The cost of private time and private visits to the special closed places can be prohibitive for many individuals. 

Therefore, at Mara House, we are creating the opportunity for you to join with others who share an interest in visiting these unique locations, allowing us to collectively share the additional expenses.

How Can You Share the Cost of Private Visits or Private Time?
  • email me  as far in advance of your arrival as possible with your arrival and departure dates.  I will check to see if we already have a list of guests or even people not staying at Mara House interested in sharing private time in closed spaces during your dates.  If not, and you tell me in time, I will start a list centered on your dates in Egypt.
  • Private time at some of the places is outside the normal opening times of 9 a.m.–5 p.m., so we will book a slot with the authorities and work your day’s activities around the time allotted to us.
  • As you can appreciate, coordinating private time between various guests and fitting visits into a normal day’s tour, especially those outside normal opening times, requires considerable time, effort, and communication with various individuals to finalize arrangements. The more time you can give me to facilitate this for you, the better the chance of its successful execution.  So, please let me know as soon as possible your proposed dates for Egypt.
  • How much can you save with us? Well, the cost for one visit to a specific place within any site with Mara House tours can range between $100 and $1300 per person, depending on our group size and the chosen time slot.  The greater the number the cheaper the price.  However 10 – 15 is our optimum number.