Mara - always striving to show the road less travelled

In 2000, I began championing the idea that a journey to the pristine temples at Abydos and Dendera was an essential experience for travelers—a message now embraced by wanderers worldwide.

In 2008, my son Stephen and his wife, Sara, introduced the now renowned Salahadeen Feast, served in a setting reminiscent of an Egyptian, aristocratic house in the age of Kings and Queens.

In 2023, at Mara House I proudly present the world's exclusive wall-to-wall photo collection showcasing the remarkable Muhammad Ali Dynasty—from the iconic Muhammad Ali himself to the living descendants of King Farouk, exiled in the historic 1952 army coup.  Not only that, I am also offering tours to visit the royal palaces in Cairo and Alexandria as well as the royal tombs.

Just as Abydos and Dendera have become tourist hotspots over the last 20 years, I anticipate that, twenty years from now, visitors will flock to the palaces, museums, and mausoleums of the Mohamed Ali Dynasty. Many of these treasures are currently under restoration and preservation by Egyptian authorities. With my guides, you'll have the privilege of being among the first to explore these timeless wonders.