Nut the Sky Goddess bore four children.  Their names were Osiris, Isis, Set & Nephyths.

Osiris grew up, married Isis and became King of Egypt and his brother Set married Nephyths.  Osiris was a good king, he brought civilization to Egypt and instituted farming.  Both Osiris and Isis were loved by all the people, whereas Set seemed to be the bad guy, thus bring polarity and duality or good .v. evil to the world.

Nephyths, unable to bear a child with Set, made love with his brother, Osiris and they had a son – known as the god Anubis.  Now you can imagine how Set was enraged when he discovered what Osiris had done!   He decided to kill Osiris and take Isis for himself.  So Set planned a big celebration and had a magnificent box made.   He promised the box would be a gift to the first person who fitted into it exactly.  He had the box made to the specific body measurements of Osiris.  In the height of the frivolities he had some friends try out the box, but these were all friends who were too long or too short for the box.

Set eventually persuaded Osiris to get into the box and immediately he and his friends slipped the cover on the box and sealed it with lead. They threw the box into the Nile and Set declared himself King.  Set was the opposite of Osiris, he ruled Egypt like a tyrant and life was bad for the people of Egypt.

Isis was devastated when she heard of the terrible trick that had been played on Osiris and set out to find the box.  It had drifted far across the waters and become wedged in a tree.  By the time Isis found the box Osiris was dead and a cedar tree had grown up around the box.  Set heard that Isis had found the box, tracked her down and took the body of Osiris from her.  To make sure Isis could do nothing to bring Osiris back to life Set had the body cut up into 14 pieces and ordered that the pieces be buried at different locations around Egypt – all except the penis which he threw into the Nile where it was immediately swallowed by a fish.  I don’t know the name of the fish but to this day it is one the Egyptians do not eat.

Isis set out once again with her sister (wife of Set) Nephythys.  They found all the pieces and put Osiris back together – except for the penis.  Isis fashioned a penis from mud and through magic breathed life into the body of Osiris, simultaneously transforming herself into a bird which came down on the erect penis and this was the miraculous conception of Horus.

Isis fled to the Island of Philae in Aswan and stayed there, hidden from Set until her son, Horus became a man.

OSIRIS (Ausar) – God of the Underworld, personification of physical creation, death, renewal.

ISIS – goddess of love, beauty, magic, personification of female creative power.

SET – personification of “opposition”, darkness, war, chaos.

NEPHYTHYS (Nebt-het) – protectress of the dead.

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