We learn from history……or we don’t – mostly it seems in Egypt, we don’t.  We had the swine flu’ scare and the government of the day immediately ordered the slaughter of all the pigs in Cairo.  So what?  So what is the fact that the pigs ate all the organic waste that was collected in Cairo.  Result of the slaughter was …….no place to dispose of food etc……which was left to rot in the streets.  It’s called ‘knee jerk reaction syndrome’.  Fine if you and me have that reaction but not so fine to have that trait in a government.  Those who govern a country need to have policies, guidelines, goals – and well thought out ones at that!On April 21 I wrote on the government’s decision to take the Mubark name of buildings, streets etc. wherein I forecast the confusion that would result from that decision.  I submit for your perusal the following article published in May 5 edition of “Almasryalyoum”  entitled Scrubbing Egypt Clean of Mubarak.

One doesn’t have to be a Fortune Teller about most things……..just a little forethought would suffice!

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