A Great Place to Stay

I have recently stayed at Mara House in Luxor Egypt and thoroughly enjoyed my time here!

I opted for a three night stay and the three day tour of Luxor.

The accommodations are incredible! The room really blew me away. It doesn’t feel like a hotel, it feels like someone’s home. The location is in a residential area but a short walk to downtown Luxor and the Nile. The staff are amazing. Amr, the property manager, literally went above and beyond to make sure the trip was perfect. I cannot speak more highly of someone who just wanted to actually make my stay nice! The room is immaculate, the showers are awesome, air conditioning is cols, internet is fast, and the breakfast was delicious.

Staying at Mara House was was highlight of my trip. Definitely recommend.

Justin_U_CGAM – Atlanta, Georgia, USA  – Reviewed on TripAdvisor 14 Oct 2021 – booked Luxor 3 Nights Package


Post-Covid Mara House Egypt visit

My wife, grown daughter, and I came to Egypt on Mara’s 9 day tour. As you know, the sights and food in Egypt are wonderful; this review will focus on post-Covid concerns you might have. We decided to come despite Covid because we are all vaccinated and Egypt has a low covid prevalence.

We almost missed our flight out of the US because they said our Covid test done on Saturday was too old for our flight on Monday. We had a rapid re-test on Monday am. I would suggest getting tests two days before your flight and then the day before your flight. Get the tests late in the day; for example if your flight leaves at 4pm, get swabbed at 4:30 pm. You want your tests to be as “fresh” as possible.

Mara made sure the Egyptian logistics were all very smooth. The guides (Mohammed Hedar and Mohammed Ahmed) were both very friendly, knowledgeable, and vaccinated. Most of the drivers were also vaccinated. I encouraged the hotel staff to get vaccinated also. We were touring from 9am to 3-5pm every day, after which we were tired and happy.

The Steigenberger hotel in Tahrir Square was modern and clean. It was near great restaurants including Felfala, Abou Tarek (khosary), and El Abd Pastry. The Old Cairo Museum was directly across the street. We walked 20 minutes to the Cairo tower.

We were the first group at Mara House since the pandemic began. As others have noted, the House is not in a scenic or walk-friendly area, but the rooms are huge, comfortable and cool. The chef, Amr, prepares very nice meals. On our free evening Amr arranged a car to take us to the Luxor museum and to watch the sunset from the waterfront.

The Nile cruise was on the Steigenberger Royale ship. It appeared to be the cleanest and newest boat in operation. It was limited to 50% occupancy. The staff did temperature checks, wore masks, etc. I don’t know whether they were vaccinated.

Our family was required to have a new Covid pcr test prior to departure due to regulations in Jordan, our next destination. The guide was very helpful in organizing this. It was pretty expensive but the nice printed documents were helpful in getting through the international flights.

Overall it was a great trip. We had Egypt basically to ourselves! What a great opportunity. I encourage you to email Mara and set up a trip soon before the crowds return.

Traveler484 – Raleigh, North Carolina, USA   – Travelled as Family.  Reviewed on TripAdvisor May 2021 – booked Egypt 9 Nighta Package

Being a solo traveler to a country such as Egypt can be a little daunting. Thankfully I found Mara House early in the planning stages of my trip. I found Mara’s blog posts invaluable – I read them all, some of them several times! I ended up booking the 9 night Egypt tour with an extra night in Cairo so I could add on a day trip to Alexandria.

I didn’t actually have much communication with Mara herself – in fact I only got my actual itinerary when I emailed Mara the day before I left on my trip to ask for it, and she wasn’t in Luxor when I arrived. However all her guides were fabulous! Ahmed was in constant contact making sure my trip was running smoothly. Nothing was too much trouble for him. A BIG thanks to Ahmed for letting me borrow his USB charger for my phone while I was in Cairo!!

Suzie and our driver in Cairo were both incredible. Thank you for taking us to eat at local places, I enjoyed the koshari immensely 🙂 Driving around Garbage city was a fun experience for me!

Mohamed took us to Alexandria for the day and was a terrific guide. So full of knowledge and very easy to get along with.

Once arriving at Mara House in Luxor, Amr took great care of us and fed us until I was fit to burst! The food was sensational – I only wish I could’ve eaten more. Mara House itself is just like staying in someones home. The suite I had was massive, with my own balcony, sitting room and extra large bedroom. I appreciated the suburban location so I could get a real feel for the way regular Egyptians live, however I did miss being able to easily take a stroll along the Nile – it’s a good 20-30 minute walk to the river so wasn’t very convenient to take an evening wander. I also missed small things such as having instant hot water and amenities such as shampoo etc available in the room.

Mohamed was our guide for our entire time in Luxor and on the cruise. You couldn’t ask for a better person to accompany you on the tour. Full of interesting facts and stories. I don’t think there was one question I had that he didn’t know the answer for. I felt very lucky to have him during my time there!

I had such an amazing time in Egypt I’m already planning my return, this time bringing a bunch of my family members with me! I will definitely be booking with Mara House again! Thank you for making my trip to Egypt so special.

Kirsty Nielsen NZ  – Reviewed on Google Maps 6 March 2020 – booked Egypt Holidays 9 nights


You Cannot See Egypt Without Mara!

Words cannot describe how awesome Mara is. I am a seasoned solo traveler and never hired a guided tour, it’s not my thing. Until I found Mara.

I carefully plan my trips and I have never had major issues, but when I started researching the Egypt leg of my Middle East and Africa trip, I realized I may need to cave in and go on some sort of tour. Some sort… I didn’t want to go on these inflexible tours that did not leave me any time to wander by myself.

I started asking around, a friend of mine recommended me a tour guide that she said was “fantastic”. I asked him for quotes, he was promising me a great hotel but doing further research I was told that the hotel was in an area not up to North American standards (this is not exactly what the Egyptian person I consulted said but let’s leave it at that). In addition every service you think you are entitled to, as spelled out in your country’s Constitution or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in my case, is extra and this includes the use of toilet paper.

I then decided to ditch the guided tour and do it by myself, that is when I came across Mara’s web page. Her blogs helped me realize that I really needed help if I didn’t want to end up getting into a brawl over money in a foreign country. Her level of detail is second to none, for instance, when I got to the Cairo hotel, a suitcase lock and a box of antibiotics for gut bacteria were waiting for me. Her guides are deeply knowledgeable, respectful people and you are treated like a human being, not like cattle going in and out of a bus. Mara was extremely flexible with the schedule of tours, activities, time off to myself, arrival and departure times, etc… so many things to mention! Her house in Luxor is so beautiful and Amr’s cooking so incredible that I regret not having eaten enough, it was ridiculously hot in July after all. One day I will go back just for the cooking.

