The Prime Minister at a press conference in the council of ministers decides:

Starting tomorrow Wednesday. (this is a google translation so I don’t understand some of it)

  • Ban the movement of citizens all over the republic or move on all roads from 7pm to 6am for two weeks
  • All public and private mass transport stops from 7pm to 6am
  • From 5 pm to 6 am to the public, all commercial and commercial shops, including the shops of goods, services, and malls, are closed during weekdays except on Friday and Saturday. It will be closed throughout 24 Hour
  • Close all cafes, cafes, cafe, casino, clubs, clubs, night clubs and similar shops, facilities and shops that offer entertainment or entertainment
  • Close all restaurants and similar shops and facilities that offer food and mobile food units in front of the public and are limited to delivery service until pm
  • Suspension of all services provided by ministries and provinces to citizens such as real estate month services, civil registration, traffic permits, work permits and passports. ( the validity of official documents due to expire in the next two weeks is extended)
  • Close All Sports and sports clubs, youth centers and sports halls throughout the republic
  • Suspension of study in all schools, institutes and universities of any kind as well as any student gatherings for the purpose of receiving the flag under any name and child nursery of any type for two weeks starting Sunday 29 March (I think the translation should be “for another two weeks from 29 March)
  • Hospitals, medical centres and their staff continue to provide treatment services as well as the payment of salaries and pension from post offices without meeting any of the scheduled dates
  • Anyone who breaks the provisions of these decisions shall be punished by a prison and a fine of not exceeding pounds or one of these penalties (I think the fine is 4000 LE)

Dr. Mustafa Md confirmed that the food and supermarket shops will be subject to strict application in that the number of citizens within these places is as minimum as possible and that there is a distance between citizens in order to reduce the spread of infection, pointing out that this will depend especially on citizens’ awareness.  He also said he expects the young people to be aware that while they may not be at risk so much themselves, to be aware of the health of the elderly.

Relief for Tourism Workers

There are government discussions on relief for tourism workers, hotels etc. but nothing definite announced.  Don’t see how they can afford to do this, to be honest  or how it would be implemented.  One thing they are doing is postponing the collection of permit fees for cruise boats.

Sanitization of hotels etc

Lots of photos on the net of cleaning crews in special suits cleaning and disinfecting the hotels etc. in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna, same with government and public buildings in Cairo.  Not quite sure if they are doing the same here in Luxor yet – haven’t seen any signs of it.   I cycled to the other side of town this morning – the tourist strip is clean.  I’m still living in hopes of the local authority cleaning up our area.  Several months ago, I went and complained about it – lot of work done in my street and the adjoining ones but alas – we are forgotten again.

President Sisi Orders Armed Forces to Prevent Price Increases & Product Monopolies!

“The Armed forces have announced the availability of cleansers and essential food goods for citizens to prevent monopoly practices, at the direction of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President-Supreme Commander of the armed forces, with the participation of the armed forces in providing the necessary support to the Egyptian people in the face of the new corona virus Supply of food goods that meet the basic needs of citizens.

The Armed forces have confirmed the double quantities of detergents and solutions used in cleansing and sterilization, as well as food goods that meet the demands of the Egyptian family at affordable prices through the public service outlets and the fixed and mobile national service project system and put them in the markets for all Groups of people at the level of the Republic, in the framework of the elimination of monopoly practices.”  Then they published a list of places to go to avail of this but Luxor wasn’t on the list – I am assuming this was an oversight and people know where to go anyway.

Egypt Sends 1.5million Medical Masks to Italy amid Shortage 

Egypt has sent 1.5 million medical masks to Italy to help it deal with its growing coronavirus crisis, Italy’s foreign ministry said, as the world’s worst-hit country is grappling with a shortage of medical protective gear.

“The first million and a half masks…[from] Egypt landed in Italy,” Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said on his official Facebook page Saturday.

Italy is the world’s hardest-hit country by the coronavirus pandemic. To date, the European country has registered more than 53,500 cases and over 4,800 deaths, overtaking China–the epicenter of the outbreak–as the country worst hit by the highly contagious virus.

“Doctors, nurses and social health workers are currently suffering from the lack of protective devices, especially masks.” Di Maio said, adding that law enforcement and rescue workers, military personnel and factory workers are also affected by the shortage.”

Today’s Worldwide Statistics on COVID-19

NOTE I have found in the past that simply putting a link to a newspaper or article online can result in a broken link when the article etc is archived by the owner site – that is why I also copy and paste the full article sometimes.  I have spent hours in the past having to go back and delete some posts as well are edit them because of broken links and deleted articles I had linked to.



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