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Is it SAFE to go to EGYPT 2022?

EGYPT is as SAFE as any country in the WORLD and safer than most for TOURISTS

I don't ask you to take my word for it that Egypt is as safe as anywhere else.  But I do ask you to do some research into the recent history of Egypt.  Find out how many tourists have been killed or injured.  You will discover that fewer foreigners or Egyptians have met with harm from terror attacks in Egypt than in any other countries of the Western World.  To put it in perspective... there were 47,000 gun shootings in the USA in 2017!

Internationally designated safe areas

Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, cruising and driving between Luxor and Aswan is deemed safe by all countries (as far as I am aware).  As is driving between Luxor and Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea, and the road between Aswan and Abu Simbel, as well as Lake Nasser and the villages south of Aswan

Areas to which travel is not advised

However, I would not travel in the Sinai or the Western Desert personally, nor overland to Israel.  I believe most international travel warnings advise the same, as does the Egyptian Government.

Travel Agents who advise you against travel to Egypt

Dig a little deeper when you get this advice.  I am guessing that those travel agents have no contracts in place with hotels, transport companies or travel agents inside Egypt.  Hence they actually don't have anything in Egypt to sell you.  BUT, they do have contracts with lots of other places so, of course, that is what they want to sell you.  Please remember everyone in business has their own products and their own agendas - and your agenda may not coincide with their priority.

Do check out the following

Get the right perspective on safety

In comparison to the risk of street muggings or violence in Chicago, to the risk of the continuous earthquakes in China, or even the risk of the common floods in Gt. Britain, the risk in Egypt is minimal. You are more likely to be run over crossing the street at home than you are to be involved in anything life-threatening in Egypt - as long as you follow good advice 🙂

Group Travel is a good option - if you are nervous about Egypt

Traveling with a group can feel comforting both for the traveler and their families back home.  You will find our group info here if you are looking for a nice group to go with. Come to Egypt and have a wonderful time! - Mara.


  1. 31 July 2017 – I was nervous bringing my two children and their grandad to Egypt based on the news we read about online. I have to say that the moment I arrived at Mara House we have felt very safe. The team here made sure we we well looked after, transport and all trips were extremely well organised, the guides and drivers were very experienced and we totally trusted everyone. The security in Luxor was well organised, they go out of their way to make sure tourists are safe. I only wish that the media would also show the good aspects of life here. Would I recommend Egypt to other to travel? YES I would. Things can happen anywhere in the world-Egypt was major highlight for us, a once in a lifetime experience and a time that we will never forget.

  2. In a nutshell, Egypt is as safe as most anywhere else in the world of travel. Such a fun Country to visit and the highlight of an extended trip for ourselves. Dave and Denise, Blue Mtns. Australia.

  3. If Egypt is on your bucket list, as it was on ours, then hesitate no longer because Mara and her wonderful crew are here to make your visit to the Land of the Pharaohs all that you dreamed of and more. All the glowing accolades you’ve read about “Egypt with Mara” are true. We’ll give you a few highlights.

    – Pre-trip communication: Before our trip, Mara answered each and every question we had, no matter how niggly, via email promptly and in great detail. We were as prepared as we could be having taken Mara’s advice on what to bring and what to expect. (And for those who wonder “Is Egypt safe?”, the answer is yes. Never once did we feel otherwise. And just to make sure, there was an armed security guard on our van,as well as a military escort.)

    -Welcome to Egypt: Mara’s right-hand woman is Fatma,a lovely young Egyptian whose smile brightened our time in Cairo. She greeted us at the airport, escorted us to the hotel and made sure we felt like part of the family. Fatma is a gifted multi-media artist, intelligent and insightful, and it was delight to learn about the life of contemporary Egyptian Muslims through her.