I could probably go on and on about Mara but at this point I am probably losing you, so I am getting to the deal maker for me. Mara’s service includes EVERYTHING, except for tips, and this should not come as a surprise if you read her blog about tips, which regretfully I did not, and it is on me. She goes above and beyond by paying extra to her tour guides so they do not make you waste an afternoon shopping at a bazaar in exchange for commissions, something that every tour guide does and would have bothered me. You can go to the bazaar by yourself if you want to, Mara’s tours leave a fair bit of time for you to do as you please if that is your preference. Don’t get me wrong, it is not the cheapest way to go but definitely the most money-wise one.

Sorry folks, getting to the end now. If you truly want to live the Egyptian experience within North American standards, Mara is your person. Her house is located in a Luxor neighbourhood, not in the five star hotels strip, and that is what I loved about it. The house has all the comforts: very spacious suites, comfortable beds, A/C, extremely clean and beautifully decorated. The cooking is sublime, I still dream about the food I could not eat because it was 46 degrees in the shade.

One last observation: if you suffer the hot weather avoid Egypt in July – August at all costs, unless you want to have the temples and tour guides all to yourself. Sometimes tolerating a bit of heat has its rewards.

Best of luck on your trip to Egypt and I hope you have as much of a blast as I did! If you don’t, there is an “I told you so” with your name on it. 🙂

Traveled solo July2019. Val S.  Reviewed on TripAdvisor June 2020.



Wow what a lovely place Mara house is. Very easy to communicate with Mara who offered loads of advice to get the best from our stay. We had already booked all tours for our trip around Egypt so we didn’t use her travel services but I’m sure they would be great if the organisation and professionalism of her staff is any indication.

When we arrived, Amr noticed I used a walking stick and immediately offered us a lower floor room ( had booked room 8 on the top floor), which I thought was a very insightful gesture. As I have no problems with stairs we stuck with the original which was lovely. Sitting room, huge bedroom, wet room ( common in Egypt) and balcony. Amr is super helpful and showed us round the neighbourhood including how to get to the souk. Luxor is easy to navigate and Mara house is very well located, about 10 mins from the station and 15 from the souk.

We loved the neighbourhood. If you want to see real Luxor and not some carbon copy hotel on the tourist strip, then stay here. It’s real life – kids playing in the street and women making bread on their doorstep. The locals are friendly and when they greet you with a ‘welcome’ you know that they are being genuine and not trying to sell you something. It’s so refreshing in Egypt to not be hassled for a taxi/horse carriage/boat trip every time you step out of the door!

We ate in the hotel each night because after walking around Luxor all day we were simply too tired to go out again. And why would you when Amr prepares the most delicious meals for such a reasonable price. There is also beer and wine available to complement your meal.

Totally recommend Mara house. We certainly wouldn’t stay anywhere else if we come back to Luxor.

Traveled as couple. Feb 2020.  Reviewed on TripAdvisor 2 March 2020.


I’ve wanted to visit Egypt since before I can remember, but everyone I’ve known who’s been there has told me that due to the hassle from the touts and the difficulties of getting around Cairo and the country, you really need to take a guided tour. I’ve always traveled on my own, and I’d never been part of a tour group for longer than a day trip, so that worried me. But last year I got serious about going, and while researching, stumbled across Mara House, which turned out to have the best itinerary of any tour I’d found. And after contacting Mara, I was amazed to find out it also had the best price, and her blog had answers to every question I had about traveling in Egypt, and many I didn’t know I had.

So this month I took the 9-night Egypt tour package, and also did the optional tours of Coptic Cairo, the day trip to Alexandria, and Abu Simbel. And the whole experience was even better than I’d dreamed, seeing everything I ever wanted to see with guides whose stories and explanations made everything more memorable. My thanks to Ayman who smoothed my arrival in Cairo; Suzy who took us to Coptic Cairo, Giza, and the Egyptian Museum; Mohammed who took us to Alexandria; and Mohammed who guided us around Luxor, on the cruise, and to Abu Simbel. Mara House in Luxor is beautiful—I especially enjoyed the rooftop terrace–and Amr was not only an excellent host who answered every request but was also responsible for the incredible meals.

Special thanks to Ahmed, who not only guided the Medieval Cairo tour, but checked in with us every day in Cairo by phone or in person to make sure everything was going well. Then on my final day, I got to be a test subject as Ahmed did a trial run of the new Royal Cairo tour, which I can heartily recommend. We began at Manial Palace on the island of Roda for a history of the Egyptian royal family. Next we went to the City of the Dead to see two astonishing tombs; one neglected, full of graves, and haunting; the other still beautifully maintained thanks to continual upkeep paid for by a royal abroad who intends to be buried there. We ended up with more royal tombs in the mosques of Sultan Hassan and al-Rifai, which are worth seeing on their own, and since they’re right across from Saladin’s Citadel, Ahmed offered to take me there as well, where I got a last view over Cairo to the pyramids.

I also want to mention the wonderful staff and service at the Steinberger El Tahrir, and aboard the MS Concerto, as well as the friendly drivers. I can’t thank Mara and her colleagues enough, and will be recommending Mara House tours to everyone who wants to explore Egypt.

Jon H- USA – Traveled solo. Reviewed on TripAdvisor 29 Feb 2020 – Egypt Holidays Package – 9 nights



We can’t thank Mara (for arranging) and Mo (for guiding) enough. We wanted to see a lot and we had a limited amount of time. Mo was so thorough and patient with us. He was such a wealth of knowledge and really made these ancient sites come to life. We would absolutely recommend any tour Mara is offering and would also highly recommend Mo as your guide. Thank you so much for making our time in Luxor so memorable!

Jessica Osborne  Tours in Luxor and Tours in Cairo 25.01.2020


Hi Mara,

Thank you for checking in and we really enjoyed our travels in Egypt. It was made truly special by you and your team!

My wife, Anjali, had this childhood dream of visiting the pyramids and Abu Simbel and I made her dream come true ably assisted by your excellent and professional team.

We were saved from all the hagglings which come associated with touristy places. Your team members made sure we were well informed and saved from anyone over charging us.

Mohammed I who guided us in Cairo was amazing and knowledgeable. Mohammed ll who guided us in Luxor and Aswan is truly remarkable and a treasure trove full of knowledge about everything. We spent the Maximum time with him and miss him already.

A special mention for all the drivers who drove us around in Cairo, Luxor-Aswan and Abu Simbel. They are RockStars!! Safe, smiling and humble guys!

I loved dealing with you Mara and cannot recommend you enough.

Keep in touch and keep doing the excellent work you all are doing!! Kudos!

