This is a photo of me at Mara House with two lovely guests in 2010 – see how tired I looked? Well that was a lovely tiredness because it came from long hours at the computer 7 days a week, answering emails, taking bookings for Mara House and our Salahadeen Restaurant – and mostly refusing bookings because we were booked out – by Jan 2011 we were booked solid up to mid-May 2011. Since then there have been many days I longed to be tired again for the same reasons!

The good news is it is now just past 8pm, my shoulders ache and I am soooo exhausted! You might well wonder why I would be happy to be exhausted. Well, for the first time since 2011 I have been taking bookings and deposits non-stop since around 8am this morning, and I do mean TAKING BOOKINGS, not answering questions or giving quotes – just taking bookings, maybe I have died and gone to hotel heaven 🙂  I have no objection to being tired for this reason 7 nights a week…going to bed very contented tonight! Sooo happy!!