So, what was the ‘not such a good thing’ that happened me on my Egyptian life adventure?
It wasn’t something that happened overnight, it was a training I received from “living like an Egyptian” that gradually instilled in me an expectation for nothing to turn out the way I wanted, to never get anything to-day but always hope for it tomorrow – the most commonly used phrase here is  “In’sh Allah, In’sh Allah”, and that whatever I wanted would never be exactly as I wanted it – should it ever arrive/happen.
Consequently, a few days ago, while reviewing my situation in life, I found I was more negative than positive in my thinking, I had less expectations. I shuddered at the thought of having workmen in the house.  I spoke in the simplest possible sentences when requesting something and repeated it at least 3 times while trying to keep down my frustration at the expectation that something would thwart my desire.
There – that’s the terrible thing that has overtaken me in Egypt.  But when you think about it – for the most part that really is how Egyptians live.  I suppose that having lived a frustrated daily life for many, many years something was bound to ‘give’ eventually and so erupted the Egyptian Revolution.
Well, that something has just ‘given’ in me also now and I am having my own personal RE- EVOLUTION.  I’m re-discovering my own true self; getting back into my ‘groove’; reviving my belief that anything is possible if I really, really want it; letting aside the Egyptian belief in tomorrow and re-claiming my right to “TODAY!”  right now, and why?  Simply because I want it and I want it (whatever it is) NOW!
I’ve lived like an Egyptian and had enough of it.  Now, I am reverting to living like…….a……positive thinking, joyously expecting, consciously focused and highly creative HU-MAN  BE-ING!  Da Dah! Stay tuned for my first adventure as my pre-Egyptian personality!  Coming soon!

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  1. Hi Mara,

    Just wanted you to know I read your blog in Australia. Sometimes, during my 50 trips to Luxor, I have been tempted to accept the frustration you speak of and have felt myself sinking into a situation of “no hope”. I have to keep reminding myself of my upbringing and background of not accepting mediocrity. All the best at Mara House. Vincent