Kindest Regards

Letter from Guest (printed with permission) 8 Jan 2020 H…. from India – traveled as couple Tours in Luxor, Tours in Cairo


MARA HOUSE LUXOR GROUP TOUR NOVEMBER 2019 – 15 Dec 2019 Mrs Michelle, Australia

The 5 star service, accommodations and experiences without solid gold prices!

Ahmed photo bombing lol!

* Collected us from the airport and looked after us all and treated us like family daily for almost 2 weeks!
* Ahmed, who completed the ultimate sacrifice and tried KFC and McDonalds before we arrived so he could advise us accordingly!
* Ahmed, whom pulled off a surprise wedding – with band – wedding of the century – in less than 24 hours.
* Ahmed, no request is too big, too small or too weird
* Ahmed, who is loved by all and is totally worthy of our adoration.
* Ahmed, we left more than just f.r.i.e.n.d.s.

Moh n me

* The ever knowledgeable, always endearing Egyptian gentleman.
* Mohamed who has so much wisdom and is never boring.
* Mohamed who stole the bride’s heart from the moment she met him, and stole the men’s hearts too.
* Mohamed who learnt that ‘stop jinning’ will get the ladies moving.
* Mohamed, the Redbull scout.

* Mara has spent 19 years making Mara House Luxor what it is today.
* Literally built from the ground up and every piece has been lovingly chosen, made or found.
* Everything about our experiences had Mara’s personal touches.
* The information and guidance she provides even before we have left home.
* The Hotel and tours in Cairo.
* The shows and entertainment.
* 7 night Nile Cruise on a 5 star ship.
* The people she has chosen to work for her.
* The off the beaten track experiences.
* Food glorious food. Amr @ Mara House is an amazing chef.
* Lots of tours but also so relaxing – Busy but lots of down time

This tour planned and arranged by Mara starts with the Giza Pyramids and camel ride but somehow each day after was better than the day before!

MARA HOUSE LUXOR, I can’t wait to go back and next time spend a week just at Mara House.


Travled with friends.  Bundaberg, Australia.  Nov 2019 Mara House Group Tours Reviewed on TripAdvisor

Fantastic tour with Mara and her Associates – 10 Dec 2019 – Shannon H, USA

My husband and I went on a small group tour with Mara of Mara House Luxor.  We had a marvelous time with seasoned, knowledgeable guide Mohamed and fantastic, miracle worker tour manager Ahmed.  We are usually solo tourists, so it was a pleasure to have everything taken care of, including the transportation and tickets to all the sites, and the luggage handling.  In addition, we were provided with local information and tips on how to not be taken advantage of when we decided to venture out on our own.
Ahmed is acquainted with the people who work at the sites we visited, so he knew exactly who could provide a safe, reliable service, especially for the camel ride at Giza and the horse carriage at Edfu.
His wonderful contacts got us front row seats at the Sufi Dance performance we went to, enabling me to take fabulous photos of the event. If we wanted to buy a specific souvenir, he knew exactly where we could obtain it and provided very helpful bargaining tips so we could get the item at a fair price.
Mohamed knew every crook and cranny of the sites we visited and could answer questions about the history of every site we visited. This enabled us to keep ahead of the other tour groups because he could guide us to parts of the sites where it wasn’t so crowded. He did his best to educate us about everything we saw even though we weren’t the best pupils at times!
We were lucky enough to sit with Mara during meals on the cruise, and she regaled us with many entertaining stores of her extensive experiences running a guest house in Egypt.
Double bed covered with patchwork quilt in blue, white and navy. 3 scenic pictures over the bed

Double Bedroom at Mara House

Brown leather couch with cushions, one patterned two red, Octagonal heavy wood table with woven bowl in the cener and wallhanging over the couch

Private sitting room in the Executive Suite

We wished that we would have had more time at Mara House itself, because it is so peaceful and beautifully decorated, but we had to get back to our real lives and work obligations. We really enjoyed the one night we had there, and all the drinks and snacks are very reasonable priced compared to the hotel and cruise ship.
In addition, we were offered the famous feast, which was absolutely fantastic. The breakfast at Mara House was just as good, and it was included in the package. If you are looking for a wonderful, hassle free tour of Egypt you can’t go wrong with Mara House Luxor.
Couple.  USA.  Nov 2019 Mara House Group Tours Reviewed on TripAdvisor

Group Tour – everything perfect! 26 Nov 2019 –  Eltoro86fox Australia

This woman has put together the Egypt trip of a lifetime! I am forever grateful my cousin found this tour, I cant put into words how happy my family and I are (aged 22-41). Our lives have been enriched and refreshed. We just finished the 14 day tour this November.

young lady walking away from Philae Temple - 4 enormous statues in the temple facade

At Abu Simbel

young lade on a camel waving a long scarve behind her head. Beside her on a young man on a camel. In the desert with 3 pyramids in the background

Camel Riding at Giza Plateau, Cairo

double beed, bedside tables, wallhanging behind the bed

Our Double bedroom at Mara House

Private sitting room in the family exec suite

young lady ascending stairway from tomb. Walls on either side and ceiling colourfully decorated with carvings

Amazing colour on the walls of this tomb in Valley of Kings, Luxor

9 people seated around a tablein tent.

Part of our wedding celebration on the island overlooking Philae Temple – Temple of Love, Aswan

Everything was perfect – the accommodation (hotel, ship, Mara House) all fine quality, the destinations (hidden treasures without tourists), the service/care given to each individual, the educational guides through each location. Wow, wow, wow. I cant fault it.This was exactly the holiday I needed from my busy/stressful life.

Traveled with family. Australian. Nov 2019 Mara House Group Tours Reviewed on TripAdvisor


Fond Memories Forever – 25 Nov 2019 – b31indax

My husband and I just got back from Egypt and we had a wonderful time staying with Mara House during our time in Luxor. We took up her 3 day Luxor package (you can find the details on her website) which we found to be a great deal.


Mara was very responsive to my emails, and she also helped to answer questions I had about the rest of Egypt e.g. the situation regarding protests in Cairo. She was also very accommodating in holding my preferred dates until I could confirm my availability.

On arrival to Luxor, although she was out of Luxor and busy with her group tour with other guests, she still made the effort to check-in on us during our stay, which we really welcomed.


(a) Room comfort

The room we got was HUGE. We got a spacious living area attached to the bathroom, and an equally spacious bedroom. Our room was beautifully decorated and reminded me so much of home. Everything is also very clean.

Very large bedroom - double bed, side lockers with lamps on them, sitting area with 3 big patchwork cushions having geometric design in various colours, paintings and wall hanging on the wall

Our bedroom – HUGE!

