Abydos Temple’s UNEXPLAINED Hieroglyphic Mysteries

Sacred Geometry:  It is said that the Flower of Life can be found at least one place in every country of the world.  The Flower of Life at Abydos is a perfect, flawless intricate laser-etched marvel, hidden in plain sight, on the granite walls of the Osirion.  We are allowed look down into the Osirion but never enter it.  There are actually policemen stationed there to prevent entry.  Yet another puzzle from ancient Egypt to ponder.

drawing showing numerous interlocking circles
Flower of Life
Flower of Life on the granite pillar in the Osirion at Abydos Temple, Egypt

Are the helicopter hieroglyphs at Abydos real?

Well, they are certainly on the wall at Abydos.  Whether or not they are real is still an unanswered question.  These peculiar carvings seem to depict present day technology – a Helicopter, a submarine, a plane, and even a stealth fighter – all surprisingly etched near the temple’s lofty roof.  These enigmatic elements represent just a glimpse of the riddles that lie within the confines of Abydos Temple, waiting to be explored and deciphered


What do you see? At Abydos!

Best Painting/Carving of the RAISING of the DJED in EGYPT

The “Raising of the Djed” depictions hold a profound significance for any keen observer of ancient Egyptian mystique, and I believe the ones at Abydos are the best preserved in Egypt.  As we venture deeper into the temple’s sacred confines, our gaze is irresistibly drawn to this momentous portrayal, stretching across the entire central register in a room nestled at the Temple’s rear.

Seti I Raising the Djed Column at Abydos Temple

In the captivating tableau, we witness the divine act of resurrection, the symbolic raising of the Djed pillar.  It is a ritual laden with spiritual connotations, representing the eternal renewal of life, the eternal stability of the universe.  The Djed pillar embodies the backbone of the mighty god Osiris, an emblem of his resurrection and reign over the afterlife.  To witness such a depiction is to be transported back in time, to immerse oneself in the profound symbolism of the ancient rites.  Return of the Djedi?

The Layout of Abydos Temple is DIFFERENT to all other Temples.

Abydos’ architectural arrangement, too, bears witness to the intricate thought and symbolism woven into every stone.  With its unique layout, the temple beckons us to unravel its secrets.  As we pass through the solitary entrance into the long chamber, we encounter six false doors, a mysterious and thought-provoking enigma.  What message did the ancient architects seek to convey through these false portals?  Do they represent thresholds to the afterlife, gateways to other realms, or perhaps veils between the mortal and divine?  Or perhaps are they saying “Don’t take everything at face value here – or in life!”?

The temple’s three registers further add to the enigmatic allure of Abydos. Each register on the temple walls serves as a canvas that unfolds a distinct narrative, a visual chronicle of ancient beliefs, rituals, and cosmology. The upper register, the central one, and the lower one – each a realm of its own, offering layers of understanding to those who dare to explore the depths of symbolism etched upon these hallowed walls.

Indeed, Abydos is a treasure trove of profound mysteries, inviting us to not only observe but to contemplate the intricate weave of symbolism and history.  The very essence of this remarkable temple goes beyond its surface beauty, calling forth the curious minds to delve into the profound wisdom and spirituality of ancient Egypt.  For those who seek to dive deeper in ancient mysteries, Abydos becomes an indelible journey, a pilgrimage into the heart of antiquity’s most baffling puzzles, definitely not a temple to be ignored in one’s travels.  Even though it is a long drive from Luxor, it is well worth the trip and every time I go there myself, my eye catches something new that I missed on previous visits – but to get the full value of a trip to Abydos, you really need to go with a guide who has a real interest in opening the temple and it’s mysteries up to you.

Egypt, with its myriad temples, sites, and deities, is a treasure trove of knowledge that can never be fully unraveled.  As our guides on the Mara House tours to Abydos lead you through the vast tapestry of stories and legends during our tours, the abundance of information might seem overwhelming.  To truly absorb the essence of these places, I encourage you to immerse yourself in intriguing story books rather than dry guidebooks filled with facts and figures, before you visit Egypt.  These tales will breathe life into the ancient stones, allowing you to connect with the people who once lived, worked, and walked through these hallowed grounds.

Re-incarnation of Ancient Priestess at Abydos

One fascinating tale that never fails to captivate is that of Dorothy Eady, the modern-day English woman who found her home in Abydos.  Known as Omm Sety, she resided in Abydos, passionately recording and preserving its hidden treasures.  Her story of reincarnation and her intimate connection with ancient Egypt is beautifully chronicled in the book “Omm Sety’s Egypt: A Story of Ancient Mysteries, Secret Lives, and the Lost History of the Pharaohs,” available on Amazon.  Delving into her captivating journey will undoubtedly enrich your experience when visiting the temples she once called home.

The Lost Treasure Room of Omm Sety

You may walk through other sites in Egypt unhampered by security or guardians – but not Abydos.  There is always a guardian or security policeman not very far from you.  Could it be because Oom Sety recounts how she once “fell into” a treasure room when a wall moved?  A treasure room that has not, to date, been found.

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