I received an email a couple of weeks ago from a client who had to cancel their 9 night trip around Egypt with us due to COVID and is anxious to confirm the new dates.   He is a doctor and has to co-ordinate and pre-book his holiday time with everyone else in the practice etc.  Apart from the dates, his next concern was whether I would be making any changes to our routines to now take protections from COVID into account.

This had actually been on my mind now that countries are opening up again, because how will anyone ever feel safe traveling again?

Mara House is a small and private hotel away from the tourist strip and not open to passersby.  Our staff now sleep at Mara House and have minimised their contact with people outside of Mara House since the start of the pandemic in Egypt and will continue to do so.  This includes rarely visiting or seeing their own families outside.

Because your accommodation at Mara House is more like an apartment than a hotel room, you can spend as much or as little of your stay as you choose without contact with other guests, including meals.  This also greatly reduces the amount of time you may think necessary to wear a mask, which, in our warm climate, makes a great deal of difference to your level of comfort.

My aim is to give you the best experience in the safest possible way.

There are a few major areas of change for us, one directly related to anti-COVID precautions and some relating to sustainability and helping the planet.  Please click the links for more details.