The bathroon is a wet bathroom with no shower partition but this didn’t bother us because we are Asian and many Asian countries have this sort of bathroom design. The bathroom uses a water heater that pre-heats a fixed volume of water when switched on, so you have to wait 30 minutes before using it, but the water is nice and hot once it is ready. If you indulge for too long the hot water will run out and you will need to wait for it to heat up again, but the amount that is heated each time is honestly sufficient for a normal length shower for one person (and even sufficient for two people if you don’t indulge).

sitting room, two leather armchairs, octagonal wood table, day-bed behind ornamental hanging curtains.

Our private sitting room

The bedroom has both air-conditioning and a fan that is available for use. Wifi was hard to access as we were at the very top floor of the house but since we had a local sim card with plenty of mobile data, we didn’t mind this.

The comforts of this accommodation aren’t meant to match the luxuries of a 5 star hotel, so I think it will be very unfair to expect it to be of the same standard as that of a 5 star hotel.

(b) Location

Mara House is located in a residential area away from the main tourist belt. The airport is quite close at about 20 minutes drive away, and Luxor train station is at an easy walking distance.

We enjoyed a walk to the train station to explore the fruits and vegetable market and we were not hassled by anyone along the way; it is safe and a great look at local life. If we had more time in Luxor, I would have liked to walk all the way to Luxor temple and enjoy the beautiful promenade along the Nile.

Also, I wouldn’t call the streets outside Mara’s House ugly. I think they have a very quaint charm to them (in fact I think the street can be very pretty with its colours–have a look at my picture if you’ll like). This is REAL Egypt. If you do not like how real Egypt looks then you will probably have to stick strictly to the tourist belt and luxury hotels for the sanitized version of the country.

You might want to bring earplugs just in case, as the locals had a wedding party on one of the nights here, so it got quite noisy. But for the rest of our time here it was very peaceful and quiet. You will hear the call to prayer in the early morning, but we went back to sleep easily enough once it ended.

(c) Hospitality & Food

Although Mara was not around, Amr and his team still provided amazing hospitality in looking after us. Bottled water is complimentary and the snacks and drinks provided for sale are as good as local prices (way cheaper than back home, and also without any trouble of bargaining or facing any hassling).

Salahadeen Restaurant, Mara House

You’ll get a good taste of Egyptian fare here and this was actually some of the best Egyptian food we’ve had on our trip. Everything is hygienic as well and we had zero stomach troubles during our stay. I have attached a photo of the Salahadeen feast we enjoyed as part of our package.

13 bowls of assorted food on big round tray

Salahadeen Feast at Mara House

On our last day we wanted to get some souvenirs before returning to Cairo, so Amr actually took us out personally at night to the money changer first as we needed some EGP, then he took us to a trusted store and reminded us to bargain very hard ?


We took up Mara’s 3 day Luxor Package which covered one half day visit to Karnak temple and Luxor temple, one full day visit to Abydos and Dendera, and one full day visit to the best sights of the West Bank (e.g. Valley of the Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepshut, Medinet Habu, Tomb of the Nobles and Tomb of the Workers).

There is a packed lunch provided for the long day to Abydos & Dendera (we had tuna mayo sandwiches with chips, chocolate croissant snacks, and water–simple, but good enough for me!). For the tour of the west bank we stopped at a restaurant overlooking the Nile and the food here was really good!

Ceiling and top of the huge columns - Each column has Head of Hathor carved

Hathor Column at Dendera Temple

We had a great time on tour with Mohammed, and while visiting the Valley of the Kings it was revealed to us by other tour guides that “we were very lucky to have him because he was their professor”!!! I liked how his explanations were simple enough for the normal tourist who was not crazy about Ancient Egyptian lore e.g. my husband, while at the same time I could go a bit more crazy asking about every single detail I saw on the walls…

Note: Do NOT miss Dendera!!! It is mindblowingly beautiful. I have attached a photo of its beautifully first hypostyle hall with its restored colours.


Mara House served all our needs perfectly and was a home away from home for a country that could get a little difficult at times even for seasoned travellers like my husband and I.

I feel the need to mention that my husband and I are usually independent travellers and we did try visiting several sites in Egypt on our own without a guide… but going with a guide really makes a huge difference to your understanding and appreciation of the sites especially those from Ancient Egypt. For example, in the Temple of Philae in Aswan we were absolutely clueless as to what we were looking at even though I had found some information online as a reference of things to look out for. So I fully recommend going on tour with a good guide to the sites in Egypt as much as possible.

Lastly, I’ll like to mention that finding a host / tour provider that you can trust in Egypt is absolutely essential in keeping your trip pleasant.

As an example of how things can go sour very quickly, we unfortunately booked a horse riding day trip in Cairo that worked in “Egyptian ways” e.g. the tour ended up unlike what was marketed on their website; the guide didn’t bring us to a place where we had already paid entrance fee and then claimed to the owner it was a miscommunication issue due to language; the guide badgered us mid-tour for MORE tips when we already gave him 10USD at the start (as was requested by the owner to solve the problem of no change), the 3 hour ride became just 2 hours…

Thankfully we had none of that #@#$ during our stay with Mara. No feelings of being shortchanged or cheated, no feelings of being hassled for tips during your tour or being told your tips are not enough, and really just genuine, SINCERE hospitality, so that you can remember your trip and all the amazing sites you’ve seen with fond memories forever!!!!

Thank you, Mara, Amr, Mohammed, and the rest of the team with Mara House Luxor!

Travelled Nov 2019 – Couple. Luxor Holidays 3 nights – Reviewed on TripAdvisor


Felt Safe at All Times – 24 Nov 2019 – Brenda L.  SA

I joined a small group tour during Nov 2019 with Mara House tours. Everything was taken care of in such a great way. The tour included a wide variety of experiences. The tour manager Ahmed and tour guide Mo really spoiled us with many surprises and were always available to support us in any way needed and more! Ensure that your tour include a stay over at Mara House in Luxor for at least two nights for a special Egypt experience.

I felt safe at all times. The security in Egypt is of very high standard. Apparently recently voted second best in middle east and eight in the world. They also have a special Tourist Police unit which is very visible and caring towards tourists.

Do yourself a favour and visit Egypt with Mara from Mara House to plan and organise your tour.

Travelled with Friends – Nov 2019 Mara House Group Tours Reviewed on TripAdvisor


Book with Mara House you will not regret it!! – 15 Aug 2019 – Billijo, USA

Where do I even begin? My husband and I just finished the nine night tour with Mara House. Mara and her staff are the kindest people! Ahmed and both Mohammeds where extremely knowledgeable on Egypt past and present. We learned so much from them! Amr the chef and manager of Mara house made the best food! The feast was exceptional!! Mara house it’s self is clean, spacious, beautifully decorated and has such a homey feel. We were able to see SO much in our short time in Egypt!!

