14 Things to do to Travel Safely in Egypt

Planning a trip to Egypt? Uncover vital travel insights that many overlook, but are crucial for a smooth and enjoyable experience. From pre-trip preparations and booking trusted accommodations to ensuring document validity and staying connected, these tips will help you navigate Egypt with confidence. Don’t miss these often underestimated details that can significantly impact your journey.

Fear or Freedom?

Fear or Freedom?

Gain insights into Egypt’s safety from the owner of a Luxor boutique hotel. Experience a philosophical journey that challenges common perceptions and invites introspection. Discover the author’s candid reflections on life, fear, and the genuine happiness witnessed in Egypt. Embrace a refreshing perspective that transcends commercial interests and invites travelers to explore with open hearts.

The Puzzle that is Egypt

Not only is Ancient Egypt still presenting the world with an unending supply of hitherto unsolved mysteries – modern Egypt is also presenting it’s mysteries and puzzles.  If what happened in Egypt in 2011 and the ongoing effects of the ‘revolution’ had happened anywhere else in the world it would have been – and been…