entrance, stairway and seating area at Mara House

Mara House Luxor: Where History and Hospitality Converge

Discover Mara House, an exclusive haven nestled away from the bustling tourist strip in the legendary city of Luxor, a mere 10-minute stroll away from the ruins of the renowned Luxor Temple.  This hidden gem resides within a regular Egyptian neighborhood, where life moves along at it’s own unhurried pace.

Our Street and our Neighbours

Our street is named Salah al-Din as-Ayoubbi after the legendary Saladin of the Crusades.  Almost every building in the street is home to an extended family unit of parents, children, their grandparents and in a few instances even great grandparents.  The tradition is for a family to buy a piece of land and build each floor as they can afford it, every floor being a complete family apartment for one of the generations.  The primary focus is on completing livable units and completing or decorating the exterior is the final focus.  The street is relatively quiet in winter but in summer time it is teeming with children playing and neighbors mingling, taking advantage of the relative cool night weather until the early hours.

Street weddings and engagement parties are still the norm here.  The nearby mosque can be annoying to some visitors but the early call to prayer is taken by most guests as part of the local cultural experience for which they choose to stay at Mara House.

Mara House: step across the threshold and enter a by-gone era

As the weighty iron doors of Mara House swing open, time itself seems to succumb to the enchanting allure of the past, ushering you gently into a bygone era.  Stepping across the threshold, a treasure trove of history unfolds within the interior, revealing an eclectic blend of Middle Eastern furnishings, art, and decoration.  Here, with a little imagination, you may immerse yourself in a symphony of history, as tales of ancient intrigue and romance seem to whisper through time.

Find yourself enchanted by the Muhammad Ali sitting room, an exquisite enclave adjacent to the entrance hall, paying homage to the illustrious lineage of Egypt’s rulers.  Adorned with a unique collection of images and photographs, this room unveils the illustrious genealogy of Egypt’s Royal Rulers, spanning from the era of Turkish Sultans to the modern-day descendants of King Farouk, whose reign unexpectedly ended in 1952.  Mara herself shares a profound connection to this royal lineage, entwined within her family tree through a series of ancestral and modern unions.

Mara House’s Exclusive Suite Accommodations

Within the walls of Mara House, the concept of “rooms” transcends the mundane definition of hotel accommodations.  Here, guests get to experience a touch of grandeur from bygone eras before the majority of hotel suites were downgraded to mere bedrooms.  Each suite at Mara House provides not only a bedroom and bathroom but also the indulgent luxury of a private sitting room with balcony.  The Family Suites, a testament to cherished togetherness, offer the added splendor of two or three bedrooms, allowing families to bask in the comforts of home, unlike the customary hotel setups with separate chambers.Mara House, a sanctuary where history breathes life into the present, beckons you on an extraordinary journey.  Traverse the delicate balance between antiquity and modernity, as the ethereal allure of this timeless escape leaves you with unforgettable memories etched in your heart.  Request a rate now from Mara and join the ranks of our esteemed circle of discerning guests and independent travelers, who relish the private ambience of this timeless retreat.

SALAHADEEN RESTAURANT: a culinary experience not to miss

Amr – the House Manager is also our amazing Chef.  

The restaurant was the brainchild and work of my son, Stephen and his wife, Sara. 

Steve & Sara

The popularity of the authentic “Salahadeen Feast” served in the charmingly elegant Mara House restaurant gracefully catapulted Mara House to the pinnacle of TripAdvisor’s rankings during its public opening, a position it held until it’s closure to the public due to the events of 2011.  Our culinary offerings embody the very soul of traditional, nourishing Egyptian cuisine, a cherished heritage lovingly passed down through the generations.  The remarkable Chef, Amr, learned his culinary skills from a tender age, from his own mother.  Today, the Feast stands as an exclusive indulgence, a cherished delight reserved solely for esteemed in-house guests.”


At Mara House, the roof terrace is a serene oasis adorned with cacti and bougainvillea.  It’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the night sky, after a day of sightseeing, as the clear skies offer an excellent opportunity for star-gazing.  During winter, the newly built BBQ becomes a hot favorite, where guests can savor delightful meals outdoors even in the Egyptian winter.

