Over the years I had been coming to Egypt and especially since I came to live here in 2003 I had become curious about the actual people whom we refer to as the “Ancient Egyptians”   (Even in school I could not remember any history we were taught unless I heard a story or read a book that made the people and events of history more real to me!). And so it has come to pass (as all good storytellers would say!!) that I have accumulated quite a collection of stories about the Pharaohs and their Queens, the Priests/Priestesses, the Ancient or “Shining Ones” as they are sometimes called, and some of the “ordinary folk” .

I have read, researched and eventually come to my own conclusions as to what was logically possible and probable, given the evidence presented by various authors, historians (as opposed to the “pure” Egyptologists) etc. and  so, now. I have some interesting and unique stories to tell…..many of which are totally unfamiliar to most of the guests who have stayed at Mara House to date.Schwaller de Lubitz suggested that we look at the Egyptian Temples through the eyes of children,  see the carvings and paintings as a child would see them, weave our stories around them and be open to receiving “insights” through them about our individual selves and our own personal journeys on this 3 dimensional place known as “EARTH” -( Take the “H” at the end of EARTH and place it at the front of the word and you get……HEART.)  The English language holds more meaning, mystery, symbolism and answers than most of use see, even when it is written clearly in front of us……so let’s be simple children when we try to read the Temple writings….if we can’t see the complexity and, at the same time the obvious simplicity of “English”  we definitely should “keep it simple” when it comes to Egypt!!!

Both Schwaller and I suggest you visit the Temples and ask the question “What does this place mean to me?”

Look at the carvings as a child would and they will “trigger” stuff in you that you, most likely, are not even aware of!  Welcome to Egypt – where the past, present and future become one!  I hope you find the ancient Pharaohs, their people and the messages they left carved in stone as fascinating, interesting, mysterious and still relevant to us today as I do!


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