Traveled as couple Aug 2019 Reviewed on Google Maps Egypt 9 nights package


Just what I wanted! – 9 aug 2019 – Cindytravels2019 USA

Mara’s guesthouse was just what I was looking for as a solo traveller not wanting an anonymous hotel. Mara and her staff bend over backwards to help you with whatever you need, the house and rooms are lovely, clean, comfortable, Mo the guide was superb (and the sites absolutely spectacular), the food just excellent. Lots of stories and good tips too. Recommend.


Great Experience at Mara House – 13 July 2019 – Natasha B. UK

I would highly recommend Mara House. Mara was very helpful in organising my stay and tailoring tour options to suit the time I had available. She was also very accommodating, allowing me to return to the room after my day of touring and rest and shower before my flight in the early hours of the following morning. The house itself is beautifully decorated and comfortable, and I really appreciated the fact that it wasn’t on the ‘tourist strip’.

The tour itself was brilliant. Mohammed was very knowledgable and friendly and made my tour of the Valley of the Kings and associated sites, plus Luxor Temple well worth the visit! Ahmed the driver was also wonderful.

Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mara House to anyone visiting Luxor

Traveled solo July 2019 Individualised itinerary. Reviewed on TripAdvisor.


12 Stars!  – 16 June 2019 – Jean USA

This is a private house turned hotel. Its owner, Mara, is a woman from County Cork Ireland who came to Egypt looking for a new life. What she and her family and staff have created is a home fit and
outfitted for a sheik! She has used Egyptian aesthetic, furnishings and feel to make an amazing place to stay while in Luxor.

She offers full packages on her website including meals, event tickets and a tour guide. If you find her online, her suggestions on what to pack, dealing with the heat, etc you will find a treasure trove.

The rooms are suites. I stayed in #2 which is a queensized bed with a sitting are plus a real sitting area with a mini-bar, sink and counter. Everything is made, done and completed with commitment to making the guest feel comfortable and welcome.

The staff, headed by Amr, his wife and three year old son, is superb. He is the host and chef and is
miraculous. His meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner are wonderful and served with grace.

Mohamed is the house guide. He is knowledgeable, speaks excellent English and shows you everything at the antiquity sites, will take you down the Nile if you choose that package (I’m sitting on the boat waiting to start the journey from Luxor to Aswan), and does not try to take you shopping.
Mara House uses three different drivers who will take you safely from place to place.

I give this house not a five star rating, but twelve.

Jean, USA traveled solo June 2019. Reviewed on TripAdvisor 3 night Luxor Holidays plus 4 nights Nile Cruise with Mara House.


Terrific Service & Tours – 12 June 2019Tyler H, USA.

Mara, Amr, Mohammed, et al. took terrific care of me from start to finish. The food was delicious, the care genuine, and the tours fascinating. I was looking for connection to both ancient and modern Egypt and found it in conversations at and the tours around Mara House. Mara and Mohammed have a tremendous passion for Egyptology and answered any and all questions I had. The place is kept immaculately and though fairly new, has a designed character. I cannot thank Mara enough for all of her help nor recommend her place more highly.

Traveled solo June 2019. Reviewed on TripAdvisor and Google Maps. Luxor Holidays 3 nights modified

Had an Amazing Trip! – 2 June 2019 – Travis C, USA

When we first arrived to Egypt I was sick for the first few days and our Tour manager Ahmed and guide Suzy went above and beyond helping me to get better always checking on if I was improving and it was really great of them the first few days in Cairo was awesome then when we got to Mara House the hotel was amazing and felt homely Amir was an amazing hotel manager very helpful, the food at Mara house was great, our Tour guide in Luxor Mo was fantastic and very Knowledgeable with all the stories and culture would definitely go back to Egypt using Mara House again!!

Travelled as family May 2019. Reviewed on TripAdvisor. 9 night package with extra tours

Mara House is the absolute BEST! T D, Florida May 2019

Mara House is, without a doubt, the best place to stay in Luxor if not all of Egypt! Everyone was so kind and helpful throughout my stay and they helped me to plan the absolute best trip during my time in Egypt. I cannot thank Mara enough for all of her help as well as Ahmed and Fatma for being the best guides! My room was wonderful and everything about Mara House made my stay in Egypt perfect. It is the best!!
Reviewed on TripAdvisor May 2019 Booked Luxor Holidays package

Wonderful and charming place to stay – May 2019 – Twindivrs23, Newport Beach, California

Thank you Mara house for such a wonderful stay!
We truly appreciate how Mara individualized our tour so thoughtfully – we had limited days in Luxor & Cairo and she organized our itinerary to maximize our time to see & enjoy Egypt. I also really appreciate Ahmed – he was so organized & communicative. He confirmed all our trip plans via text or phone call while in Egypt (it felt nice knowing every detail was being looked after). He also told memorable stories that made the history of medieval Egypt really come alive. Amr took such great care of us while at Mara House. We miss his hospitality, delicious cooking, and evenings spent on the beautifully renovated rooftop patio! Thank you for making our trip so special! Carol & Sara
Reviewed on TripAdvisor May 2019 – Booked Luxor Holidays package

Second Time Around! – 21 May 2019 – Sue Larsen USA

On my second stay at Mara House, my friends and I chose the 3 day package. This allowed us to relax, sheltering from the sun, while Amr arranged all our necessities. Great food and knowledgeable guides. Mara House has the feel of a home away from home.

Traveled with friends April 2019. Reviewed on TripAdvisor and Google Maps. Luxor Holidays Package

Treatment Second to None – 22 April 2019 – RGVD, Washington DC, USA

“My husband and son and I just returned from a Spring Break trip to Luxor and Cairo. In Luxor, we stayed for four days and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Best points:
1) Mara communicated with my husband and was infinitely patient and generous with her recommendations of suggested activities prior to us leaving for Egypt.
2) While Mara was on a cruise with a group, she left Amr, the chef and house manager, to tend to us. He is capable, kind, and accommodating — perhaps single-handedly offering us the best service possible. Amr arranged taxi cabs for us, coordinated with Mohammed our tour guide, accompanied us on a falucca ride, cooked us unbelievable food (barely flinching when we said the word “vegan”), did our laundry, and probably a dozen other things for which we will always be grateful.

In short, our time in Luxor would never have been so delightful without Mara House. While Mara House isn’t (like) a hotel — and who wants that anyway? — it was clean and comfortable and we felt like family. Highly recommend.”