Mara House welcomes a diverse range of guests:

  1. Independent travelers seeking a unique accommodation experience akin to an old-style private house rather than a standard hotel. Enjoy the luxury of spacious personal sleeping and living areas, distinct from the common spaces like the roof terrace, restaurant, and downstairs sitting room.
  2. Families yearning for a private sanctuary to unwind and converse at day’s end, free from the hassle of moving between separate hotel rooms.  Mara House caters to families, ensuring a family-friendly and child-friendly environment.
  3. Adventurers hungry for fresh perspectives, seeking unique insights and off-the-beaten-path tales about historical and contemporary Egypt.
  4. Food enthusiasts craving nourishing, wholesome, and authentic home-cooked meals that reflect the rich traditions of Egyptian cuisine.

Mara House caters to these discerning travelers, offering an inviting haven where cherished memories are woven into the tapestry of a memorable Egyptian experience.


You can book the entire Mara House for a diverse array of private events, providing exclusive experiences for our esteemed guests:

  1. Individuals seeking utmost privacy by reserving the entire house, while exploring Egypt’s wonders incognito, accompanied by family or close friends.  We can arrange properly trained security personnel to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.  Experience a different facet of Egypt without the formality of black tie service, as we value and respect your privacy without compromising on exceptional service.
  2. Dreaming of a destination wedding that transcends the ordinary, an experience that exudes authenticity, spirituality, and a touch of magic?  Look no further.   Our offerings are enchanting yet tastefully curated, ensuring a special day that’s far from cheesy, but deeply rooted in the romance of Egypt through the ages.  Amidst the marvels of ancient sites, your love story will find its timeless backdrop.
  3. Companies seeking to treat their valued employees to a unique and intimate team-building holiday experience  will discover Mara House as the ideal setting.  Our offerings are tailored to promote team building, encouraging meaningful connections, and providing ample space for getting to know each other better.  The focus is on a rejuvenating and memorable escape, where shared experiences become lasting bonds.
  4. Celebrate family milestones and reunite with loved ones from different corners of the globe in an extraordinary holiday location that extends beyond sun, sea, and sand. Mara House offers a captivating backdrop for cherished family celebrations, ensuring a meaningful and unforgettable experience for all.

Mara House embraces the spirit of exclusivity and personalization, crafting private events that leave an indelible mark on the hearts of our cherished guests.

Mara House is only bookable via direct email to Mara.

You may see Mara House on some online booking engines, they do not have permission to do so and are not agents for Mara House – hence once you click on their links to book Mara House you are directed to a page which shows no availability and you are advised to book another similar property.

Book your accommodation now at Mara House – simply click here and send me a brief message telling me your preferred dates and how many people traveling.  Feel free to ask me any questions also.

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  1. Step back in Time
    For an authentic experience, leave the modern hotels behind and enjoy the charm of an Ottoman-styled, private house with rich brocades and oriental furnishings. Modern plumbing and a/c, fridge, kettle and sink keep one in the 21st century (CE!).
    Manager Amr is a great chef and attentive to culinary tastes. Enjoy the roof deck in the cooler months.
    Mara and Amr arranged great tours for me.
    All must be paid for up front and in cash. Bring lots!
    I had a great stay in Mara House.

    Travelled solo. Reviewed on TripAdvisor

  2. Best place
    Just got back from a fabulous stay at Mara House. Our two bedroom suite was spacious and comfortable. The loaded bar was a pleasant surprise, especially with the reasonable prices’
    So you really at home, if you want see the real Egypt and experience the local

    Date of stay: August 2023 Trip type: Travelled with family. Reviewed on TripAdvisor

  3. Lovely residence. Feel like your stepping back in time. A more authentic way to experience Egypt. Rooms are far more exotic than your typical hotel room. We really enjoyed staying in a real Egypt neighborhood, served a delicious breakfast and feeling the warm hospitality of our hosts. They were great in organizing some special road excursions for us that we requested to ancient sites a little further away. Highly recommend 🙂👌

  4. Wonderful stay for one night. Super helpful and responsive hosts even though the main person was injured. We managed with what’s app and the young guy who was there was really attentive despite the language barrier. Nothing was too much trouble. He kindly ordered a taxi for us and later re-sent it to pick us up. Breakfast was great too. Mara was very helpful even before we arrived with lots of tips. Highly recommended.

  5. This was a lovely place to stay. My husband and I took our 3 young sons to Egypt and we spent 3 days in Luxor, staying at Mara House.

