The two Must-See sites in Cairo for first timers

If this is going to be your first visit to Cairo then the obvious sites you simply cannot miss are the Pyramids on the Giza Plaeau and the Antiquities Museum at Tahrir Sq.  Your adventure with us begins with a warm meet and greet Port Said, from where you’ll embark on a journey that will immerse you in the rich history and culture of Egypt.

Giza Plateau – don’t miss going inside the Great Pyramid!

Mara – Great Pyramid – Giza Plateau

Our first stop takes you to the legendary Giza Plateau, a place where history comes to life and everyone dreams of visiting.  I could say “Behold the magnificent pyramids, an iconic symbol of Egypt, and stand in awe of the enigmatic Sphinx guarding these colossal structures.”  Its probably a great marketing line, but what would you say if I told you that the first time I saw the Pyramids I refused to get out of the tour bus?  Honest, I did and here’s my story.

It is important to emphasize here that the entry ticket into the Great Pyramid and into the Kings Chamber high up inside the Gt Pryamid is included in the price of our tour, because why would you go to Giza and not go see the most important part of it – the Kings Chamber?  Many tour operators leave it up to the tourists to buy that ticket themselves – however that may mean losing time having to go back to ticket office at the Plateau entrance if not forewarned.  Also tourists should be aware that the words “visit the Great Pyramid” or some such wording is not necessarily the same as “go inside the Great Pyramid and enter the Kings Chamber” – a visit can mean a literal visit to the OUTSIDE of the pyramid.  The same applies to other locations.  Having said that I need to also say that if there are dignitaries visiting the Gt. Pyramid at any time, it is closed to all other visitors for the time they are there.  Naturally, there is no advance warning of these visits given to travel agents or the public for security reasons.  Our tour to the Giza Plateau does not normally take you inside the two lesser pyramids because of the time taken with the Great Pyramid which is, quite obviously, the best option.

The Sphinx – keeping watch over Giza

After your visit to the Great Pyramid, it’s time to wander through the Valley Temple where ancient rituals took place – and come face to face with the enigmatic Sphinx.

Antiquities Museum: an Aladdin’s Cave of Priceless Treasures

Mara – inviting you to join her at the Antiquities Museum in Tahrir Sq., Cairo

Next, you get to experience the chaos and colors of Cairo as your driver weaves his way through the traffic from Giza to Tahrir Square.  Here, the Egyptian Antiquities Museum unfolds the remarkable history of Egypt, boasting the incredible treasures of Tutankhamun and a myriad of artifacts.  The Antiquities Museum is not to be confused with the relatively new National Museum of Civilization which is a different museum entirely.  Discover the secrets of Egypt’s past, and if you have a favorite historical figure, do some research to find their artifacts – your guide might even help you locate them at the end of the tour.  I’ve visited the museum many times, and I’ve learned that the most satisfaction comes from connecting with the articles tied to figures I already know about.   For example, after reading ‘Stranger in the Valley of the Kings,’ accidentally finding a full display from Yuya and Thuya’s tomb was an absolute delight.

As the day winds down, we bid farewell to Cairo and head to Alexandria, a coastal gem steeped in history and charm, where your cruise boat awaits you.

After experiencing our shore excursion to Cairo from your ship, I hope it will inspire you to add Egypt to your travel list once again.  Upon your return, we would be thrilled to introduce you to the countless other marvels this great city has to offer, especially Medieval Cairo.

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