Mara House Hotel Luxor

entrance, stairway and seating area at Mara House

Mara House is a hotel with a difference, completely unlike any hotel you are likely to come across in your travels. 

  • When you book a “room” at Mara House you are getting an Executive Suite – defined in terms of hotels, this means a space containing one or more bedrooms with separate living/sitting room.  Mara House has 9 Executive Suites – so availability is limited.

  • Each suite has bedroom/s, living room with dining area, bathroom and kitchenette.  Every suite is unique and furnished differently to all the others.
  • While being most respectful to our guests, we treat you informally as we would friends or family invited to stay.
  • Before you arrive I try to find out your specific interests and do my best to open the doors to the experiences you desire.
  • We don’t just provide tours, guides and access to the historical monuments, we do everything we can think of to make those place come alive for you.  Our guides do their best to talk to you about the aspects of Egypt you are specifically interested in – so don’t be shy about asking questions.
  • We don’t just want to show you Egypt, we want you to go back home with a new and deeper understanding of a wonderful and amazing country.  We want you to want to come back.  We want you to return home feeling that in coming to Egypt you have, in some way, returned home.




Amr – the House Manager is also our amazing Chef.   The restaurant was the brainchild and work of my son, Stephen and his wife, Sara.  The Salahadeen Feast took our restaurant to #1 on TripAdvisor while it was open to the public.  Our food is traditional, healthy, wholesome Egyptian cuisine which Amr learned from his mother at a very young age.  These days, the Feast is a treat reserved for our in-house guests only.




Mara House has a sun terrace filled mostly with cacti and bougainvillea where you can relax and it is especially enjoyable at night. We always have clear skies so if you like star-gazing you will truly enjoy this space.  Our newly built BBQ is a winter favorite.  Yes – BBQ in the winter in Egypt.


  • Independent travelers who want to stay in a different type of hotel – more an old style private house than a hotel – with really spacious personal sleeping and living accommodation
  • Families who want a private living space in which to relax and chat at the end of the day, without having to run between hotel rooms.   Mara House is both family-friendly and child-friendly.
  • People who want to hear different views, opinions and unusual aspects to historical and present day Egypt.
  • People who want good, wholesome, healthy, traditional, home-cooked meals.


  • High profile people who want privacy while visiting the sites, want to travel incognito as much as possible.  Maybe bring along some family or a few close friends.  Yet still may need to have properly trained security personnel, (we can provide).  At the same time, looking to experience something different – a different aspect of Egypt but not looking for black tie service.  We respect you but we are neither a black tie nor a white gloved establishment.
  • People wanting a destination wedding, a bit on the fantasy side, (but not cheesy), authentic,  spiritual – perhaps even magical.  A special experience outside the norm, while still seeing all the major sites and getting into the romance of Egypt through the ages.
  • Companies wanting to take special employees on a different type of holiday – nothing as strenuous as rock climbing or bunjee jumping, but intimate, team building with breathing space for getting to know each other better.
  • Family celebrations or/and an opportunity to reconnect with family members living in different parts of the world in a holiday location that has something to offer other than sun, sea and sand.

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