    We were very well catered for, the breakfasts and the evening meals were delicious, the apartment was beautifully presented and well-equipped nd very comfortable. We had a peaceful and enjoyable stay.

    We took a tour to Dendara and Abydos on one day (absolutely gorgeous) , and the Valley of the Kings on another which was everything you would hope for it to be; these were organised by Mara and were excellent.

    I really do recommend this hotel for travellers with families, we felt well looked after and were sad to leave.

    Travelled as family in April 2023. Reviewed on TripAdvisor

  6. Fantastic Guest House
    My wife and I, both in our 70’s, stayed here for 5 days in Luxor with tour arrangements handled by Mara and her team for Aswan and Cairo. I was surprised by some recent negative reviews but understand that some people might have unrealistic expectations of a guest house in the third world. We feel the tradeoffs in exchange for the benefits surpassed our expectation, even without considering the low price for our stay. We have travelled extensively in Asia over the years and plan our trips far in advance in order to achieve the best possible experience. Mara was willing to put up with my frequent emails full of questions.

    The suite was huge with a separate sitting room and bedroom, both full of antiques. Our wifi worked perfectly. We had a frig in the room. The bathroom is typical for a guest house and is as described on the web site. We had plenty of hot water and the shower drained onto the perfectly sloped floor and was dry and clean within 3-5 minutes. We always bring our own soap, shampoo, and tissues on trips which we have found needed at guest houses even in Europe.

    Food was excellent. Breakfasts were enough for two meals. We expressed interest in local foods so Amr prepared different foul and soft Egyptian cheeses for us daily. Each day we had a sampling of local pastries, fresh bread and in season fruits. A vegetarian feast was served at our request one evening, and we had the best koshary of our trip one day for lunch. Most of our dinners were taken in local restaurants. Transportation was arranged for us which came on time and was always ready for us when we were ready to depart. Amr even accompanied us shopping, to places we chose, without being dragged to the large group tour stores with their inflated prices and commissions as is typical of Egypt. He also went with us on a caleche tour as well as a felucca trip to make sure everything went smoothly.

    We felt that we had been welcomed into a private home, with children interacting with us and avoided the sterile atmosphere of a hotel.

    We chose Mara specifically because we felt that her relationships with local guides and transport would be vastly superior to random guides arranged by a large hotel. We were not disappointed. We spent two days on the west bank, one on the east, and another on a trip to Abydos and Dendera, all accompanied by her inhouse guide Mo.

    Mo accompanied us to Aswan stopping at Esna, Edfu and Kom Ombo on the way. We spent three additional days with him in Aswan. He even called us twice to check on us after we got to Cairo.

    Tours in Cairo were arranged through Mara as well. She even set up an expeditor to get us through the airport in Cairo on arrival and departure smoothly, much faster than we could have managed on our own-also typical of third world travel.

    I think that those with negative reviews might have had unrealistic expectations. We felt that we had a great experience at a low price.

    Travelled as couple in May 2023. Reviewed on TripAdvisor

  7. We only stayed 1 night, they welcomed us fantastically having arrived at 7 in the morning, we rested a bit from the trip and they prepared a typical breakfast for us there. Then we went to see the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Karnak and that of Luxor and Amr provided us with a taxi that was with us all day, also very kind M’Hammad we laughed a lot with him, and at the end of the day, they prepared an exquisite dinner for us. Very kind and friendly people, of course if I return to Egypt and stop in Luxor they will be my number 1 option.

  8. Very comfortable with extra hospitality

    My family and I stayed at Mara House for 4 nights. The property is very comfortable and homey in the best way. Amr is a wonderful host, always available to assist in every way and went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. The neighborhood has no restaurants or really any amenities. I highly recommend asking Amr to cook you dinner. His meals were better than most dining options we discovered in Luxor

  9. Hiiiii! Home away from Home in Luxor!
    It was a pleasant surprise, fun, and the food was delicious! If you want to have an experience not in city center with an Egyptian family. This place is perfect. And it’s immaculate too!

    Amir and his family became our friends. Every single thing we needed or wanted was there for because of Amir! He was the best!!!!! We even went shopping with him in town.

    However, if you want to spend time with Mara bc you are interested in the mystical, mysterious part of Om Setty make sure she is there. She is not often there. That was my one disappointment.