RGVD, Washington DC, USA. April 2019. Traveled as family. Reviewed on TripAdvisor. Luxor Holidays 3 night package

Amazing Tour – 19 April 2019Dianne Abbley, Australia

We are just finishing our tour of Egypt with Mara, Ahmed and the team. What an amazing tour it has been. Thank you so much for looking after us and showing us Ancient Egypt, medieval Egypt and modern day Egypt. You have given us a holiday of a lifetime. Diane and Frank Abbley

group of 8 people in front of entrance to Abu Simbel Temple

At Abu Simbel with Mara House Group

Couple – Booked Mara House Group Tours – April 2019 group

So glad we went with the Mara House team for our first trip to Egypt. – 19 April 2019 – Amanda Verstlm, USA

Ahmed is the superstar of logistics and took care of everything we needed.  The guides (both Mohammad’s) were so knowledgeable about all things Egypt and taught us so much.  The sites were amazing and the people were friendly, what more could you ask for on vacation.  If you have been curious about visiting Egypt – definitely go and don’t hesitate to plan through the Mara House team.

Couple – Booked Mara House Group Tours – April 2019 group Reviewed on  TripAdvisor

Awesome Trip! – 19 April 2019 – Craig Golds, Australia

Well what can I say. This trip for my wife and I has been awesome. The team at Mara House have also been awesome. From our initial first contact with Mara House throughout the trip and sadly it’s conclusion has been absolutely exceptional. Mara and her team have done everything in their absolute power to take any stress or hassle away from us so we can sit back and truly enjoy Egypt. Stunning place with its history and culture has certainly broadened both our horizons about the country and this wouldn’t have been possible for us without the Mara House team. If we do return to Egypt, Mara House will be the first phone call.

Couple – Booked Mara House Group Tours – April 2019 group

Touring Egypt with Mara House Luxor  19 April 2019 – Denise G, Australia

We have just finished touring Egypt with Mara from Mara House Luxor finishing with dinner at Mara House. Mara and her tour manager Ahmed as well as her local guides have been exceptional in their knowledge of Egypt and their inhabitants over the last few thousand years. Information has been spot on as well as their stories along the way. We have seen some things that others would never have seen. I am so grateful that we found Mara on the internet. Her tours are small and we have made some lasting friends with her and the lovely people in the group. Hotels have been great and the trip down the Nike so beautiful. Thank you Mara and Ahmed for being so fastidious in your arrangements leaving nothing for us to worry about – everything has gone to plan. We would not hesitate to highly recommend this tour with anyone interested in travelling to Egypt.
Couple – Booked Mara House Group Tours – April 2019 group

First class service! – 18 April 2019J.G USA

First class service from Cairo to Luxor to Aswan to Alexandria. Mara’s tour agency provides a safe, comfortable and fun Egypt experience. Knowledgeable and caring guides are with you every step of the way from arrival at the Cairo airport to tours of the sights to departure from Egypt. I have recommended her agency unreservedly to both my adult daughters and to close friends. That says it all. And when booking your tour, remember Alexandria. We found it to be a Mediterranean delight.

J.G. Connecticut, USA. Traveled as family. April 2019 Egypt 9 nights package. Reviewed on TripAdvisor.

Mara delivered on all fronts – 9 April 2019 – Rowena Verdan, USA

Three high school friends found themselves yearning for more adventure after their 9-Day Holy Land tour. Thank goodness I found Mara House Luxor on a Google search.   Mara House delivered on all fronts on our 3-Day Cairo package, and we even added 2 more nights to visit Alexandria.

Communication with Mara was quick and answered emails promptly. Even my hubby joined us.
First and foremost, thank you to Cairo tour guide Ahmed Hasanein, who fetched us at the airport and briefed us daily.

Thank you Mara for booking us at Steigenberger Hotel Tahrir Square.  Location was perfect.

Travelled as friends – April 2019, Cairo 3 night package

Amazing 9 nights in Egypt – 2 April 2019 – Wilf & Shirl, Canada

My husband and I toured Egypt Mar 10-20 2019 under the guidance of MARA House, and we had an absolutely splendid time! Her guides were very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and top notch! Our Cairo guide suggested an early visit to the pyramids to avoid the crowds – that was a terrific plan! Cairo museum was Egypt’s history in “one spot”! Old Cairo downtown was an eye opener – be sure to try the Hibiscus drink to lower your blood pressure! Delicious ?

Mara’s Luxor house gave us a glimpse into Egyptian homes – you get a chance to see a beautiful authentically decorated home (as opposed to the international hotels) – delicious breakfasts & an Egyptian dinner feast – totally Egyptian! I consider this a major plus to all the ancient history you see.

The Nile River cruise on the Blue Splendor was top notch the best boat (we got to walk through other boats when we were docked & Our boat was most grand) Mara’s tour was very reasonably priced and the experiences included in her tour were excellent.

We give her high recommendations and believe you’d be as happy as we were!?

Wilf & Shirl 2019 Canada – Travelled as couple. Reviewed on TripAdvisor. Egypt Holidays 9 nights package

Wouldn’t hesitate to go back – 25 March 2019 – Mikan, USA

The best thing about Mara House is Mara herself. Mara is warm and personable, and an invaluable resource with a wealth of information about traveling in Egypt.  Before booking with her, she took the time to answer all of my questions about what to see, and the friendly email exchange helped to alleviate my concerns about booking. The rooms are well appointed spacious apartments, with strong internet connection. Meals here are delicious. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

Mikan, USA – travelled solo March 2019. Reviewed on TripAdvisor. Luxor Holidays 3 night package + stayed extra 4 nights.

Mara House was perfect – 19 March 2019 –  Anthony Hoglund, Bankok

We had an incredible stay at Mara House Luxor last month……. what amazing hospitality. The dinner feast was one of the highlights of our trip, and the accommodation – a spacious apartment with atmospheric decor in an atmospheric Luxor neighborhood – was miles better than your typical hotel room. Mara and her team also looked after our daily tours in both Luxor and Cairo. There is no way we could have prepared and organized such a seamless visit on our own. It was truly a vacation we will never forget. Thank you!

An Honour, A Privilege, An Adventure – March 18, 2019 – Matthew J. Voytek, III – USA

During the month of February 2019 & for 8 days, my son & I shared a wonderful adventure to Egypt courtesy of Mara Tours. Mara provided us with excellent flights, excellent accomodations, excellent food & ample opportunity to explore the cities of Cairo & Luxor.

At times we felt like we were in a movie! Mara made sure we were surrounded with caring & informed guides as well as making sure we had a fine sense of the kind & great people of Egypt. Mara truly exceeded our expectations ensuring our comfort & accommodating our curiosity of a land that is rich in sights, sounds & history.

Mara’s house is richly decorated which in turn invited us to enjoy Egyptian living & culture. We couldn’t be more pleased that we chose Mara tours for our adventure. Until we meet again, thank you Mara. Respectfully,
Matthew J. Voytek, III.

Travelled as Family Feb 2019 Cairo Holidays and Luxor Holidays packages Reviewed on TripAdvisor and Google Maps

Trip of a Lifetime – 05 March 2019SRobin001 USA

Truly, it WAS the trip of a lifetime and Mara arranged everything for us. First off, I’d been talking with Mara online for years and while I hadn’t committed to booking with her, I did have tons of questions about visiting Egypt. Mara was great, answering all that I had to ask. Finally, I was ready and booked with Mara for 2019 February.