    -Hit the ground running: From the moment we arrived, our days were packed from morning to night with visits to the major sites up and down the Nile. Mara’s guides were knowledgeable, friendly and patient. We had a succession of Mohammeds, but the one we spent the most time with was with us from Luxor to Aswan. He looked remarkably like Barack Obama and good-naturedly crammed as much information as would fit into our whirling heads. He rounded up the stragglers, kept things moving and made sure all questions were answered.

    -Go with the flow: While we did everything that Mara promised we would do, the sequence of events sometimes had to be rearranged because Egyptian schedules can be somewhat vague.
    She advised early on that we’d have a much better time if we simply went with the flow, and that occasionally things worked out even better than planned. That being said, if someone in the group had something special in mind to do, Mara was delighted to make every effort to see that it was done.

    -Shopping: Mara is strictly about making you happy.. We were there to see the wonders of ancient and modern Egypt, not to spend time in souvenir shops or alabaster and papyrus factories. However, Mara understood that most visitors like to bring something home with them, and there is an afternoon devoted to the market Khan Al-Khalili, where guests are not directed to any shop in particular for the commission, but pointed toward the section of the market where you’ll find what you want.

    -Conclusion: Of course, a written description can never convey the experience of actually being there, but you can expect a well-organized, thoughtful, fun, and memorable experience if you throw in your lot with Mara. Her delightful Irish wit kept things light and enjoyable. She also has a deep grasp of the esoteric side of the temples, tombs and monuments of ancient Egypt and understood when I unexpectedly had what she called “a moment” in the Temple at Abydos.
    We recommend without reservation “Egypt with Mara” for your visit to the land of the Pharaohs.

  4. Egypt is a place of beauty and history that welcomes its guest with open arms. I was there for 2 weeks in Maras group Nov. 2016. I never felt unsafe or scared once and i wandered alot. The people are naturally very welcoming and warm and the kids are all so incredible, they will look at you like a celebrity wanting to talk and take pictures. Of course i think it is always important to respect their culture and beliefs as you would do in any country. Get informed and be aware, the people will appreciate that from you.

  5. I had the pleasure of exploring Egypt with Mara and her wonderful staff’s help and guidance in November of 2016. It was an amazing trip. I honestly never thought egipt could be that wonderful. Mara house is beautiful and the cruise ships were very nice as well with beautiful views of the nile every morning and sunset. While I was there I felt safe. All the people are very nice and respectful. Now the vendors are a different story lol. To buy something requires patience and negotiation. While you do want to get a good price for you it’s important to remember that these people need to sell at a fair price as well so they can provide for their family. While I was there I kept my clothing very modest and simple, lose fitting pants and lose fitting long sleeve shirts. As a visitor to their country I think it’s important to be aware and respectful of their culture. Do your research before going. Yes Egypt has a good amount of christians and churches but they still dress conservatively. Overall I had an amazing time and saw so many wonderful things in Egypt. Thank you to Mara and her staff for making my trip a truly amazing experience.

  6. I travelled to Egypt late March-April of last year and I actually felt safer than a lot of other countries I’ve been too!
    The people were friendly and helpful and quite often would go out of their way to help us.
    If travelling alone get a good guide who can help you with the language barrier and show you all the great places there are to see.
    Please don’t put off going because of the things people say about Egypt as they just aren’t true! It’s a magical place that should not be missed.

  7. I felt very safe during my entire stay in Egypt.
    I dressed very modestly. I wore very loose fitting pants with loose long sleeved shirts, to respect the Egyptian culture. I would highly recommend researching what is and is not acceptable in the country before going. However, on the Mara House Luxor page, Mara has many topics covered and honestly if you just follow her guidance you will be golden!
    I had nothing but positive interactions with many different people and honestly, I felt safer there than I do where I currently live.
    Now, feeling safe if you decide to drive over there would be a completely different area to discuss. I think I would have anxiety attacks driving over there or even having to cross multiple roads-those require some skill. Sometimes on the tour buses I would have to lye down or put my head down so I couldn’t see what was going on-HAHA!
    I was not concerned about my personal safety at all though.