    Travelled as couple Feb 2023 Reviewed on TripAdvisor

  10. A Lovely Stay
    We were looking forward to our visit to Luxor and Mara House ever since we first contacted Mara by email in September 2022 and it did not disappoint. Despite booking international hotels in Cairo, our experience with Mara was much more personalized and that was reassuring. Mara was not only wonderfully responsive and very generous with tips and advice, her website is also packed with great information which was of immense help during our entire Egypt trip.

    As expected, our family of 3 thoroughly enjoyed our three nights at Mara House. Amr took such good care of us, making sure my husband, who was coming down with a cold, always had a hot cup of tea on hand. Amr and his lovely wife were also such innovative and excellent cooks, we enjoyed breakfast and dinner at Mara House each day and loved all our delicious meals.

    The house itself has such an original and Old World feel. One can imagine one is in old Luxor of the past and that adds to the charm. Add to that the wonderful service (last minute taxis that Amr arranged to drop us off and pick us up at Luxor Temple one night and Karnak Temple the next, packed lunches ordered the night before for our day trips, super early hot breakfasts to get us going before the 7am pick-up by our cruise operator) and you can’t beat the experience!

    Travelled Dec 2022. Reviewed on TripAdvisor

  11. Charming hotel and great hospitality

    My family and I recently stayed at Mara House and all the credit of our enjoyable stay goes to Amr. Amr, who did everything from taking our bags up three flights of stairs, made us hot tea to welcome us, ordered pizza for our lunch, arranged a taxi to take us to the sites we wanted to see, and, with his wife, made us an amazing dinner and breakfast, is really what made Mara House worth the visit.

    I will admit that I had trepidations prior to arriving at Mara House. Mara, the owner, does not come off the best during text exchanges and made me curious as to how she has managed to stay in the hospitality business. I was genuinely worried about how our stay was going to go and if we were to be treated well once we arrived.

    Thankfully, Amr more than made up for any hesitation that I had and truly made us feel welcome and taken care of.

    As for Mara House itself, it is a very charming place albeit not in the best location. We stayed in many different hotels during our Egypt trip, including The Fairmont in Cairo and The Four Seasons in Alexandria, however Mara House definitely stands out as a unique and wonderful memory in our travels. I would highly recommend staying there, especially for those who enjoy more intimate experiences in their travels.

    Travelled with family Dec 2022 Reviewed on TripAdvisor Jan 2023

  12. This is the PLACE to stay to be welcome and personal and not being just one more tourist in Luxor

    AMAZING, words cannot describe how welcome and cosy my family felt while staying at Mara House!. The site is a true oasis in the middle of Luxor, and I am not only talking about the house itself but also about the cherished service we were provided by Amr and his family who is the house manager; we never felt like one more guest in hotel chain but rather we felt like friends or family invited to stay and it that way you get a perspective of how Egyptians live by staying in a real Egyptian house rather than a hotel. With that in mind Mara House is not for you if you are looking for a big hotel chain with restaurants, buffet, swimming pool, luxury, lots of tourists, big reception desk and people working around in suits; Mara House is about being independent, free spirits, and have different points of view of Egypt; and YES you should order The Salahadeen Feast dinner because I can guarantee you that it will be the best meal you will have in your Egyptian vacation because it is cooked with love like your granny will do and it taste delicious.

    Apart from staying at Mara House we also booked our entire Egypt tours with her, from Cairo to Luxor, including the Nile Cruise and some add on sites we wanted to see; Mara did a pristine job on coordinating everything and providing information along the way (both at the time of booking but also when we were in Egypt) and despite we had an issue with a driver pick up at the airport in Cairo; Mara quickly corrected it and even reimburse us for that pick up without having to ask her to do it.

    I would truthy recommend Mara and her team for your Egyptian adventures.

    Travelled with family Dec 2022. Reviewed on TripAdvsor

  13. The most memorable and special part of Egypt for us was Mara House!

    I read Mara’s blog for a couple of years, always thinking “someday, when we go to Egypt, I want to stay at Mara House!” And even with all of that buildup of anticipation, she did not disappoint – in fact, our experience surpassed expectations! Mara was so kind and so helpful as we were planning our trip. She found a guide for us in Cairo when our initial plans unexpectedly fell through, and she arranged an awesome guide and driver in Luxor who took my husband and I, and a couple of other charming Mara House guests, to see as many temples and tombs as we could pack in.

