I don’t walk around the house naked, I never wore a bikini, was even shy about wearing a swimsuit!  Didn’t expose myself to my children and my husband really only had a good look at me between the sheets!  Last time I flew to Ireland I found myself pushed into a body scanner machine, at Amsterdam airport, before I even knew what it was – it shocked me to realise that the guy in front of the computer screen had just seen right through my clothes and into my body!A couple around me were giggling and the young lady who came after me was requested to go back in again for a second check – which revealed no hidden weapons or bombs by the way!  It occurred to me in the moment – when a woman is having her period does the tampax or pad she is wearing show up?  How embarrassing – this is a monthly event we have tried for years to keep from others around us witnessing!  Now a perfect stranger gets an eyeful!

Why write about this now – just watched a news clip on TV saying that the US government were of the opinion that spending more money on security and anti-terrorist measures could help boost their failing economy.  Well, heck yes, I wonder what company get the worldwide contracts for these machines?!

My own personal desire to visit America has totally disappeared since the appearance of the American obsession with “Homeland Security”  What has it done to boost their economy?  It’s put money into the companies who manufacture their various security machines, tools etc.  It’s probably put a burden on the government spending on extra police, undercover operatives – operations etc.  Has all this helped their economy?  Heck no! they forgot to protect themselves from the world economic crash which they sparked off!  Didn’t see that coming did they?

Might be an idea for ANYONE who personally knows ANYONE genuinely interested in US Homeland Security to do some reading on the Law of Attraction – I recommend Jerry & Esther Hicks – they might realise then that the more you push against something the bigger it gets – like the war on drugs and unwanted pregnancies!  They may be protecting themselves from Terror attacks but their push against disaster just attracts another type of disaster.  Of course I don’t know if there is any truth to the information in this article about the current building of “CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN AMERICA – do you?

As for me – I live in Egypt at the moment but don’t want to visit America because the USA presents to the world an image of a frightened, paranoid race of people who are afraid to travel and equally afraid to let anyone into their country without SERIOUS background checks etc. The US projects an image to the outside world of a population living in fear of attack – bit like Israel.  Their military spending is bankrupting their country and they seem unable to stop their own spiraling debt while at the same time trying to buy friendship abroad with massive military aid and spending to various countries.  I think they should get some real housewives into government offices who know how to operate financial budgets.

But I digress – the whole security process at airports is reminiscent of Hitler’s concentration camps where the prisoners had to file past tables where they took off their jewellery, shoes, and clothing then passed onto “doctors” who checked their teeth etc. and directed into different lines for tooth extraction (gold), medical experimentation, sexual uses, work or extermination.  How far we have progressed in 2011!

I don’t want anyone looking through the clothes I’m wearing when travelling – if I did I would just travel naked!

This may not be a politically correct article for me to write since so many of my guests at Mara House come from the USA – but having had the above conversation with so many of them I know they agree with my sentiments – anyway they are among the Americans who refuse to live in fear either at home or in visiting places like Egypt.  They are educated, adventurous and living life to the full – I raise my hat to their common sense and courage in getting on with their lives.

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