Is it safe to go to Egypt 2022?

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"Egypt is as safe as any country in the world and safer than most - and it has always been so for tourists" 

I don't ask you to take my word for it that Egypt is as safe as anywhere else.  But I do ask you to do some research into the recent history of Egypt.  Find out how many tourists have been killed or injured.  You will discover that fewer foreigners or Egyptians have met with harm from terror attacks in Egypt than in any other countries of the Western World.  To put it in perspective... there were 47,000 gun shootings in the USA in 2017!

Internationally designated safe areas

Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, cruising and driving between Luxor and Aswan is deemed safe by all countries (as far as I am aware).  As is driving between Luxor and Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea, and the road between Aswan and Abu Simbel, as well as Lake Nasser and the villages south of Aswan

Areas to which travel is not advised

However, I would not travel in the Sinai or the Western Desert personally, nor overland to Israel.  I believe most international travel warnings advise the same, as does the Egyptian Government.

Travel Agents who advise you against travel to Egypt

Dig a little deeper when you get this advice.  I am guessing that those travel agents have no contracts in place with hotels, transport companies or travel agents inside Egypt.  Hence they actually don't have anything in Egypt to sell you.  BUT, they do have contracts with lots of other places so, of course, that is what they want to sell you.  Please remember everyone in business has their own products and their own agendas - and your agenda may not coincide with their priority.


Do check out the following


Get the right perspective on safety

In comparison to the risk of street muggings or violence in Chicago, to the risk of the continuous earthquakes in China, or even the risk of the common floods in Gt. Britain, the risk in Egypt is minimal. You are more likely to be run over crossing the street at home than you are to be involved in anything life-threatening in Egypt - as long as you follow good advice 🙂

Group Travel is a good option - if you are nervous about Egypt

Traveling with a group can feel comforting both for the traveler and their families back home.  You will find our group info and dates for 2020 here if you are looking for a nice group to go with.

Most Common Questions Asked About Egypt

Come to Egypt and have a wonderful time! - Mara.

The Puzzle that is Egypt

Not only is Ancient Egypt still presenting the world with an unending supply of hitherto unsolved mysteries – modern Egypt is also presenting it’s mysteries and puzzles.  If what happened in Egypt in 2011 and the ongoing effects of the ‘revolution’ had happened anywhere else in the world it would have been – and been presented to the world as, a humanitarian disaster and the country would be devastated.

Don’t get me wrong – we are all, in a sense devastated economically and emotionally by the events of the last 3 and a half years on the one hand but on the other hand Egypt and it’s inhabitants (including it’s non-nationals) are living enigmas.

How can a country that relied so heavily on tourism still be surviving after 3 years of practically no tourism?  The quick answer is – the fact that Egypt has a black economy, an unofficial and little or no tax-paying economy, so I imagine that has, to a degree, been one factor that has kept things moving and money circulating in the country….a pretty good economic model that some Western countries might well study 🙂

I don’t have the answer – we are all making modifications and alterations to our lives to survive – but we are surviving and while many tourism businessess have closed either completely or in part, the majority are still open and waiting from day to day for tourists to return.

That is the amazing thing about 99% of the Egyptian population…they go from day to day saying “In sha’Allah tomorrow will be better!”  They are not rioting (yes, there are some strikes on occasion), they are not looting (yes, some are once again trying to make a living by stealing from the multitude of historical sites) – they are going about the daily business of eating, sleeping, getting married, having children and living…..when you think about it – that is quite amazing.

If you have been following the politics since 2011, as closely as I have….and from inside of Egypt, not as covered by the outside media – that too is a mystery to me.  Egypt’s steadfast, quiet and determined leadership has been – again unique (‘unique’ being the only word I can keep using to describe Egypt!) in international politics.  And that leadership has not been secretive – it has been open and transparent, and it has repeatedly asked (mainly to no avail) for the understanding, honesty and assistance of the Western World Governments …. it was a total waste of their time asking the western media to report on the ongoing events within Egypt honestly.

The only conclusion is that Egypt is still be a very special country.  Egypt, in the extra-ordinary overall picture of the Earth and it’s place in the Universe must be a most unique and important place… else can you really explain it’s economic survival and the mental/emotional survival of it’s people, in the face of everything that has happened in the last 3 years?  Egypt must still have a mysterious, spiritual and important role to play in our Universe, in our survival as a species and a planet.

I look forward to the unfolding story of Egypt – which no doubt we will all watch one day in a Hollywood  blockbuster movie when the entire truth of this epic adventure is revealed 🙂

Nice To Be Appreciated!

My blog is like a diary (for my book that is taking so long to write!) and sometimes I use it to let off steam…. The following is an email I received two days ago and it is lovely to hear my blog helped some people come to Egypt and have a good time 🙂

“Hello Mara,

My wife and I are American and are currently visiting Eygpt.  My wife began planning this trip in November 2012 and began finalizing plans in Feb. 2013.  I was unaware of these plans in the making and when she informed me that she had booked flights to Eygpt, I was a bit concerned about the security issues in Eygpt.  After the events in June and Aug we were very concerned and were considering canceling our trip.  Our friends and family were advising us not to go and we were desperately searching for reliable, intelligent information about the state of affairs on the ground, and not what the media was reporting.  My wife discovered your website and blog and we read pretty much everything that your had written about life in Eygpt, as well as your insights into the situation “on the ground”.  Thank you for taking the time to clarify what was undoubtedly a very murky subject for us.  We relied on the information you provided in your blog and can confirm without hesitation that we made the right choice by coming here.  The people have been gracious and welcoming and we will tell everyone we know that they should come to Eygpt and experience it for themselves.  We know the tourist industry here has been devastated as witnessed by the empty restaurants and archeological sites.  It’s one thing hearing about it and quite another seeing it for ourselves. Once again, Thank you for your blog.  We will direct anyone interested in learning the real story to your website.  Peace be upon you.”