Seems like today is moving day, get-up-and-go-day….but get up and go where?  Ireland – kids back to school today, that seems to be the indication that Christmas has passed, New Year is no longer new and the question is what does 2014 hold for me? for you? for anyone?

Soon I will be back in Luxor, but there again the question is – back to what? back for what?  The level of enquiries so far for 2014 does not bode well for the rest of the year.  Mara House is not a budget accommodation although the prices have come down at the moment in line with what is being offered by mid-range hotels.  Even if we were to give rooms away for free there just is not the uptake for Egypt as a holiday destination – we have fallen off the map on that one.  If I were selling Egypt right now I would be calling to the upper end of the market – but that is not happening, we are trawling for budget travellers in a market that seems to me to be depressed anyway…..whatever….

Stay or go?  Ireland calls to me but… do what?  There are signs of economic recovery, we have the best natural sights, the best food and the friendliest attitude in the world, but again – what is there for me to do in Ireland?  Am I too old?  And there are sooooo many great, well qualified unemployed people to compete with for so few positions……

Having said all that – am I depressed?  No!  I just decided that I should sit down and write something – whatever comes to mind and there you have it – this is what is on my mind just now.  The storm outside has passed and the sun is shining – I’m just wondering what is next? I am not the kind of person who can sit around doing nothing – hence my restlessness and questioning just now.  I’m optimistic for 2014 wherever I will be and whatever I will be doing.  Right now I am telling the Universe I am open for business 🙂 I am ready for adventure, I am excited to see what comes my way – because something always does come along at the right time – 2014 BRING IT ON!!

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