My blog is like a diary (for my book that is taking so long to write!) and sometimes I use it to let off steam…. The following is an email I received two days ago and it is lovely to hear my blog helped some people come to Egypt and have a good time 🙂

“Hello Mara,

My wife and I are American and are currently visiting Eygpt.  My wife began planning this trip in November 2012 and began finalizing plans in Feb. 2013.  I was unaware of these plans in the making and when she informed me that she had booked flights to Eygpt, I was a bit concerned about the security issues in Eygpt.  After the events in June and Aug we were very concerned and were considering canceling our trip.  Our friends and family were advising us not to go and we were desperately searching for reliable, intelligent information about the state of affairs on the ground, and not what the media was reporting.  My wife discovered your website and blog and we read pretty much everything that your had written about life in Eygpt, as well as your insights into the situation “on the ground”.  Thank you for taking the time to clarify what was undoubtedly a very murky subject for us.  We relied on the information you provided in your blog and can confirm without hesitation that we made the right choice by coming here.  The people have been gracious and welcoming and we will tell everyone we know that they should come to Eygpt and experience it for themselves.  We know the tourist industry here has been devastated as witnessed by the empty restaurants and archeological sites.  It’s one thing hearing about it and quite another seeing it for ourselves. Once again, Thank you for your blog.  We will direct anyone interested in learning the real story to your website.  Peace be upon you.”

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