We were greeted at the airport by Ahmed and whisked through Cairo to our hotel for check in. Ahmed was there in the morning and he remained on call for our entire trip and encouraged us to call him with any needs. He really came through for us. That first morning he introduced us to our guide Heder and driver Mohamed. The four of us were together all week and just had a blast. We started with the step pyramid, the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. By the end of the week, we had seen the Giza Plateau, The Egyptian Museum, the Gayer Anderson house, Medieval Cairo, Coptic Cairo and Islamic Cairo. All while under Mara’s invisible guidance and “umbrella” of service. We were safe and well cared for.

At the end of our first week, we flew down to Luxor and stayed with Mara for a night, where we met Amr and his staff. We were we introduced to some home cooking and hospitality, par excellence.

We then transferred to a luxury cruise ship for the next four days, with a new guide and he really knew his stuff just as well as did Heder in Cairo. The cruise included the West Bank, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae, Abydos and Dendera. Wonderful cruise ship and excellent staff, and fabulous temples…what’s not to love?

We spent the last couple days of our vacation just hanging out at Mara House relaxing. She arranged day trips for us and took care of all the details. While I appreciated the food at the hotel in Cairo and on the cruise ship, I’d rather have Amr’s cooking at Mara house anytime. He sent us off each morning with coffee and a huge breakfast. In the evenings, we had a great dinner each night. Don’t get me started on the Saladin Feast. It’s so good and it’s huge.

Do yourself a favor and go visit Egypt. The people are warm and welcoming. I can’t tell you how many amazing people we met in our two weeks there. Trust Mara and her staff to know their business and they will take care of all the details, You just show up and enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

S Robin USA Traveled with family Feb 2019. 9 night Egypt Package Reviewed on TripAdvisor

Can’t recommend Mara House enough – 2 March 2019 – Teresa Glick USA

Our whole experience with Mara House was excellent. We did the 9 day Egypt tour and were in good hands the entire trip. Mara completely put me at ease about traveling in the winter (in the event we had flight delays on our end) and was happy to answer any questions I had. Her blog posts are VERY helpful for planning the trip and to also understand the locals and customs.

I am so glad that Mara included visits to Abydos and Dendera temples, and to the nobles tombs and workers village in the itinerary. They were so beautiful and not to be missed! Ahmed took care of us in Cairo and gave us great advice on how to navigate the city upon arrival (including getting across traffic). He made sure we had everything we needed, knew our schedule for each day, and handed us off to our very capable guides while in Cairo. (We had so much fun with Suzy!) Arriving in Luxor was a breath of fresh air compared to the bustle of Cairo.

Mara House itself is clean, quiet and beautifully decorated. Amr took great care of us during our stay and all of the food was delicious. Do not miss out on the salahadeen feast! I don’t know where we will find Egyptian food in the states, but it will be a quest well worth it. Mo was our guide for the last half of the trip and was very knowledgeable about all the sites and happy to answer any questions we had. He was great at helping us navigate the busy sites and gave us plenty of time to explore on our own too. We appreciated that he would take the time to point out things that were unique to each site.

I still think that there are parts of the trip that are still sinking in. It was a once in a lifetime trip, and Mara House made sure that the whole experience was unforgettable!

Teresa Glick USA. Travelled as couple. Feb 2019. 9 nights Egypt package. Reviewed on Google Maps and TripAdvisor

It was fantastic!  – 5 Feb 2019 – Mac Whipple

This was our first trip to Egypt, and it was fantastic!  My wife & I stayed with Egyptian relatives in Cairo & Alexandria at beginning & end of trip, with a 3-night stay at Mara House in Luxor tucked in the middle – and the feeling of being taken care of by family was seamless!

Mara makes it easy to set-up via email, Amr welcomes you into your beautiful home away from home (and cooks excellent meals), and Mohammed is the scholarly cousin who guides you professionally through Egypt’s wonderful ancient history! We’ll be back.

Mac Whipple USA, Traveled as couple Jan 2019. Luxor 3 nights package

Very Impressed – 25 Feb 2019 – Zihua Wang

My family booked the 3 nights package at Mara House during the 2018 holiday season.  My twin daughters and my wife really enjoyed visiting the ancient tombs, temples, and the sunset sailing on the Nile.  We are very impressed by Mohamad’s knowledge of these ancient temple, and he made the visit a very enjoyable and educational experience.

Amr is very caring and considerate and made our stay very enjoyable, arranging transportation to local restaurants and the Luxor museum.  In additional, the meals he prepared were delicious.  We also had our breakfast at the roof-top garden, which was beautifully arranged with succulents and flowering plants.

Booked Egypt Holidays 9 nights,  Reviewed on marahouse website

Very Professional – 18 Jan 2019 – Greg Pritchard USA

Very professional hotel and tour company that will make sure your tour of Egypt is well organized, safe and efficient. We gained deep knowledge of the history and culture of ancient Egypt from our excellent guide, Moh. And Amr who runs the hotel is an extremely nice guy who also makes excellent food – in fact the best food that we ate on our entire trip! Thank you Mara House for the great experience.

Greg Pritchard USA – traveled as couple. Luxor 3 night package Reviewed on google maps.

Amr, thank you for such a lovely stay!- 18 Jan 2019 – Matt & Amelia, Sydney

You have been so helpful and kind and have made our stay very stress free. The breakfasts and feast was delicious.

Thanks to Mara, Ahmed and Amr for organising our 9 day Egypt tour – absolutely fantastic!

Matt & Amelia, Sydney, Australia. Traveled as couple. Jan 2019 9 night Egypt package (From Mara House Guest Book)

This is a fantastic company and place to stay. – 11 Jan 2019 – Carminasweatshirt, Los Angeles, USA

My partner and I stayed at Mara House for four nights and went on tours of Luxor and Aswan for 5 days. Mara House is very clean, food is delicious, and the service is wonderful. Amr, who is the chef at Mara House, serves delicious food and is very kind and helpful. We really appreciated his kindness and the wonderful feast he prepared for dinner.

Our tour guide Mo was very kind, knowledgeable and smart. We learned so much about ancient egyptian history and all of the famous temples, tombs and landmarks from Mo.

This is a fantastic company and place to stay. Very professional and organized and trustworthy. You really need a tour guide to understand what you are seeing in Luxor and Mo is the best.

Mara House will look out for your safety and make sure you see everything and are not ripped off.

The team at Mara House is very professional and kind and you’ll be very happy you stayed there.

