CAIRO – More or less all shops have fixed, marked prices (but in Arabic so learn you numbers before going shopping).  The markets or souks such as Khan El Khalili do not have fixed, marked prices so you have to be very good at bargaining!

Talaat Harb St. for shoes and men’s clothing. Kasr El Nil St. for ladies’ clothing and the many streets off them comprise the shopping district known as “Downtown Cairo” (starts from Tahrir Sq where the Antiquities Museum is.).

LUXOR, ASWAN and most other places may have some shops with fixed marked prices but most have not and the markets or souks are all places you have to bargain.

BEWARE when walking in the streets, especially in Luxor and Aswan of any guy running after you offering to take you to the market or who attaches himself to you and stands beside you when you are looking at or going into a shop….he is chancing his arm by conning the shopkeeper in believing he has brought the shop a customer.  These guys are normally aggressive when crossed or challenged and it is not worth the hassle to the shopkeeper to argue with this guy so he will hand over some of your purchase money to him.  Better for you to get rid of your helper, guide or friend before going into any shop!

Even though the shops will accept US, Canadian and Australian dollars as well as English Pound and Euros if you are bargain hunting you don’t want to lose on the exchange rate (as shops and market places will not give you bank rate) so make sure you have Egyptian pounds before going shopping


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