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  • Always cool on the Nile!

    Is Egypt too hot in summer?

    Is Egypt too hot in summer?  Is Europe too cold in winter?  Obviously the answer is personal to everyone depending on their health, country of origin and personal preferences for heat versus cold.  Then to add to the mix have […]

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  • Capt Mahmoud rescues baby bottle from the Nile!

    Travelling With Baby – Egypt

    Though I have lived in Egypt since 2003 I never really looked at what was available for babies until last January when I travelled with my two year old grand-son, Jonny.  Consequently most of my luggage was taken up with […]

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  • Kudos to Egypt Air

    Kudos to Egypt Air

    I believe in giving credit where credit is due so here I am giving Kudos (praise for exceptional achievement) to the Manager of the check-in area at Luxor Airport and special thanks to the other lovely, helpful people that came […]

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