I’m pretty good with computers, technology etc. and have spent hours upon (sometimes frustrated) hours fixing computer and internet problems…until one day I met a great guy called Ehab Edward.  I call him the ‘Tech Doc’ and never again will I waste a precious hour with a computer or internet problem – now I pick up the phone to Ehab and his response is always prompt.   His prices are so affordable and…..he speaks perfect english!!!  How great is that in Luxor??

Earlier this week the Mara House computer got zapped by a power surge after an electricity black-out.  Within 24 hours Ehab had the computer back at Mara House and running perfectly…..and he reconnected the screen, printer, camera and internet routers……reset the routers and checked that everything was in perfect working order….so great!!

If you have any kind of computer or internet problem I cannot recommend anyone in Luxor or even Cairo more than Ehab Edward – his shop is the New Luxor Digital Center.  Phone number is 01003755573 and this is the Facebook Page

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