wonderful staff again. She covered all the basis and made she everyone got to see everything they wished during our stay whether it was on the itinerary or not. her tour opens you up to other parts of Egypt you wouldnt get on a large tour group package. You really get to know the people and the culture and visit some less obvious places that are equally important. I cant say enough about her staff as well. Her guides are incredibly knowledgeable about anything and everything you could imagine making the experience that much greater. Also very attentive to your needs and comforts. Love love loved Maras house in Luxor. It was located locally, so you really experienced the “everyday life” aspect of the people. The interior was beautiful and the food, incredible every night. I wanted to explore the town and go to local spots so her staff offered to take me around, which was a real added treat that i truly appreciated. would recommended this trip for anyone. I also traveled solo as a female and had no concerns what so ever.

  3. Nesa Gonzalez 03/04/2017 at 7:01 am

    OH MY! Where to start!!!!
    I joined the Mara House 11 day tour back in November 2016. It was THE.BEST. DECISION. EVER!!!
    To start off with, I had originally contacted Mara to do a solo tour for a few days (4-5) and then return home but after speaking to her and finding out more details and her honest opinion about a solo trip there, I weighed my options and decided it would be best to join in on her 11 day tour (and for the price-how could I turn it down). She was ALWAYS super fast on responding to my emails and very professional.
    As time got closer to the trip, she kept me in the loop about new sites that were open to tourism and offered the opportunity to be able to go see them, if I wanted to, along with estimate prices.
    Now, a few days before I took off, my flights had shifted (by a day!) and I would then be arriving the day that everyone else was having their first day of sight-seeing. I was so disappointed. However, keeping in touch with Mara she assured me that I would still be able to see what I had missed on the first day (Giza Plateau) and that we would talk about it when I landed.
    When I landed I had a driver waiting for me outside, he did not speak much English but he was very polite and professional. He drove me to the restaurant where the group was headed to eat and spoke to the “reception” desk, so they knew who I was waiting on.
    Once everyone arrived, I felt so welcomed!
    Everyday I was blown away by the knowledge that was passed to us by her tour guides, they were all so very knowledgeable and friendly. We got to see so many things! I didn’t even realize how much we saw until I got home and sorted through all of my tickets. We were on the go everyday but it didn’t feel like too much.
    The stay at Mara’s House Luxor was by far the best experience of Egypt! You can tell her and her employees have great relationships. The food at the Mara house was phenomenal!!!! Her cook takes great pride in his skill. The rooms were beautiful and comfortable. It felt like a home and not just another room to sleep in. Mara and her team made sure to accommodate everyone, even with the smallest requests. Everyone knows that in groups it’s hard to please everyone but I think Mara and her team did a superb job in fulfilling people’s requests.
    I was able to get to the Giza Plateau on the last day of my trip, and for me that really pulled the entire trip together.
    Mara really goes above and beyond what is expected from a tour experience. I felt completely safe the entire trip and I am looking forward to going back, hopefully with my son!


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