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Sometimes I wonder if I am one of the few sane people left on Planet Earth or if I am totally insane and simply under the illusion I am sane, intelligent and HUMANE.  Maybe those who personally know me can help me with that particular question?

Several days ago President Morsi appointed Adel El-Khayat the new Governor of Luxor much to the astonishment of, not only the majority of Egyptians but indeed every individual with an interest in Egypt.  Whether or not this man pulled a trigger, shot a tourist or not is entirely irrelevant.  What kind of person he now is – irrelevant also.  The mere fact that he belongs to a group who admitted responsibility for the massacre of tourists in 1997 at the Hatshepsut Temple in Luxor disqualifies him for this important and sensitive position.  This is simple logic so now I have to question the motives behind this appointment – the mind boggles!  This is too much of a conundrum for my Western mind so I have to leave that question aside.

The appointment is President Morsi’s responsibility.

Mr El-Khayat also bears a responsibility – the responsibility to refuse this position.  Of course I am speaking of a moral responsibility here……………….. Can he possibly believe he is welcome to a public position in Luxor of all places on Earth?  Seriously, who wants to go where he is not wanted?  Does he want to “govern” Luxor?  Luxor is clearly telling him it will not accept his rulership.

The acceptance of the appointment is the responsibility of Mr. Al-Khayat’s.

What is at stake here now? Tourism?  Business?  Egos?  Power?

No, what is at stake here in Luxor now is human life.

Luxor and the people of Luxor have taken what has been thrown at them since the Jan 25 revolution and taken it quietly for the most part and with courage in the name of democracy.  I count myself a citizen of Luxor now.  I know the people personally standing guard in front of Luxor Temple.  An old man cried today “If he enters I will die!”  An old man barely able to walk without support.  But an old man who remembers the tourists of 1997.

The world asks “Is it safe to go to Egypt?”  Today the men of Luxor may die in the streets in front of the Governorate of Luxor fighting for your safety.  Can anyone stand more firmly against the idea and ideals of terrorism and the safety of their visitors?

Luxor has had enough.  Luxor cannot take any more.  Our businessess have been destroyed.  Our livelihoods are gone.  This is as far as the people of Luxor will be pushed – either emotionally or physically.  Today they came to the Governorate buildings to make a stand.  They came prepared to die.

At the same time approx. 150 “bearded individuals” gathered, also armed – quite possibly with more than those at the Governorate, in front of Luxor Temple.  Then they disappeared.  To where?  Rumour at the Govornorate had it that they were dispersed to gather more support and would return this evening.  I asked around the area if people thought the police would intervene.  The consensus was “No, the police will not interfere – they will let us kill each other to the last man.”

Whether it is today, tomorrow or the day after – should one person be injured or hurt from either side because of the appointment of Adel Al-Khayat to the Governorship of Luxor; the responsibility for the blood spilled will be on the hands of President Mohamed Morsi and Adel Al-Khayat.  All for what?  Please don’t say “for Allah”.  The blood being spilled in Egypt now is in the pursuit of power by a group of people who for some unknown reason believe they are better than everyone else, more loved by Allah than anyone else,  deserving to hold others in slavery and subjugation.  What pride!  What pompous Assholes!

I am not muslim but I know many stories of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and his humility and love.  I don’t find either in the actions of these people.  I do find it among those lovely people fighting for democracy and decency in front of the Governorate of Luxor today.  They are decent people, shopkeepers, bakers, carpenters, taxi drivers and the much maligned Calesh and Fellucca men – but when the chips are down they know right from wrong.  When humanity counts they know where they stand.

President Morsi – in the name of decency withdraw the appointment of Al-Khayat from the Governorship of Luxor.

Adel Al-Khayat – in the name of decency refuse and resign from the appointment.

You are both playing for power without thought for the lives of either your supporters or those now against you – for men from both sides will surely die if you do not turn back.

Minister for Tourism – Hisham Zaazou, thank you for taking a stand!

Protestors burn car tyres blocking roads on both sides of the Luxor Governorate Offices to prevent new Governor entering his office

22 June UPDATE Announcement today: newly appointed Luxor governor resigns after protests   However, it now remains to be seen if his resignation is accepted – remember PM Qandil did not accept the resignation of the Minister for Tourism over this issue.

21 June UPDATE Adel Al-Khayat’s party made announcement today that he will resign and not take up the post of Governor of Luxor – however, Al-Khayat himself  “says he will not resign”

20 June UPDATE  See Comment from Mohamed Ahmed below….I also heard it from another person  that new Governor, Adel Al-Khayat, came to Luxor then went to his hometown Sohag.  Says he will not return until Luxor accepts his rulership.  Morsi did not consult with local Islamists who do not agree also with the appointment!

In-s’Allah this is true!

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  1. Thanks Lisa, President of Egypt? Hmmmm? Apart from the police state bit and the corruption the old days were actually not bad….trouble is that the old days were a package. But a better package than we have today.

    MB might have succeeded if they had been patient – but then look at Turkey, he was patient, built up the economy and now is trying to impose a dictatorship. Guess absolute power corrupts absolutely so on second thoughts “no thanks to the position of President!” Want to hang on to my soul 🙂

    What’s the answer? Obvious immediate answer is look after the tourist industry because that brings in foreign currency overnight – everything else will take short and long term planning – good planning. There are brilliant people here in Egypt, problem is that none of them are in government!

  2. A very fine line between sanity and insanity Mara, what is going on in EGYPT is quite insane, total destruction of a country within a few years! Are you saying that the revolution was all in vain? Bring back martial law, police state etc? Looking in from the outside those days were perfectly sane and the country was thriving so what is the answer, who should be in government? Fascinating blog Mara. How about MARA FOR PRESIDENT OF EGYPT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Marie,

    you are indeed insane, just like the rest of us. If, for one moment, you believe that any state, government or their appointed representatives are in the slightest bit interested in what you think or what anyone else (other than their peers and bosses) thinks then you are just sadly mistaken.

    States and their governments, oppositions and all their apparatchiks are only interested in keeping themselves in business. This applies worldwide regardless of the type of system is in operation. Their business is keeping the people in anger, fear, and frustration.

    It took me a long time before I could apply ACIM Lesson 37 (My holiness blesses the world.) to any politician, state leader or their ilk. The exercise is to apply the idea to any person who occurs to you, using his name and saying “My holiness blesses you, [name].” It wasn’t until I started making fun of it by imagining myself meeting the pope and saying to him “My holiness blesses Your Holiness” that the lesson began to sink in.

    If I react by getting angry, afraid, frustrated or whatever I am ‘blessing’ myself with these destructive emotions. No thanks, I’m trying to get out of hell, not keep myself in it.

    Love, Peace and Joy to you Marie, “My holiness blesses you, Marie.”

    Love, Brian

  4. I lived and worked in Cairo last year. During this time I experienced first hand the friendly and caring nature of Egyptians in my work place and even more so when I was ‘being the tourist’, such as on my trip to Luxor where I stayed at Mara House and toured the ancient wonders Luxor offers. I have many happy memories from Egypt. My thoughts go to those standing for what is right and moral in Luxor at this time.

  5. I heard the governor went back to his home town Sohag and he is not coming back until the people accept his rulership, which means he is not coming. The Islamic group declared that they do not agree with the appointment of Luxor’s new governor and Morsi did not discuss that with them.

  6. My dear Mara u r sane. It is Morsi who is under illusion. Appoitment of that man should be last decision Morsi should take {if he is sane}. Luxor will stay, our temples and history will stay. It is Morsi and his group who will leave{hoping soon}.