When I was taking my first trip to Egypt in 2000 my son, Stephen, recommended I buy Wilbur Smith’s novel ‘RIVER GOD’ for reading on the 4 hour flight – best suggestion ever!  It is a brilliant book that sucked me right into ancient Egypt.   Not only that – my first trip was a 7 night cruise on the Nile and Egypt has changed so little over the centuries it felt as if…everywhere I looked I could easily imagine Queen Lostris or any of the characters coming round the next corner.

This is the best time ever to take a holiday in Egypt  You have no tourist crowds in the temples, sites and tombs, prices are down, the Egyptian pound is losing value against foreign currencies so your money buys more than it ever has before.  Is it safe to go to Egypt now?

5 Things to Remember when Planning your holiday in Egypt

  1. If you are going on a Nile Cruise you must book that first as everything else will revolved around those dates.
  2. Try to arrive in Cairo or Luxor (if flying) on a night flight – that leaves you with a good night’s sleep to start the holiday.
  3. Leave either early morning or night time as mid-day travelling wastes your precious days.
  4. Overnight Train between Cairo and Luxor leaves you feeling tired and so you miss out on the 100% enjoyment of your first day in Cairo
  5. If you want to save money book the internal flights with Egypt Air as soon as possible.  There are different prices and a flight Cairo to Luxor can be as low as 575 Egyptian Pounds (LE) or as high as 2,000 Egyptian Pounds (LE) so book those flights  NOW!

Having come to Egypt first as a tourist myself and in the years since then answering tourists’ questions I have put together my own ‘Egypt Travel Guide’ – check it out while planning your trip.

Whether you are planning on travelling independently or booking a package tour – before booking your holiday to Egypt these are 3 priorities you might like to keep in mind.



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