A later start this morning and we left at 10am for Luxor Temple, known to many as Schwaller de Lubicz “Temple in Man”.  Schwaller with his wife and niece spent 15 years studing, analysing and recording the measurements and contents of Luxor Temple.  They concluded that the layout and dimensions of Luxor Temple matched the form and dimensions of the human body EXACTLY.  Even when the drawing of a man is superimposed sideways on the temple it fits and becomes that of a man taking a step forward.


If you want to research further in the field of sound and vibration you will find studies done that conclude the ancient Egyptians built their temples using knowledge of the effects that sound has on the human body.  This is also obvious at Dendera and Saqqara.  The ancient Egyptians believed we have 5 bodies – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and magical.

If you visit Luxor Temple you might want to try walking through it first time without a guide (it won’t take long and your guide can walk you through it and give his info after you finish).  Walk through the Temple and perhaps you will find there are areas you want to linger and let the Temple work it’s magic and healing on one or more of your 5 bodies.

Maybe more than anywhere else in the world, the Temples and ancient sites in Egypt have the accepted Egptological explanations for their being, but they also have many other aspects worth investigating with an open mind.

Finishing at Luxor Temple we moved on to Karnak Temple which was known in ancient times as the Temple of Creation.  The huge Temple Complex of 60 acres is full of creation symbolism.   The undulating mud wall surrounding the temple complex signified the waters out of which came the Earth (symbolised by the Temple).

Egyptian Story of Creation

Once upon a time – a long, long time ago, in the time when nothing existed (God) the All That Is (RE, the Creator or Creative Impulse) self-created himself in the form of the God Atum.  He then spat out of his mouth a male named Shu and a female named Tefnut – and so the world began.

Shu became known to us as Space/Air and Tefnut became known to us as Water.  Shu and Tefnut had two children whom they named Geb which we call Earth and Nut which we call Sky 

Nut became the consort of RE the Creator.  However, Nut  (Sky) loved her brother Geb (Earth) and they had sexual relations.  When the mighty RE discovered this he became enraged with jealousy and anger!  As punishment he decreed that Geb (Earth) and Nut (Sky) should be forever separated by their father, Shu (Air ).  He then forbid Nut (Sky) to ever have children.

Thoth, the God of Wisdom and Keeper of the Records, felt sorry for Nut and challenged the Moon to a game of chess.  The deal was that if Thoth won the game then the Moon would make 5 extra days in the year over which RE would have no control.  Luckily for Nut and Geb (Sky and Earth) Thoth won the game of chess and during those extra 5 days every year Nut and Geb could be together.  During those extra days Nut gave birth to 4 children – two boys namely Osiris and Set, two girls namely Isis and Nephthys.  You can find their story here.

Sound & Light Show tonight at Karnak Temple – I think this is the best Sound and Light Show in Egypt.

Tomorrow – Abydos and Dendera, my most favourite places in all of Egypt.

Diary of a Group Tour with Mara House Luxor.