Holidays in Luxor

Most people research their holiday in Luxor in one of the following ways:

  • Go online and spend hours searching for cheap holiday package deals to Egypt.  This is relatively easy but time consuming.  You will find wonderful bargain prices at 5* hotels – and I highly recommend this approach if you are going to Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh or any the Red Sea Resort, where you will be spending most of your time in the resort itself – not much to go wrong there especially if you are going for an all inclusive package deal.
  • Hang out with their friends on Google+ Twitter or Facebook who have been to Egypt and get their advice and recommendations – excellent idea, especially with the ones whose interests and priorities match you own.
  • Sit down with your local travel agent, take his recommendations – it will be nice if he has been to Luxor himself and not part of a promotional tour where everyone was out to impress him – him being a TA and all that….
  • Spend hours on personal research online, read the “Lonely Planet” or “Rough Guide” books etc, cherry pick your way through the mine of information on overnight sleeper trains from Aswan to Cairo .v. internal flights, guides, tours in Luxor, mosques in Cairo, museums in Aswan, where to go, what to see, where to stay, how to dress, tourist traps to avoid, arabic phrases to use with the local people – learning arabic might be a help also – but doubtful as it will still be obvious you are a tourist 🙂
  • Some take the easy way out.  They plan their holidays in Luxor with me – My name is Mara, I already have all the above information AND I want all visitors to Egypt to have the time of their life.
Mara - owner of Mara House standing in the reception area
Check out my Travel Guide for more info while planning your holiday in Luxor

Make contact with me, choose Mara House for your tours and accommodation in Luxor – I can also help with your sightseeing and tours in Cairo – then sit back, relax and enjoy the prospect of your holiday in Egypt long before you even get on that plane!  I am happy to advise you on how many days you need in Luxor. and how to get from one place to another by road, train or plane inside Egypt.

While in Luxor you can also mix other activities with your sightseeing to add spice and relaxation.  Depending upon your outlook we would be happy to recommend things to do in Luxor from choosing relaxing trips down the majestic Nile to a relaxing ride in a traditional Calesh (horse drawn Carriage).   Whatever your interest we can help.