Travelled as a couple Jan 2019. Egypt Holidays 9 night package Reviewed on TripAdvisor 11.01.19

Mara, Amr, and Mohammed were all great! – 2 Jan 2019 Adrian, USA

The accommodations were fantastic, while our guide, Mohammed, was better than I could have hoped. Best way to see the sites and I would definitely recommend it!

Travelled with family – Mara House and tours – Reviewed on Google Maps


Brilliant, seamless service and gorgeous rooms – 7 Dec 2018Marc Chang, Singapore 

Mara House offers a different experience to the giant soulless hotels along the waterfront. Mara’s staff are caring and personable, and have an attention to detail that is a breath of fresh air in Africa.

I booked the Luxor package which includes accommodation, transport, and a guide for three days, including a day trip to Dendera and Abydos.  I left extremely satisfied.  I’ll be back to do their cruise to Aswan for sure.

Travelled Solo Dec 2018 – reviewed on google maps. Luxor Holidays 3 night package

The Trip of a Lifetime!- 28 Nov 2018Mike Cavalero USA

My wife and I just returned from a wonderful 11-day trip to Egypt. What made this trip so amazing was Mara and her outstanding team (Ahmed, Mohammad & Mo!), who made Egypt, its fascinating history (from ancient to modern) and its wonderful & friendly people, come to life!

All the arrangements were perfect; from Mara’s delightful, informative and stress-free itinerary, the 4-star accommodations, easy in-Country flights, our soothing 4 night Nile cruise, great food, great small-group fellowship (there were only 10 of us!), and of course Egypt’s HISTORY! And the whole time, everywhere we went, Ahmed and his team cared for us just like family.

When we tell our friends where we went, and about everything we saw and did, and how reasonable the cost, they’re astounded! This has to be the BEST VALUE/MOST AFFORDABLE all-inclusive Egypt tour available from anyone!

If you want to experience Egypt, we give our highest recommendation to Mara House! You won’t be sorry!

Travelled Nov 2018 – USA. Mara House Group Tours Reviewed on google maps

We took all of Mara’s Cairo tours – 27 Nov 2018Jan Escritt UK

We (three people) have just spent 8 days in Cairo and Alexandria, organised for us by Mara. Everything worked well, from the pick-up at Cairo airport in the middle of the night, to our return there at the end of our trip.

We had a driver, minibus and guide for the whole time. Our driver, Imed, was pleasant and helpful and always punctual. Mohamed Hedar, our guide, was excellent. We learned a lot from him, he was good company, and he really went the extra mile to show us anything he thought might be interesting.

We took all of Mara’s Cairo tours plus a number of special requests of our own.

The overnight in Alexandria was well worth doing. There is a lot to see there, and we were glad that we had not just taken a day trip from Cairo.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Egypt and certainly plan to return. We shall not hesitate to ask Mara to organise our next trip.

Travelled Nov 2018 – UK. Tours in Cairo – reviewed on google maps

Mara House takes care of everything – 16 Nov 2018 – David Reno USA

If you would like to be well taken care of while touring the sites of Luxor, Mara House will take care of both your stay and your touring. House manager Amr was amazing, seeing to every day’s itinerary and arranging horse carriages, Nile river trips and even cooking delicious meals.

The crew of guides and drivers employed by Mara will take great care of you whether exploring urban Luxor or taking a long day trip to Abydos.

The room was spacious, clean, quiet and the AC was good (important in September when it gets really hot).

Travelled solo Sept 2018 USA. – Luxor Holiday 3 night package – reviewed on google maps

5 stars just isn’t enough for Mara House!- 13 Nov 2018Tomas Mac an tSaoir Ireland

An absolutely beautiful house with amazing decor situated in a cute Egyptian street which will give you a good feel of local life as well.

Mara organized a trip to the Temples which were spectacular, the finest in Egypt. The trip was stress free and the guide was brilliant explaining everything.

Tomas Mac An tSaoir at Mara House Luxor 2018

The room was very specious and spotless clean. The staff were excellent & always on hand to help! And the feast.. WOW! Thanks a million Mara & the staff at Mara House for an unforgettable stay.

Traveled solo – Co. Kerry, Ireland – Nov 2018 – reviewed on Google Maps

Five Star – 3 Nov 2018 -Ted, Canada

Egypt it could be argued is patriarchal. Mara, in a magical way, is well networked and has earned respect. The people that were part of her team were professional, well educated, groomed, polite. The trip for me was surreal, in that the culture was foreign, the ancient architecture interesting. I had booked with Mara 6 months previous and did not know what to expect leaving details in her expertise, I finish with thoughts of satisfaction.

Ted, Canada, Oct 18-28 2018. Travelled solo, 9 Night Egypt Holiday. Review Ted emailed to Mara 3 Nov 2018

Outstanding Tour of Egypt – 21 Oct 2018 Goldet, Australia

Just back from the October Small Group tour by Mara House, in a word outstanding. As an experienced independent traveler had some concerns about doing a group tour however our group of 12, plus Ahmed (tour manager) and accompanying Egyptologists, helped make the trip.

The tour covered all the major sites and more, providing an insight into the life of past and present Egyptians. While we saw pyramids and the tombs of kings we also saw tombs of the nobles and common workers. We covered both Islamic and christian Cairo. Favorites being Saladin’s Citadel and the church the holy family hid out in for 3 months.

At times it felt like we were VIP guests, getting access to sites either first (inside the great pyramid) or almost the only visitors to an area. A great tour run by great people.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor – Traveled as a couple and joined  Mara House Group Tours  Oct 2018 tour.  Deleted by TripAdvisor on 25/10/2018

Egypt/Luxor/Aswan trip Oct 3rd-Oct 14th 2018  – Jacky H, USA

We spent 11 days last month with Mara Tour and her excellent staff (Ahmed, Mohamad from Cairo and Mohamad from Luxor). Thanks for the team for all excellent information and keep us all safe all the time, especially Ahmed who was on call at all times.

group of 13 people outside Steigenberger El Tahrir Hotel Cairo

Just back from our tour with Moh – Mara House Group

We learnt a lot about the ancient history of Egypt up all the way to Islamic, Christian era and modern times. We will definitely come back when they have more tombs/pyramid opens for tour! Great job guys!

Jacky H Traveled as couple Mara’s Group Trip Oct. 2018. Reviewed on Google Maps 5 Nov 2018

Amazed at your determination – Oct 2018 – way to go Marivie, USA

Read your entire blog. Amazed at your determination- way to go. Brought entire family to Luxor (6pax) on a last minute idea. I googled and found Mara House- took me one whole day, by night time you linked me up with Ahmed. 5 glorious days. God has blessed you with this gift. Praying you have more success. Praying too that one day we will come to visit Luxor once more.

Traveled as family Jan 2018 Luxor Holidays

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