The stupidity of little men with power knows no bounds. There has been a revolution in Egypt, you have all heard about it. What you don’t hear so much about is the misery people are living in since February in the towns completely reliant on the tourist industy, now completely in the toilet.Towns like Luxor where this morning at 9am the manager of the local electricity supply company (don’t know if it is government owned or not) is going around with 3 strong-arm guys and removing electricty meters from the houses of anyone owing 2 months supply who can’t pay.

I had a two month bill and was not in Luxor when he came but had left 700 LE there to pay the previous bill. The collector refused the 700 LE and threatened the house manager that if I couldn’t pay the meters would go in the morning. Sure enough the heavy gang arrived at 9.30. It was ok for me because I had organised extra money for the second bill to be given to the house manager over-night.

Almost everyone is out of work in Luxor, money is tight, it is Ramadan – supposed to be a time of good-will. How many houses to-night will have no light? How many babies, old people and sick or dying are now in sweltering heat without air-conditioning?

I will never understand what human beings do to each other. I have found that while they may be very friendly and welcoming people – I have yet to meet an Egyptian who understands the word “EMPATHY”



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