Have you been to Luxor?   We are trying, genuinely trying to make Luxor a really good, exciting and memorable experience for tourists.

We all know that Luxor has it’s faults but, believe it or not, some people don’t want to admit we have problems.

Would you take a few minutes to briefly tell us here the nasty and the nice things about Luxor, please?  

As a foreigner here I am aware of many things that need changing and improving, but I am just one person and I have to show the extent of the problems to get actions on them.  Will you help?

I would also be sooooo happy if you gave me some suggestions as to how you would like to see Luxor improved.  Tell  me what you liked but maybe might be better.  Tell me things you would like to see that we haven’t here at all.  Tell me what you dreamed of experienced when you came here.  Tell me if you experienced it or not.

It is not necessary for you to have stayed at Mara House, you can tell me regardless of where you stayed.  Maybe you have family or friends who came to Luxor, would you pass this page on and ask them to contribute.

It does not matter if you visited Luxor this year, last year or 10 years ago – I want your opinions and value your contributions, please don’t be shy 🙂

You can contribute as many times as you like.  If you have any difficulties with the site please let me know.

HELP US TO MAKE LUXOR BETTER FOR FUTURE VISITORS – please.  Click on the “Comments” link at the end of this page and a box will open up for you.  Just in case you write a lengthy one – it is always best to highlight what you have written and copy it before hitting the POST button – just in case there is a glitch and you lose what you have written – that can be so frustrating!