What is the Djed?  The mythical or symbolic meanings associated with the Djed since ancient Egyptian times were those of strength and stability – it represented the backbone of Osiris.  We all know that without a functioning, healthy and intact backbone the human being is crippled or affected to varying degrees.  Take out the backbone and the bones attached to it and you are left with an inert mass of skin and muscle incapable of movement, like an old coat fallen to the floor.

The Djed or versions of it, among indigenous populations around the world, is mentioned in legend and myth as a pillar or series of pillars holding up the sky or the world.  Take the thought a little further into the spiritual realm and the phrase “Raising the Djed” is synonymous with “Raising Consciousness” or “Raising Awareness”

In the beginning the One became many in a great and exciting experiment.  Now is the time for the many to once again become One.  However, we have been spiralling outward for so long that many have lost their way and forgotten their connection to Oneness.

The Raising of the Djed took place in ancient Egypt at the Winter Solstice, at transitional times such as the death of a monarch or the end of rule and the beginning of another.  The most important time for the raising of the Djed and the revealing of secrets and mysteries was at the end and beginning of historical eras – as is written on the texts of Edfu Temple in Egypt.  The Mayans predicted the end of such an age would be 21 Dec. 2012 and many expected this date would be the end of the world.  We have passed the date, the world did not end.  We now know 2012 was the end of a grand Solar Cycle and we have entered a new Solar Cycle.  This is the time when it is most important for mankind to raise the Djed inside us, individually, once again.

Who were/are the Djedi?   The “Djedi” were the “stable ones”–wisdom keepers of one mind and one spirit who, as initiates of the Osirian mysteries, comprised the living, terrestrial body of the archetypal, celestial Osiris.  Contemporary Djedi are self-selecting re-generators of cosmos.  They are those who, regardless of race or creed, are awakening to mission in service to the planet and the epochal imperatives of stability, continuity and regeneration.  –  from “Raising of the Djed” by Moira Timms

The Djedi sense, and know Osiris’s arising as their own.  As Osiris awakens from the sleep of the aeon, the Djedi also “rise to the occasion,” moving into resonant relationship as the re-constellated members of the collective Osiris.  Therefore, as the mighty bones creek and the ancient One stirs, let the Djedi returnThis is the historical moment of our awakening and our call.”  – from “Raising of the Djed” by Moira Timms

Associations and projects are constantly being set up in today’s world to raise awareness on one issue or another – one of the biggest at the moment being the CNN Freedom Project to end human slavery.  So, throughout planet Earth human beings are actively engaged in Raising the Djed without associating it with the ancient Egyptian practice.   The world is full of Djedi Warriors who do not even know that is what they are!

The Djedi warriors are champions of the downtrodden, the underdog, the deprived and most of all champions of women and the Divine Feminine imprisoned in women throughout the world – and sometimes they are just little girls like Malala Yousufzai, the Pakistani girl who drew global attention after being shot in the head by the Taliban for advocating girls’ education  The Djedi Warriors are those raising awareness, raising consciousness, stirring the rest of us to stand up for what is right and good in the world, to stand against oppression and tyranny – they are raising the Djed.

Several months ago the Djed was one of the ancient symbols I could not put out of my mind.  I searched the shops and workshops here in Luxor but could find none of them.  If I did find one it was of such bad quality it seemed to me to be a blasphemy of sorts.  I found myself wondering why such ancient power symbols were not included among the myriad of souvenirs of ancient Egypt in the tourist shops.

Imagine my awe and delight when I came across the following in Moira Timms’ article!  “Through the mobilizing archetype which gives meaning to symbols of the Center, we evolve back into Oneness.  Such a symbol always arises from the depths of the collective unconscious at the conclusion of major historical cycles when primal chaos again threatens to engulf the world.  Not everyone perceives the symbol.  And out of those who do, few recognize its significance.  However, such images are themselves keys or codes that inform our consciousness, whether we understand it with our rational mind or not.”  These words gave meaning to my odd quest to have the ancient symbols recreated.

Having got the finished Djeds and photographed them for the website I found myself having considerable trouble in writing all this up – having 3 pieces of writing on the go at the same time and being incapable of finishing any.  Until I came across this article by Tom Kenyon on the” Art of Jumping Time Lines” as channeled to him by the Hathors (of Dendera, my favourite Temple in Egypt).  This appears to be the last piece of information I need to include on the subject of the Djed – for now anyway.

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MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”  🙂  Yup!  I was a Star Wars fan way back when it all started and dreamed of traveling among the stars!



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