    But the real treat for me was coming back to Mara House each evening to a home-cooked dinner by Amr, the house manager. So delicious, so healthy – it was food for the soul. We didn’t want to eat anywhere else – we were hooked! And being greeted with sweet mint tea… aaaah. Heaven!

    My only wish is to meet Mara in person someday (she was out of Egypt at the time, but still so responsive to questions!) and say how much we appreciate what she does and the care with which she does it. Mara House is magical.

    Also, special thanks to Amr and his family for all the little touches that make this place feel like visiting a friend’s home.

    Travelled as couple Dec 2022. Reviewed on TripAdvisor Dec 2022

  14. We decided to visit Egypt at short notice and started organising it ourselves. When it came to organising the details of the Luxor section it became even more difficult and complicated. Luckily we found Mara’s blog and website. We liked her style and approach and booked both accommodation at Mara’s House and tours with a guide. All organised by Mara, who is a great communicator.

    Arriving in Luxor by train we were met by Mara’s driver (the train was 2 hours late) and comfortably driven to Mara’s House and met by Amr ( the housekeeper). It was like a breath of fresh air. The house is lovely and feels very Egyptian with large, clean and comfortable suites. It is in a local, residential area of Luxor. All the transport was provided by Mara’s driver.
    Amr and his wife are excellent cooks so the food was extremely good ( with wine and beer available if required). More importantly Amr obviously cares deeply about his guests and went out of his way to make sure their stay was an enjoyable experience.

    Our guide to the many sites of Luxor was Mohamed (Mo). He is extremely knowledgeable with good English and just as importantly very personable. The tours we went on were recommended by Mara and provided an excellent introduction to this historic ( and complex) area. The temples and tombs are obviously very impressive but were brought to life by Mohamed’s detailed explanations , observations and historical context.

    Mara’s House is a great place to stay in Luxor but what makes it so special is the team of dedicated and caring people she has assembled to make your visit special. We thoroughly recommend using Mara. Egypt is a unique and special place but can be challenging for an independent tourist, made worse by the country trying to recover from the economic effects of COVID. We wish we had found Mara sooner for other parts of our Egyptian experience.

  15. I am 63 years old and Egypt has been on my bucket list for long time. We only had 12 days to see as many sites in Egypt as possible so we made the decision to hire Mara and her team in Luxor and we were very very happy we did. Her team (Mohamad and Mohamad) made the most of our time there and toured us through all the most important sites with their knowledge, ease and grace. Mohamad’s tours were informative and comfortable and adapted to our particular interests. I highly recommend Mara’s team’s tour services!

    In regards to her hotel, it was as expected – very nice. Mara’s manager, Amr, accommodated all our special requests and he even arranged and joined us on a feluca sailboat ride on the Nile. The one downside of her hotel is it is located probably 15 minutes walking distance from downtown. Amr solved that problem with several $1-2 taxi rides with his favorite taxi person.

    Travelled Oct 2022. Reviewed on TripAdvisor Nov 2022

  16. We first read about Mara and Mara House in an Egypt guidebook when we we’re looking for someone to manage some tours for us.

    We had a lovely suite and stayed for 4 nights. Breakfasts are included and wonderful. The hotel manager Amr is charming and very helpful. We had dinner in the hotel a couple nights after long days sightseeing and the food is as good as or better than anything else we had eaten in Egypt.

    Mara arranged tours for us and we were joined by two, sometimes 3, other guests. The guide, Mohammed “Moh” and the tours were good. They’ll manage the driver. They even managed a day seeing sights in Aswan before we arrived in Luxor.

    We highly recommend Mara House and the tours she offers. Couldn’t be happier.

  17. If you’re coming to Luxor do yourself a favor and stay at Mara’s. Beautiful property, wonderful staff, delicious food. We had a seamless pick up from the airport (including a return trip to pick up lost luggage that Amr helped track down), on time pick up each day and an enthusiastic and knowledgable guide.

    Amr and his family are fantastic hosts, kindly asking about our day and welcoming us into the space. Food was incredible.

