I am not sure if I have suddenly become senile, lost my mind or what.

I guess when I do a rant like this I hope the BEINGS I am ranting at will somehow find it and take heed!

My rant in general, asks the question “Why, with all all our brainpower, knowledge, experience and advanced technologies do we insist on taking every single simple little thing, mess around with it and make it so complicated that we then have to create a new group of ‘experts’ to help us understand it?” 

My rant in specifical detail this minute is aimed at FACEBOOK and GOOGLE.

I joined Facebook, it was simple, I liked it, I understood it – eventually they pissed me off with all their changes – but for the most part I kept pace with them, constantly changing my privacy options – until today, and it has nothing to do with privacy…..a friend of mine put up a picture on the MARA HOUSE wall and, for the life of me, I can’t see it.  Yes, I got a notification she put it up and it is in my general batch of photos but I can’t see it on the Wall – in fact I’m not even sure any more that I am seeing “the Wall” for my page as everyone else is seeing it!

I joined GOOGLE+, it was simple, I liked it, I understood it.  They did little changes, I kept up.  Now I am pissed off at them….don’t know if it is THEIR fault or my stupidity….I can’t find the little words that used to tell me if the person I was looking at had me in their circles or not….and isn’t it odd that the one thing Google kept telling us was so GREAT i.e. the CIRCLES are now relegated to invisibility inside the tiny “more” button on the side?

One thing must be a certainty – none of these tech dudes can cook – I’m fairly sure of this….’cos I don’t think any one of them would know that when the goose is cooked, THE GOOSE IS COOKED!  No, they would just tinker around with the goose and the cooker until the either the cooker blew up (like I am now!) or the goose disintegrated!

KISS!  Keep It Simple, Stupid!


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