There are 2 “Mara’s” – there is the practical adult who forgets what she is doing and gets bogged down in Egyptian/Middle East politics and ‘reality’ that is presented on the TV.  Then there is there is the childlike one who comes from a magical Irish place, of faeries, leprechauns and mythical warriors which is hidden in time and space.  The second Mara has much more fun 🙂

The Magical Mara sees the story of modern Egypt unfolding much like a ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie.  After, and in spite of, much evil international conniving and scheming the pawn of the Evil One has been removed from power.   A feeling of joy and hope pervades the land.  The people are understanding in their hope for the future – understanding of their current economic woes, power cuts, shortage of money and high food prices – but they have hope.  Here and there the followers of  the Dark Lord are still causing trouble but the warriors led by a dashing Knight is hunting them down and vanquishing them.  Now and then the courageous Knight is sorely troubled and saddened by the death of a fellow knight he grew up with and had amazing adventures with in his quest for enlightenment.

The forces of evil lay traps for the valiant knight – such as appealing to his vanity or testing the level of human desires for power inherent in most mortal men.  They spread rumours among the towns and villages “See the knight is not a true Knight – he wants to be KING!  He is fooling you!  He did not come to save you!  He came to cheat and fool you!  He wants to sit on the throne in the Citadel of All Power!”  But the courageous Knight sees through these tricks, tricks to make him lose his soul to the Dark Side; tricks to make him get lost along the road and not finish his quest.  He sends messengers throughout the land to announce to the people once again he does not seek to become King and he issues a decree forbidding anyone to speak of it again!

There is another element to be considered in this magical story – Egypt has been forever recognised as the land where time began; where, in ancient days all mysteries were born, all questions asked and all answers known.  As centuries passed the people of that ancient land gradually lost the memory of those precious gifts and infinite knowledge of their Universe.  Miraculously as Egypt’s memory failed, many of those gifts and secrets were carried in the minds of visiting scholars, Pythagorous, Plato and Socrates from across the seas; to other ancient but still functioning learning civilizations such as Greece.  Through the centuries there arose every so often a particularly Wise and Shining One, who recognised through Higher Connection what was happening.

These Shining Ones had many secrets and much knowledge recorded and buried in accessible places throughout the land.  Many, as at Dendera Temple recognised there time was ending.  In that special Temple they had the remainder of their precious knowledge recorded in stone on the very walls and architecture of the Temple, knowing that the best place to hide a treasure is often – in plain sight.  Over these precious stones they chanted, canted and cast magical spells of protection, so that through the generations to come, though many would pass through those sacred halls – only those with the Gift of True Sight would be able to access the ancient knowledge so important to man.

To protect the Walls of Stone themselves, from the mindless destruction to come the Shining Ones invoked the powers of the Universe to blow the sands of time from across the desert and hide that Sacred Temple from the eyes of ignorant men for centuries, thus protecting their writings in pristine condition until they themselves would return.  For return they knew they would.  The mortal body is but a vehicle for the immortal soul.  The continuity of the bloodlines are determined and vital.  Those Enlightened Ones knew when the time was right for the planet to ascend to the next level in the Evolution of the Universe it would fall to them to be the Spiritually Enlightened Leaders with eyes to distinguish deceit and the strength to lead humanity.  They would return.

Many, many centuries passed and the souls incarnated over and over again passing from the Golden Age through the tortures of the Dark Ages to the time known as the Age of Aquarius, the age of re-enlightenment, re-evolution and ascension – for everything is cyclical but at the same time forward moving.  The planet itself took 36,000 years to pass through the Procession of the Equinoxes to the present day – the Age of Aquarius.  The ancient god of Wisdom Thoth wrote the future, foretelling the time of forgetting, foretelling the rise of the Dark Brothers who for a time would rule the Sacred Black Land of Khem;  foretelling their defeat at the hands of the Sons of the Morning.

The Shining Ones knew they would return to the Land where all Knowledge was hidden – in plain sight.  By now their souls had travelled many times around the Earth, though time, through incarnations, experiences, through the darkness and back to the Light.  In the time of the Awakening they found themselves waking up, re-membering themselves in many nations.  They were no longer only Egyptian – they were of all nationalities, but they all had one thing in common – a calling to visit the land of Khem – EGYPT.

