Checked out the news this morning and was dismayed, to say the least, to read that there was trouble in Tahrir last night.  Apparently about 3,000 (according to the media report) decided to stay there last night in defiance of the curfew so the army moved them out.

I am extremely tired by now of the constant shouting of the organisers for the removal of this person and that person.  I believe it is time to let SOMEBODY, anybody at this stage try getting Egypt back on it’s feet.  Most of the foreign countries with the exception of America and Canada have lifted or reduced their travel warnings on Egypt……what is last night’s escapade going to do to the situation again now?

We know now that the organisers had training from Bosnians to orchestrate this revolution, not only here but right across North Africa and the Middle East  read more here

Unfortunately, for all those that have been killed in clashes where the “revolutions” are in progress the organisers have failed to take one factor into account – human nature.  They follow a blueprint – give flowers to the army, keep the same slogans, use the clenched fist, have your people spread out in key positions during the protest etc. etc., peaceful protest, refuse to move etc. etc. worked fine in Egypt where they were dealing with a President who was not going to massacre them but then they moved onto Libya failing to take into account the nature of the President they were dealing with there – they should have taken the factor that Gaddafi was nothing like Mubarak!  Some will say “the end justifies the means” and others will say they themselves are happy to die in the cause of “liberating their country” and thereby ease their conscience by calling the dead “martyrs”

They are children playing with people’s lives and livelihoods.  Egypt is on it’s knees and these children are still running around the street and shouting demands.  Yesterday I sent Wael Ghonim the following tweet on twitter.

maraegypt Mara (Marie Vaughan)
@Ghonim that’s great – u are free – now why don’t you start putting concrete ideas forward instead of continuing to scream for destruction.

His following tweets were:

Ghonim Wael Ghonim

Today I chanted with the crowds: Egypt & Libya are one hand against dictators!

Ghonim Wael Ghonim

Amazing crowds in Tahrir and was honoured to hold #Egypt, #Libya and #Tunisia flags all together. We all deserve freedom and democracy.

This morning I sent Ghonim the following tweets:

maraegypt Mara (Marie Vaughan)

@Ghonim Good morning – still waiting for some solid, positive, constructive ideas from you…..? This is a challenge – are you up to it?

maraegypt Mara (Marie Vaughan)

@Ghonim Come on….if you are Prime Minister tomorrow give us details of how you will bring back tourism, create jobs, improve life here.

maraegypt Mara (Marie Vaughan)

@Ghonim will you and your friends “wake up and smell the coffee!” #Egypt I would also tweet Ahmed Maher if I knew him!

I don’t expect much of a response….

It would seem that now our economic future is not in the hands of the Egyptian Army nor the interim government but in the hands of the organisers of the Egyptian “Revolution” (why do I wirite “Revolution” instead of just revolution?  Because it is not over until they finish the construction.  Revolution + destruction + construction). Time for those in Cairo to realise that they have actually got freedom of speech and until they leave the streets we are in reality in a state of emergency – so let them get off the streets, out of Tahrir and give the government and army peace time to remove the state of emergency laws….TIME!!!!!!  People outside of Cairo (because in Cairo at least some people have work other than tourism) who depend on the tourist industry have to eat before they can talk!
Yes!  This morning I am sick of it!


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