Do you feel the change?  I feel it. I am home in Ireland, with my family for Christmas and New Year – the best in my entire life……and I can feel the change.  It feels to me like the entire world is slowing down, like the systems we have known and lived under are grinding ever so slowly to a halt.  It feels to me like the world has been spinning for so long in one direction – spinning so fast some might say we lost ourselves on the dizzy merry-go-round which turned so many of our lives into mere ‘existences’2011 was the year people right across the globe, regardless of creed, colour or belief systems woke up, took a stand and said “Enough!”  When the wheel stops spinning…..what then?

My hopes for 2012 is that more ppl say “ENOUGH!”  Enough of the greed, selfishness, fighting, lonliness, hardship, sadness, isolation, misery, corruption, domination, slavery, poverty, hunger, bullying, victimisation, polarization, racism, religious bigotry, hatred, fear, wars, murder, suicide etc.I think the world may indeed stop spinning this year, let’s think about it.  What would happen if the entire world went into economic recession?  There would be two possible outcomes…..the world would divide into those who “have” and those who “have not”, it could possibly collapse overnight into those doomsday films we have been bombarded with over the years – those films where civilization collapses, armed gangs rule the lands and it’s everyman for himself.  The second outcome?  Those who “have” could wake up to the fact that if the first scenario evolves they won’t have anything worth having for much longer – they may have the possessions locked behind closed doors til the mobs come but the lifestyle will be gone.

My hope for 2012 is that we will all cut each other some slack, so to speak.  That means we will go a bit easier on those around us.  Our governments are heaping ‘Austerity Measures” on us to balance the books.  They want everyone to ‘tighten their belts’ – but we need to see them tighten their belts too!  People can only be pushed so far.  In the pushing stage we see some who cannot live with the pain anymore committing suicide and some committing murder in another kind of attempt to ease the pain and take what they need/want.When enough people can’t be pushed anymore we see mass revolution.  But it is not only the governments who need to recognise the pain of the people.  It is up to everyone to recognise the pain in those around them.  The pain, devastation, hopelessness of those with no jobs, no work, no income, not enough food, heat, clothing.The pain of former top executive and well-paid workers who have lost their jobs and now have to say “no, I can’t afford it” on a daily basis to their families.  The emotional and psychological pain felt in those circumstances.  What can you do?  Easy – ask yourself how you would feel in those circumstances and what would you like the guy next door to do for you?

I think and hope that 2012 will see neighbours, friends and families coming together in groups to share and help each other.  Not in the old sense of giving charity.  But in the sense that – next week it could be you or me in that position – we don’t know, because the entire world is slowing down.  What will be our priorities then?  Food, housing, warmth, love, friendship, belonging, self-esteem and worthiness.  Have I forgotten anything?

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