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What is the Djed? 

The Djed is an ancient symbol of profound significance, much overlooked by modern experts on Egyptian artifacts.  The mythical or symbolic meanings associated with the Djed since ancient Egyptian times were those of strength and stability – serving as the very backbone of Osiris.   In the same way that a human or any mammal relies on a functioning, healthy and intact spinal cord for movement and vitality, the Djed stood as the Pillar of Life, upholding the world.  Remove the backbone and its accompanying skeletal structure, and what remains is a lifeless mass of skin and muscle, akin to a discarded, lifeless coat strewn upon the floor.

Across diverse cultures, echoes of the Djed resound as pillars that bear the weight of the sky or the cosmos.  Delve deeper into the realm of spirituality, and “Raising the Djed” transforms into an anthem of “Raising Consciousness” and “Raising Awareness.”

In the beginning, everything came from one source and started a great experiment.  Now, it’s time for all the different parts to come back together as one. But along the way, many of us lost touch with this unity.  We want to remember and reunite because life’s beautiful harmony is calling us to sync up with the universe once again.

The best depiction of the Raising of the Djed is a huge painting on a wall at Abydos Temple

What was the RAISING of the DJED about?

The Raising of the Djed, an ancient Egyptian ritual, unfolded at pivotal moments such as the Winter Solstice or during transitions of power, such as the death of a monarch.  Secrets and mysteries were unveiled during these significant junctures, especially at the end and beginning of historical eras, as documented in the texts of Egypt’s Edfu Temple.  The Mayans had predicted the year 2012 as the end of an era, a prediction that sparked fears among some of an apocalyptic event, as did the year 2000.  And was COVID not predicted to be another apocalyptic event in 2020 and 2021?  However, we have passed those dates, and the world has endured.  Now, while it remains to be seen what COVID was, we comprehend that 2012 marked the culmination of a grand solar cycle, leading us into a new era.  This is the time when it is most important for mankind to raise the Djed inside us, individually, once again.

Seti I Raising the Djed Column at Abydos Temple

Who were/are the Djedi?: 

The Djedi, the “stable ones,” were the keepers of ancient wisdom, united in mind and spirit as initiates of the Osirian mysteries. In their awakened state, they embodied the terrestrial essence of the celestial Osiris. In our contemporary era, the Djedi transcend race and creed, driven by a sense of purpose in service to the planet and the essential principles of stability, continuity, and regeneration – according to Moira Timms in her writing “Raising of the Djed”

As Osiris awakens from his long slumber, the Djedi feel this awakening within themselves. Their destinies are tied to the reawakening of Osiris, urging them to step up. The powerful bones of Osiris signal the return of the Djedi. This crucial moment in history signifies our own awakening and urges us to respond to the call to action.

The years of COVID changed the lives of so many of us, so we can say that we are still going through a time of profound transformation.  Let’s awaken the Djedi within ourselves.  Embrace a higher purpose and resonate with the grand cosmic rhythm.  In raising the Djed, we take on the role of guardians of this new era, united in spirit and purpose.  Together, we embark on a journey of renewal and regeneration, securing a future built on wisdom, stability, and harmony.  It’s time for the Djedi to rise, for this is our awakening and our opportunity for greatness.  The world is filled with Djedi Warriors who may not even realize who and what they are.

Who are the modern DJEDI WARRIORS?

Modern day Djedi warriors, defenders of the downtrodden and champions of justice, are the advocates for the underprivileged and oppressed.  The Djedi Warriors are those raising awareness, raising consciousness, stirring the rest of us to stand up for what is right and good in the world, to stand against oppression and tyranny – they are raising the Djed.

Resurrecting the SYMBOL of the DJED

Several years ago, I found myself inexplicably drawn to the Djed, a potent ancient symbol that seemed to elude me during my search through Luxor’s shops and workshops.  When I did come across one, its poor quality felt like a sacrilege, unworthy of such a profound emblem.  I wondered why these potent symbols of Egypt’s ancient power were not more prevalent among the souvenirs in tourist shops.

In my awe and delight, I stumbled upon Moira Timms’ article, which unveiled the deeper meaning behind my quest for the recreated ancient symbols.  As she aptly explained, such symbols emerge from the collective unconscious when critical historical cycles conclude, and primal chaos threatens to engulf the world once more.  Not everyone perceives these symbols, and only a few recognize their true significance.  Nonetheless, these images serve as keys or codes that inform our consciousness, irrespective of our understanding on a rational level.  Her article gave meaning to my odd quest to have the ancient Lost Symbols of Egypt recreated.

I had commissioned a craftsman to make djeds for me in all sizes, which are now scattered across the globe, gifts I gave to some guests who stayed with us at Mara House – alas not to everyone, just some to whom it seemed appropriate.

When I finally picked up the finished Djeds from the workshop and photographed them for the website, I found myself facing writer’s block, wrestling with three pieces of writing simultaneously.  The answers appeared when I chanced upon Tom Kenyon’s article on ” Art of Jumping Time Lines” as channeled to him by the Hathors (of Dendera, among my top two favorite Temples in Egypt).  It seems that this piece of information is the final missing piece of the puzzle on the subject of the Djed, at least for now.  With this newfound knowledge, I am prompted to share the profound significance of the Djedi Warriors, the enduring legacy of ancient symbols, and the awakening of consciousness that propels us toward a better world.

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”  🙂  Yup!  I was a Star Wars fan way back when it all started and dreamed of traveling among the stars!

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