Through the latter part of the 20th century they returned in their thousands, the Chosen Ones, without knowing why, to walk through the ancient Temples and Sacred Places of Egypt.  With them they brought the Light of Eternal Life in their Souls.  With them they carried away knowledge and gifts they did not know they had received or re-activated.  Many became Authors of books, fiction and factual; many became Channellers of ancient knowledge and of Ascended Masters; many became Healers, many became Seers, many became Teachers, Spiritual Tour Leaders and many did not discover their new, yet ancient talents until years after their visit to Egypt.

You see – all that is needed for these Old Souls is to look upon the information carved deep in the Temple walls – just to look.  No interpretation is needed.  Those drawings, lines, shapes and symbols hold within them the Secrets of Universal Knowledge – but it is not a knowledge to be learned through words.  It is an experiential knowledge that comes with life and time.  The writings on the Temple walls are keys – triggers that, when looked upon are immediately safely stored in the brain without conscious effort until the time comes for the individual to unlock a part of the psyche wherein resides the Keys of Enlightenment.  When those moments come they are remembered forever as Ah Ha! moments, turning points in life, re-birthing for many, when the pieces of journey click into place and one discovers their path or purpose in life, when life suddenly makes perfect sense!  Some remember and attribute their awakening to clarity to their time or experience in Egypt – many do not.  It is irrelevant.  What is important is that they join the ranks of the Awakened Ones.  What is important is that the Chosen Ones cross the borders and walk the globe, travelling from one place to another, carrying the Light within.

When the time came for the last fight of the Dark Brothers in the Land of Khem, their last chance to rule, their last chance to establish a solid base on Earth they pooled all their resources from around the globe and brought all their cunning and power to bear.  But they did not know of the prophesy of Thoth – those ones in Egypt did not know.  However, their Brothers across the seas and oceans, they knew of it for they – THEY were part of a Universal not just planetary band of brothers controlled by the Dark Side!  In the years before the final attempt to seize the throne in the Citadel of All Power those Brothers from across the sea lined up other targets surrounding the Land of Khem, lined them up to fall like dominoes – for if they could not have the Throne of Power itself they would attempt to own and control the yet undiscovered treasures, hidden in all that surrounded it!

Why was it important to control the land and space around the Land of Khem?  Because now the planet Earth had indeed crossed the timeline into the Age of Aquarius, the time of no secrets, the time when all evil-doing would be exposed.  The final days of darkness – the 3 days as written in the Book of Revelation.  The Days of Darkness began in January 2011.  3 days, 3 years – depends on where you are sitting in time and space.  It became imperative for the Brothers of Darkness to prevent any more ancient souls returning to their Soul Land to gaze on the ancient symbols.  For those symbols had everything to do with awakening the souls around the globe.  A certain number of souls in a certain time space were required to awaken to bring the Rule of the Dark Side completely to an end and so begin the new Age of Enlightenment & Peace.  For every individual carries within them a certain seed, a certain key, a certain particular something that nobody else has and all those keys are necessary to unlock the chest, the antidote to the Pandora Box opened so many centuries before!  They do not know it.  They only know they have a calling to go to Egypt!  A lifelong desire to go to Egypt!  A dream of Egypt!  And many have carried it from this childhood.

So began the revolutions, the unrest, the endless stream of lies, fantasy and misinformation woven by the minions of the Lord of Darkness, that spread across the region. In their death throes  the Universal Brothers of Darkness must do all they can to prevent travellers to the Land of Khem in the final hours of the planet’s 3 days of darkness.  Now there is peace in the land of Khem but the storm swirls around outside like a tornado through the countries surrounding it.  The nations of the Earth have tied down their citizens with fear or terror – all part of the plan to stop the chosen ones from returning Home.

The ending to the tale?  That, my friend is up to you.  Do you walk in the Light?  Are you one of the Chosen Ones called to cross the borders?  Or are you one of the Dark Brothers?  Are you Harry Potter, Frodo, the Magician, the Knight, the Fairy Queen, the Warrior Princess, the Mindless Troll or the Dark Lord?   We each choose our own part in the Play!

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  1. Wonderful analogy and storytelling…can’t wait to read more of what you are writing….Stay focus and true…