Life has many unexplained mysteries and Egypt is home to quite a few of those mysteries.   I want to share some of those mysteries and ancient legends with you here and hope that when you come to Egypt you will experience some of their magic.   I’m not trying to persuade you in any way to believe or even read these pages – but I like to believe in them, they add some spice to life!

For sure if you come to stay at Mara House in Luxor or take any of our Tours in Cairo  or our Tours in Luxor we will do our best to share it with you.  For anyone visiting Egypt’s Temples for the first time it is a good start to know the Egyptian Story of Creation and the story of  Isis & Osiris – Goddess of Love & God of the Underworld.

In these days when we pursue scientific fact, and want proof for everything, we have come to relegate the legends and stories passed down through the centuries as mere myths and do not count them as history – we describe those times as prehistoric.  Yet, we are eager and willing to allow the Holy Books such as the Bible, Koran and Talmud as historical fact and follow their contents blindly and without question……strange how we have grown accustomed to allowing others to choose and determine what is fact and what is fiction for us.

They say “there is no smoke without a fire” and I believe there may be a grain of truth in every story, legend, fairytale and myth which we continue to relate to our children.  A wonderful, magical and fantastic world of possibilities open up to us when we allow our minds to open, take in these stories and dwell on the possibility of there being some factual truth therein.  When we listen and explore with an open, enquiring mind it is sometimes surprising how many dots we can join together, how many stories from different cultures on different sides of the globe are fraught with similarities – and how connected they can be to our own truths and inner beings.

For me the temples, tombs, buildings and monuments of Egypt, or anywhere else for that matter, mean very little without the stories and legends of the people attached to them.   I hope you read, explore and enjoy my stories.

Egyptian Story of Creation

Isis & Osiris – Goddess of Love & God of the Underworld.

Omm Sety – Dorothy Eady & Pharaoh Sety I


Lost Symbols of Egypt

Return of the Djedi?

Magical Mara & The Tale of Darkness

Was Yuya Really Joseph from the Bible?

Biogeometry: Re-Discovering Ancient Knowledge