Should you need to go to hospital in Luxor during your holiday you have two choices:

  1. Go to the new Luxor Medical Center in St. Joseph St.  This would be my choice because they are quick, efficient, speak english  and the services are of a high standard.  I have had to use them on more than one occasion.  The photos of the Center on their website are real and the doctors, staff etc. in the photos really do work there 🙂  they are not actors in a photoshoot.  I have used the Center for myself and my staff – found it excellent and accurate in all diagnoses and treatment.  Not only do they speak English – many of the staff are English.
  2. Go to the International Hospital in Television St.  I have been there and found them slow and not easy to communicate with.  Procedures that should have only taken a few minutes took too long to complete.  They have facilities for evacuating medical emergencies if necessary.  Treatment here is not cheap and you should be aware that you are required to pay the bill BEFORE you leave the hospital.  In fact you cannot leave the hospital without paying even if covered by insurance.  The hospital will accept telephoned, faxed or emailed confirmation from your insurance company that they will cover your expenses but they will not initiate the phone call to the insurance company.   So if you want to get out of this hospital in a hurry
    1. have your insurance contact numbers to hand
    2. and tell the Hospital Administrator you will pay for the cost of the phone call.  They will not offer you the facilities or suggest to you that you make the call yourself.  If you don’t make the call yourself you could be waiting for hours for the insurance company to call the hospital back. (I waited 8 hours longer in the hospital with a friend because we did not know this!)
    3. Then when the insurance company comes back to you to confirm the payment make sure you have someone in authority from the hospital with you to accept the confirmation if it is going to be given by phone.

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