Standard Saqqara & Memphis Tour includes the following:

  • Pick up from hotel or apt. in air conditioned minibus
  • Egyptologist Guide
  • Entry to Memphis Complex
  • Entry through the Saqqara Temple to the enclosure of the ‘Step Pyramid’
  • Entry to the Imhotep Museum
  • Entry to tomb of Mehu
  • Entry to tomg of Kegemni
  • Entry to the Butcher’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Two Brothers.
  • Drop off at your hotel/apt
  • Subject to Availability

We can also offer, in addition to the above sites on the Saqqara Complex,  VIP private time to visit the following:

      • The Osiris Well
      • Tomb of Wahty
      • Burial Chamber under the Step Pyramid – entrance is on the northern side
      • The Serapium 

All tours can be booked directly with Mara – just send a message here