The photo above was taken in the medieval underground water cistern – now closed because a tourist fell on stairs …… anyway, the photo is not doctored so I think I caught a ghostly inhabitant on film that day.

History of the street now known as “Muezz St” in Cairo

Gawhar al-Siquilli, also known as Jawhar al-Siqilli, was a significant historical figure in the early history of Cairo, Egypt.  He was a Christian slave of Sicilian origin who served as a secretary to the Caliph of Tunisia.  After the Caliph’s death, he was freed and continued to serve the Caliph’s son in a high-ranking administrative role.  Later, he rose through the ranks in the military and was entrusted with leading the military campaign to conquer Egypt.

His approach of forbidding harm to the people of Alexandria when he entered the city helped him gain the respect and support of the local population.  Subsequently, he established his camp on the plain that would become the site for the construction of Cairo in 969 AD.  The construction of Cairo, known as Al-Qahira in Arabic, was a remarkable achievement, taking only four years to complete. The city became the new capital of Egypt and played a central role in the region’s history for centuries.

The street, named after the reigning Fatimid Caliph, al-Muizz li-Din Allah (341–365 AH / 953–975 AD), is about 1050 year old. and is a reminder of the city’s medieval origins and the contributions of individuals like Gawhar al-Siquilli in shaping its history.

Cairo used to be surrounded by great Walls with huge gates.  Only 3 gates remain,

  • one called Bab El Zewela (bab means door in arabic, Zewela was the name of the Berber warriors from the desert charged with guarding the gate),
  • the second called Bab El Fotoh “fotoh” means “conquests” and
  • the third is Bab Al-Nasr “Al-Nasr” means “victory”.

Mara House’s Medieval Cairo Walking Tour includes the following:

  • Pick up from your hotel in air conditioned minibus
  • Egyptologist Guide
  • Bab Al Futuh (Gate of Conquests) & the Northern Walls, Muezz St.
  • Mosque of Al-Hakim
Visiting the mosque of Al Hakim
  • Sabile-Kuttab of Sulayman Agha al-Silahdar
  • Hanging Mosque of Sulayman Agha al-Silahdar
  • Street of Coppersmiths & Antiques Area
In the Street of the Coppersmiths, in Medieval Cairo – antiques area
  • Bayt al-Sihaymi
tours in Cairo - Beit Suyhami
Beit Suyhami in Cairo
  • Hammam of Sultan Inal

    Hammam – Medieval Bath-house
  • Mausoleum & Madrasa of Sultan Qalawun
tours in Cairo - Qu'alun Complex
Model of Qu’alun Complex

  • Street of the Gold & Silversmiths
In the Street of the Goldsmiths, in Medieval Cairo


  • Khan Al Khalili
In Khan El Khalili, Medieval Cairo
  • Drop off at your hotel
  • Subject to Availability

All tours are bookable via email to Mara

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