Luxor’s West Bank: Gateway to the Underworld and Passage to the Afterlife

Welcome to the West Bank of Luxor, also known as The Necropolis of Thebes.

At Mara House, we understand that time is precious, and that’s why our comprehensive one-day West Bank tour ensures you uncover the most captivating sites in Luxor. Starting at 7:30 am, we embark on a journey to an ancient era, visiting six remarkable destinations.

Our West Bank tour itinerary includes:

  1. Valley of the Kings: Step into the realm of pharaohs as we explore the final resting place of these ancient rulers.  You’ll have the opportunity to visit three tombs, with the option to access three more special tombs if they are open.
  2. Deir El Bahri (Temple of Hatshepsut): Marvel at the architectural splendor of the temple dedicated to Queen Hatshepsut, one of Egypt’s rare but powerful female pharaohs.
  3. Tombs of the Nobles: Discover the lives of the elite in pharaonic times as we enter the beautifully adorned tombs of the nobles, where many of their deeds are recorded on the walls of their tombs.
  4. Medinet Habu Temple:  Step into the world of Pharaoh Ramses III as you pass through the gates of Medinet Habu Temple, once called Djanet Temple in antiquity. You may even sense a haunting presence, the echoes of the murdered Pharaoh, and the lingering specters of his son and a wife who were found guilty of conspiring against him.  It is no wonder that some visitors have found this place to be a little un-nerving, even upsetting.  I remember one guest in particular at Mara House many years ago who became totally overcome by sadness to the point of tears on entering Medinet Habu and had to abandon the tour completely for the day- a male guest who knew absolutely nothing about the temple prior to going there and we did not even know about the “screaming mummy’ at that time.
  5. Deir El Medina (Workers’ Village): Witness the remarkably preserved tombs in the Workers’ Village, and the remains of a pharonic village for the workers, providing a unique glimpse into the homes of the ancient craftsmen who worked on the tombs of the Pharaohs.
  6. Colossi of Memnon: Stand in awe before the towering Colossi of Memnon, also known as the “singing statues” because of the sound that sometimes emanates through them.  There is a temple excavation still in progress just behind the statues.  Sites in Egypt affect people in different ways and some, including myself have found themselves tearful and emotional on first seeing the Colossi of Memnon.

Around mid-day we will take a break for lunch.

Special Tombs: For those seeking even more spectacular tombs to visit than the 3 included, we offer optional visits to the tombs of Tutankhamun (ticket is 360 LE), Sety I (ticket 1400 LE), and Queen Nefertari (ticket 1600 LE).  The only additional expense involved pertains to the entry tickets, and it’s entirely your decision whether to purchase these extra tickets before entering the Valley of the Kings.  If you choose to do so, your guide will be on hand to assist you.  It’s important to note that ticket payments must now be made using a credit or debit card at the ticket office.

Valley of the Kings Tip: Navigating the Valley of the Kings without a guide can be daunting.  With limited tombs open at any given time, selecting the best ones and maneuvering through the labyrinthine layout can be challenging.  If you are venturing on your own, I recommend using the Theban Mapping Project, an excellent resource for researching the Valley of the Kings.

Simplify Your Journey: Getting to the Valley of the Kings presents its own set of challenges.  Crossing the Nile from the East Bank and negotiating taxi transportation can be time-consuming and frustrating.  Opt for our guided tour with transportation for a convenient and comfortable experience.  Let us take care of the logistics while you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the West Bank and it’s phantoms.

Join us on our West Bank tour, where the past comes alive, and every step reveals a new chapter in the grand narrative of ancient Egypt.  Book your journey of discovery today and unlock the secrets of Luxor’s West Bank with Mara House tours.  Message me if you would like to discuss a trip to the West Bank.


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