    My favorite day was the second, with the trip to Dendera. While the ride was long, it was comfortable and intriguing to see what life in Egypt is like outside of Cairo and Luxor proper. On my last day I had 12 hours in Cairo before flying out and Mara arranged a whirlwind visit to the pyramids, sphinx and Cairo Museum. Our guide had a PhD in Hieroglyphics and was extremely valuable in navigating all three locations.

  18. Staying at Mara House in Luxor and also working with Mara to book tours throughout Egypt was one of the best decisions we could have made. Upon arriving in Luxor, we were provided with a free airport transfer to Mara House, where we were warmly greeted by Amr, which set the tone for the rest of our stay. Tastefully decorated and inviting, our suite included a kitchen, a large sitting area, clean bathroom, and comfortable beds. It was the people of Mara House, however, that truly made our time unforgettable. Amr is an excellent chef and served us some of the best food that we had in Egypt. Amr also helped us with many other things, such as answering complicated questions, arranging transportation, ordering takeout food, and even taking care of our laundry
    Prior to arriving, we worked extensively with Mara to arrange tours not only in Luxor, but also in Giza, Aswan, and beyond. In Giza (as well as Memphis, Saqqara, and Dashur), we were escorted in private car by Mara’s incredibly knowledgeable Giza-based guide, Mohammed. Having a doctorate in Egyptology with an emphasis in hieroglyphics, Mohammed was able to accurately and concisely explain the many things we were seeing.

    Much of our time in Luxor and Aswan was spent with Mara’s very capable and thoughtful Luxor-based guide, Mohammed (Mo for short). Along with providing interesting information on Ancient Egypt, Mo ensured we always had enough water and also had time to explore the many sites that we visited. Additionally, Mo made sure that we visited sites at times of day when crowds were at their lowest, which made our experiences more relaxing and enjoyable.

  19. I chose Mara House because of her helpful and informative blog. I found Mara herself to be equally helpful and informative at all stages of my travel planning. She knows Egypt well and was invaluable at helping us to prioritise what we could do during our short stay.

    For us, the highlight of the trip was Cairo. Mara’s guide Suzy was excellent–knowledgeable, friendly, and overall a complete delight. She helped us negotiate our camel ride at Giza and buy things at the grocery store without getting ripped off, and she directed us to restaurants with prices printed on the menus so we didn’t have to negotiate the price of dinner. She made visiting Cairo completely hassle-free, which was just wonderful for us.

    We also enjoyed staying at Hotel Steigenberger in Cairo, which booked through Mara. She was able to match the price of booking.com but threw in free breakfast for the 5 of us (and the breakfast was excellent!).

    In Luxor itself, we had a nice stay too. Mara House is a B&B off the beaten path. Our room was very spacious–more room than we needed for our family of 5, which was a surprise and delight. Amr was friendly and hospitable and a great home cook. We were surprised to have our sleep disturbed at dawn by the call to prayer, but in retrospect we shouldn’t have been–that’s just life in an Islamic country! I think we would have preferred to stay closer to downtown Luxor, but again, in the context of a comprehensive travel solution that included a chauffeur for anywhere we wanted to go, it was not a deal-breaker.

    Mohamed, our guide in Luxor, was also very knowledgeable and personable, and did his job as a tour guide well. However, I found him less assertive than Suzy at protecting us from the hassle of street vendors and unwanted “helpers” at various points along the way (especially on the Valley of Kings tour). I think Mohamed is empathetically looking out for the livelihoods of the people whose economic circumstances are regrettably not great by not denying them opportunities to earn tips–and I understand and even respect that (even though it feels a bit like emotional extortion to have to tip for a service that was neither desired nor useful). But I was a bit disappointed at the level of hassle for me while touring Luxor, especially after a perfect trip to Cairo with Suzy.

    But all in all, I would recommend Mara House as a travel agency as well as a B&B. We had a great trip and the level of hassle was lower than it would have been without the presence of our guides and drivers in both destinations. And I very much appreciated Mara’s help as a travel planner–she saved me from several potential pitfalls and guided me towards a vacation we will always remember

    Traveled as family of 5 Feb 2022. Reviewed on Tripadvisor April 2022

    Booked 3 nights in Luxor and 3 nights in Cairo with tours

  20. We had a great stay. We were very comfortable in our suite and were extremely well looked after by Anr and the team. The guided tours worked out perfectly. And we found getting in and out of central Luxor quite easy. A great opportunity to see an area of the city that’s untouristed.
    Thank you Mara