Not only is Ancient Egypt still presenting the world with an unending supply of hitherto unsolved mysteries – modern Egypt is also presenting it’s mysteries and puzzles.  If what happened in Egypt in 2011 and the ongoing effects of the ‘revolution’ had happened anywhere else in the world it would have been – and been presented to the world as, a humanitarian disaster and the country would be devastated.

Don’t get me wrong – we are all, in a sense devastated economically and emotionally by the events of the last 3 and a half years on the one hand but on the other hand Egypt and it’s inhabitants (including it’s non-nationals) are living enigmas.

How can a country that relied so heavily on tourism still be surviving after 3 years of practically no tourism?  The quick answer is – the fact that Egypt has a black economy, an unofficial and little or no tax-paying economy, so I imagine that has, to a degree, been one factor that has kept things moving and money circulating in the country….a pretty good economic model that some Western countries might well study 🙂

I don’t have the answer – we are all making modifications and alterations to our lives to survive – but we are surviving and while many tourism businessess have closed either completely or in part, the majority are still open and waiting from day to day for tourists to return.

That is the amazing thing about 99% of the Egyptian population…they go from day to day saying “In sha’Allah tomorrow will be better!”  They are not rioting (yes, there are some strikes on occasion), they are not looting (yes, some are once again trying to make a living by stealing from the multitude of historical sites) – they are going about the daily business of eating, sleeping, getting married, having children and living…..when you think about it – that is quite amazing.

If you have been following the politics since 2011, as closely as I have….and from inside of Egypt, not as covered by the outside media – that too is a mystery to me.  Egypt’s steadfast, quiet and determined leadership has been – again unique (‘unique’ being the only word I can keep using to describe Egypt!) in international politics.  And that leadership has not been secretive – it has been open and transparent, and it has repeatedly asked (mainly to no avail) for the understanding, honesty and assistance of the Western World Governments …. it was a total waste of their time asking the western media to report on the ongoing events within Egypt honestly.

The only conclusion is that Egypt is still be a very special country.  Egypt, in the extra-ordinary overall picture of the Earth and it’s place in the Universe must be a most unique and important place… else can you really explain it’s economic survival and the mental/emotional survival of it’s people, in the face of everything that has happened in the last 3 years?  Egypt must still have a mysterious, spiritual and important role to play in our Universe, in our survival as a species and a planet.

I look forward to the unfolding story of Egypt – which no doubt we will all watch one day in a Hollywood  blockbuster movie when the entire truth of this epic adventure is revealed 🙂

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