  8. Egypt is safe, and the people are welcoming and friendly. I have had wonderful experiences in Egpyt both times I vsited, and did not feel threatened or at risk.

    It is important for western travellers to be aware of some “housekeeping”. Be aware that bargaining and commercial interest is at the forefront of virtually all relations with tourists, and the Egyptian way is a little drawn out and involved than what we are used to as westerners. A transaction to purchase a statue or arrange a tour outside of an establishment (such as Mara House for example) may take longer than you expect, which is why it is VERY good advice from Mara in this article to get it sorted BEFORE you arrive.

    For LGBTI travellers: it is important to understand that strict, draconian laws are in place here (and most Middle Eastern countries) that at best may land you in jail and deported. It is important to check all the facts regarding this before you travel, and this includes stop overs in Dubai and Qatar.

  9. Is Egypt safe?…..in my experience I would say YES… I have been living in Luxor for nearly 5 years and have never once felt unsafe. The people here are by nature, kind, helpful and friendly…..they are always ready to talk with you and if you can manage even the smallest Arabic they are delighted. It is of course always good to follow travel safety guidlines in any country….including Egypt…but is it safe here…of course…the Egyptians would not want it any other way… ?

  10. Is Egypt safe?…..in my experience I would say YES… I have been living in Luxor for nearly 5 years and have never once felt unsafe. The people here are by nature, kind, helpful and friendly…..they are always ready to talk with you and if you can manage even the smallest Arabic they are delighted. It is of course always good to follow travel safety guidlines in any country….including Egypt…but is it safe here…of course…the Egyptians would not want it any other way… ?

  11. I don’t mind surprises – I am the sort of person that will go to see a movie because a friend says it’s good. I know you should do lots of research about the culture of a place before travelling but it’s not in me to do that.
    I decided to visit Egypt because I went to see a display of replica Tutankhamun relics which came to my home town. I had to go see the real thing and more.
    Then I got lucky and found Mara and her team to help and guide me.
    So when I got to Egypt I had very little understanding of the culture and had to learn quickly. At first I was overwhelmed by the friendliness and warmth of the people. My first contact was the famous Fatma – she is a prime example of that warmth.
    I also quickly discovered that my wallet and other belongings were fairly safe. There was very little chance that I would be robbed, it is not in the nature of the general population to steal. Of course you should take all the usual precautions so as not to put temptation out there.
    Personal safety can never be guaranteed in any big city but by following the advice of Mara and her team you will soon FEEL safe. That feeling allows you to relax and enjoy what is going on around you.
    On our trip that feeling of safety was enhanced by a dedicated and discreet security presence. When necessary that presence became overt to help our bus through traffic or clear the way through security check points in the countryside. We literally felt like part of a VIP group even if the crazy traffic in Cairo doesn’t take that much notice of a police car with it’s siren going.
    I don’t think I have ever felt safer away from home than on my trip through Egypt organised by Mara.

  12. I have lived in Alexandria, Egypt since 2012 and I must say that I feel safer here than I did living in my home city in the US. Of course, one always has to have situational awareness — but it is no different than being out in public in the US or UK. I urge everyone to visit. The dollar and pound sterling are strong, the people are welcoming and kind, and there is no place on Earth like Egypt.

  13. I’ve lived in Egypt since 2008, when I moved here to marry my husband. I live in a quiet little neck of the woods in the Western Desert town of Bahariya. Like Mara, my experience of living here has been peaceful, aside from the everyday dramas of living in a new country with a different culture, rules and regulations. There are some hot spots in Egypt which are best avoided, but in general I would say that travel here is very safe; particularly in light of the recent terror attacks in Europe. My only advice to travelers is to do some research and learn how to be culturally respectful. Wear the appropriate clothing (nothing too revealing). if you are traveling with a spouse, try not to be demonstratively affectionate in public. Learn some arabic, even if it’s just to say please and thank you.

