I am attempting to focus only on positive stuff – since I believe in Law of Attraction…therefore, I didn’t want to comment on this – but really I do so want to comment on this.  So, I am going to look on the subject as a positive instead of a negative while still getting my little ‘digs’ in.  My opening lines going round in circles is getting to be a habit!

Washington DC 30 Sept 2013 Sunset Before D-Day!
Washington DC 30 Sept 2013 Sunset Before D-Day!

“U.S. Government Shuts Down As Congress Can’t Agree On Spending Bill!”  OMG!  Sounds like such a disaster!  Being honest I have tried to follow the debate on the Obamacare thingy they have been fighting over but I cannot get my head around it.  That’s the problem with politicians you see.  They are so determined to have their own way they get tunnel vision and all that is important is whether they win or they lose.  Then again, we all know about the corruption connected with the Health System in the US.  Now that was explained ever so clearly by Michael Moore’s documentary “Sicko”

Please do watch this movie, while it exposes the truth it is soooo entertaining.  I laughed, and then I cried when it came to the sick First Responders from 9/11 and how badly they are treated at home.  But the real eye-opener for me was the obscene amounts of money which the individual US politicians get out of all this – I can’t even address the fact that they even behave like this to their own people…….given that how can the world expect anything better from them?  How can anyone in America understand whether Obamacare is a good thing or a bad thing?  Both sides cloud the issue with lies and fear in their fight to win.  It can’t be that difficult to examine and lay the facts bare – but “who do you trust to tell the truth now?”  NOBODY!

So, back to the US Government shutting down….what does it say ….I mean what does it really say?  Simple answers really if you pause to think, take a deep breath, step back from the situation and forget that it is all about politics…. it says:

  • America is broke, penniless, defunct, fucked up – a failed collection of States……ooooh remember when that was supposed to be Egypt?  Hell, is there any country in the world more up to it’s eyes in debt than America and did I read somewhere there is little or no actual Gold in their reserves – sorry I don’t really understand all that thing about your paper money supposed to be backed up with an equal amount of real gold 🙁
  • American Congress ELECTED representatives cannot sit down and agree on a plan when their country is in crisis.  BUT their President and Congress Representatives CAN run around the world telling everyone else how to manage their economies and their affairs.   (someone send me the smile for ‘questioning raised eyebrow’ please)

I feel really sorry for the American people as individuals.  They (outside of the politicians who unfortunately are their public face to the world) – they are lovely people.   I have met so many over the last 11 years here at Mara House – hey I am even related to some ‘yanks’ as we used to call them in Ireland.  They were the rich ones who came back to visit us in our little thatched cottages and brought us toys like clockwork mice …….seriously that is true!  Unfortunately their descendants are too busy trying to survive under these ‘advanced and progressive’ times they can’t afford to take time off or splurge on a plane ticket to anywhere outside of the US … even if they were not now so terrified to travel anyway!

The American people do not deserve their politicians – there must be something seriously wrong with their election system.

On another thread to the subject – Law of Attraction……..remember when 9/11 happened and the ‘war on terror’ began – that really was the beginning of the end of the system – really.  You see the more you push against something, the bigger it gets.  9/11 was a disaster (unless you belong to the conspiracy group trying to keep everyone enslaved that is) and so a ‘push against disaster’ is what was really initiated way back then.  Not a push FOR safety, prosperity, wholeness.  Now you may think both are the same thing and so they are and at the same time they are not.  They are opposite ends of the same stick.

Whether you exacerbate the problem or live the solution depends entirely on which end of the stick you focus on.  America choose to focus on the negative end of the stick and so this closure of the government is just a continuation of the ball that was kicked off on 9/11.

“Thank you Mr. Bush for focusing an entire nation on the wrong end of the stick.  Just think how different things might be today if you had chosen to focus the nation on forgiveness, unity, collaboration, compassion, inclusion, rebuilding, expansion….wow! ” What a different America we would have today…. guaranteed.

But this closure is not such a bad thing….unless you stay focused on the wrong end of the stick….I mean – here are 10 ways a government shut down will affect your daily life if you are an American.  I don’t think it will affect that many – but it will of course affect all those not working and not getting paid…but then you MIGHT get paid retroactively when it is all sorted out.  And you see that’s the point – it will get sorted out.  They will have to sit down and sort it out so that begs the question why did they not do it before it got to the point of closure?  The closure is going to cost extra money, but that’s ok with them because the citizens will pay not the politicians.

The other positive thing that MIGHT happen is that the public collective might have a collective ‘moment’ such as happened in Egypt on 30 June.  The collective consciousness of the United States of America might have the same cohesive thought going something like  Am I advocating an American Spring? Or, would that would be Autumn?  Whatever!  Hell, no!   But under Law of Attraction if a big enough piece of the collective consciousness silently decided they wanted a change, a better government, a better way of life then, in that instant. that ball would start rolling instead of the one that is now rolling….. if you get my drift?

Of course they would also have to focus on that end of the stick, talk about it, dream about it and EXPECT it.  But they can expect it anyway because the Old Order is falling right across the world so….“yeah American dudes…..expect a better future and that is what you will get.  Hey, you might even be a lucky as Egypt and get a government that wants to set things up so you benefit – you might even have an Army/Security Force that you can feel good about instead of fearing they are going to break down your door in the middle of the night as they seem to be doing all over the place!”  Hmmmmm maybe some Egyptian diplomats could take some time out, hop on a plane and go give the US government some advice on a roadmap for rebuilding the County……… what you think?

Oh! before I sign off for today from beautiful, sunny, getting-it-together Egypt – here is  the first installment of “If It Happened There,” a regular feature in which American events are described using the tropes and tone normally employed by the American media to describe events in other countries.   American Media: “Ain’t payback a bitch!”  I have no idea what is happening me but, seriously, all those silly lines from Hollywood just won’t stop running through my head while I write!  I must be brainwashed!  HELP! (Waiting for Jackie Chan, Mel Gibson or maybe even Kevin Costner to come swinging through my balcony and rescue me!)  And what is with that word “SERIOUSLY?” we are all using????


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