Exceptional Service at Luxor Airport: A Journey of Kindness and Assistance

As a hotel owner in Luxor, Egypt, I frequently hear lovely stories of kindness and generosity.  Today I want to tell you about a heartwarming experience of my own at Luxor Airport and with Egypt Air, emphasising the exceptional service from the manager of the check-in desks and other kind individuals.  My post recognizes the value of kindness and the impact that going above and beyond the call of duty can have on travelers’ lives.

Arriving at Luxor Airport:

I arrived at Luxor Airport with my two-year-old grandson, on a Friday night, May 30th, ready to board our 00.15 flight Luxor to Cairo.  We had a connecting flight to Amsterdam and then another flight from Amsterdam to Cork.  Important to mention here that as I had not anticipated any delays, I had neglected to bring any extra bottles (bottle of milk being a comforter for him if stressed) or other provisions I might need if the journey took longer than planned.

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The Manager’s Act of Kindness:

While going through the check-in procedures, I automatically asked if our flight would depart in time. The response was “In-sh Allah madam”, a response I now know does not mean “definitely yes” but definitely means “hopefully!.  I confess I got a little nervous and, sure enough, another enquire later confirmed that the flight was rescheduled for 1.15, putting our connecting flight in Cairo at risk.

With a flicker of panic, I found myself remembering a past ordeal, fearing that it would be extremely difficult for my grandson to cope if there were any delays – three flights in a row he would cope well with and loves flying but he is also autistic and he does have his “moments”.   And if we missed our booked flights, who knew what delay we would have to endure before being able to get on another flight, not to mention the possible extra costs involved.

But in a moment of clarity, I saw his radiant smile, savoring his bottle of milk.  I realized that there was no way he was going to attract any discomfort for us, and it was time to relinquish control to the Universe.  After all, my getting into a state was not going to change the flight schedules.   I caught the manager’s eye and explained about my grandson’s condition, my lack of preparation in case of delay, and the prospect of missing our connection.  He immediately began to come up with solutions.  He send a man to retrieve my checked-in suitcase and my grandson’s pushchair

Going Above and Beyond:

The Manager’s generosity did not stop there. He told the employee who had retrieved our belongings to go to us when the plane was about to board, assist us with the luggage and push chair onto the plane and ensure the flight attendant was aware of our tight schedule for the connecting flight in Cairo.  He also upgraded us free of charge, and without telling me, to the second row of seats in business class, with our belongings in the seat next to us.  He also had the cabin crew instructed to put us on the VIP minibus, which would be the first to leave the plane for the arrivals hall in Cairo.  Every detail he set in motion worked seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition throughout our journey.

Unforeseen Acts of Kindness:

Upon landing in Cairo, the flight attendant took charge of our luggage and connected us with a ground crew member who escorted us via the VIP shuttle bus.  Once we reached the arrivals hall, an elderly Coptic priest, also on the VIP shuttle bus, kindly offered to carry my suitcase up the stairs.

When we arrived at the door of the International Departure Hall Terminal 1, another helpful staff member was waiting for us and escorted us through the crowd, saving us time and stress during the check-in and passport control process. Thanks to the collective efforts of all these kind individuals, we made it to our boarding gate just in time for departure with no time to spare.

A Potential Disaster Transformed:

The series of helpful actions by the Manager at Luxor Airport (sorry I did not get his name) and the other individuals turned what could have been a stressful disaster into a heartwarming and unforgettable experience.  It reaffirmed the power of kindness and the profound impact it can have on travelers, especially when unexpected setbacks or circumstances arise.


This heartwarming tale of exceptional service at Luxor Airport is just one instance where credit should be given.  It is all too easy to dwell on our disappointments as we travel through airports, and indeed life, and to forget lovely experiences like this one.  The Manager’s actions and the kindness of other individuals turned a potentially distressing disaster into a heartwarming and magical experience.  They made a world of difference in ensuring a smooth journey for a grandmother and a toddler.  As a hotel owner in Luxor, I am reminded of the incredible hospitality my city offers to visitors.

In the end, it was a transformative experience, reminding me to trust in the power of kindness and the Universe’s guiding hand.  Here’s kudos to that extraordinary Manager, may he be blessed with abundant luck for his kindness, and to my precious grandson, whose spirit attracts only the best outcome in every situation.  As for me, it has been yet another lesson in the art of stepping aside and letting the Universe weave its wonders.

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