    Egypt is a magical country and the people here are warm hearted and welcoming. Mara has earned all her rave reviews on trip advisor deservedly and makes traveling, in this sometime bewildering country, easy.

  14. I visited Egypt for 4 months (about 2 years ago) and think I was there long enough to get a realistic experience of what can happen to a visitor to Egypt. I believe it is safe to go to Egypt at this time. Egyptians are suffering terribly from the downturn in tourism and my experience was that you are treated like an endangered species. They go to great lengths to see that visitors leave with good experience so they will have positive stories to tell their friends back home. I never felt threatened at any time during my entire visit and I canbnot say that about Washington DC to San Diego, California. I have been interested in ancient Egypt for more than 40 years but this was my first visit. The most surprising part of my experiences in Egypt was meeting modern Egyptians – I still am in touch with several friends I met there 2 years age (and I hope one day to seeing them again). Now is the best time to visit. When I went the the Great Pyramid in Cairo, I managed to have the King’s Chamber to myself for 10 or 15 mins – I can’t promise that but I can say without hesitation – go now before the crowds return and enjoy ancient and modern Egypt..

  15. Safe, Life isn’t really all that safe. Go to Egypt and get yourself a new insight on what safety should be in a country that is the cradle of civilisation. Feeling unsafe in a cradle would be most unexpected. This cradle, this very Egypt, continues to be rocked by the amazing, genuine people that are called Egyptians. Harming a visitor would be quite offensive to a people who value and treasure (and spoil Mara!) their guests.I have used this insight back here and at times I don’t feel as safe here now after experiencing that comforting cocoon of care, concern of people I am so happy and privileged to have met, ma’ashallah. If some thing is going to happen it is God’s will and second guessing that is fruitless. Have faith, take the leap and get to Egypt. If you disagree please let me know, after you have been and experienced that with people who could potentially become a good friend. Friends in Egypt will ou make and friends look after friends. Enjoy!

  16. Is it safe? Yes–and I go there whenever I can. I love Luxor–and Mara House is an amazing place from which to experience it: great service, a wonderful atmosphere, a charming hostess, and incredible tours! You can’t go wrong when staying there–you’re in very good hands! Enjoy!

  17. I went to Cairo and Luxor in 2015 as a solo traveler and had no problems at all. Everyone I met was friendly and welcoming. The staff at Mara House were particularly friendly and accommodating, but everywhere I went I saw smiles. Just use common sense, be a decent, respectful person like you would anywhere, and enjoy this amazing country.

  18. I have been to Egypt six times since 2005. This last time, in November, 2016, was the first time since the Arab Spring so I was not sure how it would be. The Egyptians have always been so friendly to us. Needless to say, we found an old friend in Cairo, made many new ones, and never felt unsafe. As with any place now, you have to be alert, but I will say, Egypt is one place the people have always seemed to want you to love their country. This has not changed. With Marie, Fatma, Mohamed and others of Marie’s staff, everything was very safe. We went on our own to the spice market in Aswan, no problem. We caught a cab and went to Road 9 in Maadi, no problem at all. Everyone was truly happy to see people coming back to visit Egypt. We will return as I have always had Egypt in my heart and Marie has shown me she (Egypt) is still my heart.

  19. Thanks for the updates, Mara. This is really helpful, especially with the governor appointment situation in Luxor. The Jones article was great and reassuring that time in Egypt will be well spent. Looking forward to it.

  20. Egypt is a safe country like any other. Please don’t go where there are protests or demonstrations taking place. As a tourist you have no business being among a group of protesters in the first place. Your Egyptian guide depends on your business for his/her living and he/she will know how, when and where to avoid these places and keep you out of harm.
    Most political activity occurs in Cairo, and Luxor is a quiet town and nothing much ever happens there. So go to Egypt and enjoy!

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