You have always wanted to visit Egypt.  You have some idea of what you want to see.  However, you would like some help in getting the most out of your trip.  You would, perhaps, like to visit as many locations in Egypt as possible?

Plan your trip with me – step by step.

Most people’s international flights currently only fly into Cairo.  Some get immediate transfer flights to Luxor.  Having done the journey so often myself I think that getting another connecting flight from Cairo is adding to the exhaustion.  My suggestion is that if you fly into Cairo you take a few days there first. 

You can mix and match the locations to suit your interests and your time.  For simplicity I will begin to build an itinerary starting with Cairo.  You will notice that there is a logical way to progress from one location to another.  You might also like to explore the possibility of flying into one airport and departing from another.  For example – many international flights which land in Luxor, return via Cairo.  So it is possible to fly into Luxor and depart from Cairo or vice versa.

First Stop – CAIRO

Hotels in Cairo are now quite expensive but you can still find good deals online – I would suggest that before you think about your hotel, that you think about the sites you want to visit and then choose the most convenient location.

My Tours in Cairo page will will give you a good comprehensive idea of the most important sites in and around Cairo.  However, there are several new restoration projects ongoing in Cairo so keep checking our website for new tours.  As of September 2023 there is still no definite date for a full opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza.  For now the Antiquities Museum is still at Tahrir Sq but now there is also the Museum of Civilization which is well worth a visit and many of the mummies have been relocated there.

ALEXANDRIA – an option to add to your Cairo experience.

If you want to see Alexandria it is best to see it before moving onto Luxor or other locations from Cairo – or if you are getting an international flight home from Cairo, you could leave Alexandria until the end of your trip.

  • ALEXANDRIA TOURS – We have 3 options for adding Alexandria onto your Cairo tours
    • Overday to Alexandria
    • One night/two days in Alexandria
    • Alexandria and the historic town of Rosetta – 2 nights in Alex, 2 days touring Alex and one day visiting some sites in Rosetta.

LUXOR – accommodation and/or tours in Luxor

You have two options for traveling from Cairo to Luxor – by plane or the overnight train.  Personally, I recommend flying as you are unlikely to get much sleep on the train.  Traveling overnight by train could result in your being too tired the following day, or having to miss out altogether because you have to sleep.  The difference between flying and taking the train in terms of cash is very little.

Naturally, we are hoping you will come and stay with us at Mara House in Luxor and sample the delights of Egyptian home cooking in our Salahadeen Feast.

You need at least two and half days in Luxor but preferably three, as you can see in my post here


You can travel Luxor to Aswan by the following transports

  • Private Car – the benefit of this is that you can stop off to see the Temples at both Edfu and Kom Ombo on the way without a guide or we can offer a Tour to Aswan which includes car/driver, guide and tickets.  You will see Edfu Kom Ombo and Philae Temple.  We offer this as an overday trip from Mara House.  Or we can drop you off at your hotel in Aswan.
  • Train – 3 hours
  • 4 night Nile River Cruise this is wonderfully relaxing and interesting experience.  You stop off to see the Temples at Edfu and Kom Ombo before docking in Aswan.  There is nothing (in my mind) to compare with sailing up the Nile under a clear sky; watching life unfolding on both sides of the river; dining on good food; enjoying Egypt’s own Omar Khayyam delicious wine; in the presence of a knowledgeable guide and good company.  It’s taking a few perfect days break from reality.  Many visitors come back again and again just for this experience.


To see Abu Simbel it is necessary to spend the previous night in Aswan, either as part of your cruise or in a hotel.  You have two options:

  • Overland.  You have two options here.  An early morning trip which has you back to your cruise in time for lunch.   This gives you time to visit Philae Temple in the afternoon if you wish.  Or if you have a full spare day you can leave Aswan later in the morning and return later in the evening.
  • Fly with Egypt Air – this option has been unreliable since 2017.  Most of my guests have experienced disappointment due to changes in flight schedules the week prior to the planned flight to Abu Simbel, or cancellation of their flight.  The problem with changes in schedules is that you can miss out on another pre-planned activity or not be able to take up the proposed alternative flight as it means you are missing a connecting flight.

So now – you have traveled Cairo – Alexandria – Luxor – Aswan – Abu Simbel.  If you start in Luxor you can do Luxor – Aswan – Abu Simbel – Cairo – Alexandria and return to Cairo for your departure.

EGYPT HOLIDAYS – combo package of the above locations

I combine all of the above into a basic 9 night EGYPT HOLIDAYS package visiting Cairo, Luxor, Nile Cruise Luxor to Aswan, with options for extra days in any locations to see more sites and monuments.

TRAVEL in the comfort of a Group

If you would prefer the comfort and fellowship of a group trip, while adding extra tours in Cairo please check out Mara House Group Tours.  I also accompany these group tours myself.  And the number of people per group is 15

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